The countries of Orbis in Europe. Eastern Europe and the Middle East are not definate

Project Orbis is a new althist project.
The author(s) of this timeline are openly seeking contributions to this work.
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There are some changes to OTL such as stronger Celtic influence in western Europe, preservation of Romance languages on the Adriatic coast,a much weaker Hungary compared to its neighbours.

After World War II ,the territorial changes werent so strong and the Germans werent expelled west of the Oder-Niese line.

List of countries

The table below lists the countries of Orbis in Europe

Name F.o G Flag Capital Lang. family Religion OTL
Albania Rep.
File:Flag of German occupied Albania.png



Romance Islam/RC northern and central Albanian, southern Metohija,NW FYROM
Andorra Princ.
Flag of Andorra
Andora la Vella Romance RC Andorra
Aragon Kdom
Flag of Catalonia
Barcelona Romance RC Aragon, Valencia , Catalonia and Balearic Islands, + Pyrenees Orientales
Armenia Rep
Flag of Armenia
Van Armenian Armenian Apostolic Church Armenia, eastern OTL Turkey
Austria Fed. Rep
Flag of Austria (state)
Wien Germanic RC OTL Austria+ South Tyrol, Odenburg, minus southern Styria and SE Carinthia
Azeria Rep
Azerbaidjan (February's Legacy)
Baku Turkic Islam OTL + NW Iran
Belarus Tsar. Mon.
Vietnamese Belarus
Minsk Slavic Russian Orthodox OTL minus Hrodna oblast
Bosnia Rep
Bosniak National Flag in Sandzak
Zenica Slavic Islam/Serbian Orthodox Church OTL BiH minus Posavina region, minus Hercegovina and Eastern Srpska Republic
Brettony Rep
Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du)



Celtic RC Brittany+ Nantes and Channel Islands
Bulgaria Rep
Bulgarian Flag (WHF)
Sofija Slavic Bulgarian Orthodox +SE FYROM
Castille Kdom
Royal Banner of the Crown of Castille (Habsbourg Style)
Madrid Romance RC OTL Spain minus historic Kingdom of Aragon and Basque Country, Navarra and La Rioja
Crimea Rep
300px-Flag of the Crimean Tatar people



Turkic Islam Crimea
Croatia Rep
Flag of Croatia
Zagreb Slavic RC Croatia-Slavonia, Bosnian Posavina,Baraya and Somogy counties of Hungary
Czech Federation Fed. Rep
Alternate Czech Flag 2 by rubberduck3y6
Praha/Prag Slavic/Germanic none OTL CR
Dalmatia Rep
Flag of Dalmatia



Romance RC Dalmatia, Kotor and W. Hercegovina
Denmark Kdom
Flag of Denmark
København Germanic Lutheran Denmark + Scania
Estonia Rep.
Estonian alternative flag proposal2
Talinn Uralic Lutheran OTL
Finland Rep.
Flag of Finland 1920-1978 (State)
Helsinki Uralic Lutheran Interwar Finland + White Karelia + Kola peninsula
France Rep.
Flag of France
Paris Romance RC OTL minus Brittany, Alsace, Corsica, Alpes Maritimes, Savoy plus Valonia
Georgia Rep.
Flag of Georgia
Tbilisi Kartvelan Georgian Orthodox Church OTL plus adjacent regions of Turkey
Germany Fed. Rep.
Flag of Germany (state)
Berlin Germanic Lutherran, RC OTL plus Alsace,  western Poland and E. Prussia
Greece Imp. Mon.
Flag of Greece (1822-1978)
Athens Hellenic Greek Orthodox Church OTL  plus southern Albania, E.Thrace,Cyprus, Aegean coast of Turkey and Bythynia
Hungary Rep.
Flag of Hungary
Kecskemét Uralic RC/Calvinist Central Hungary (Cumania) and northernmost Vojvodina
Iceland Rep.
Light Blue Flag of Iceland
Reykjávik Germanic Lutheran OTL
Ireland Rep.
200px-Flag President of Ireland svg
Baile athá Cliath Celtic RC OTL plus Fermanagh county
Italy Rep.
Flag of Italy (1861-1946)
Milan Romance RC Northern Italy, Corsica, Istria

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