I confused many people playing on my map game so here is what is going on.

Project Malaria

Mosquitos are bred and allowed to thrive in testing labs in the Ganges Nation so they can be used as a weapon. The mosquitos are tested in Testing Labs which are huge buildings with prisoners and criminals in them. They are selected from the list of criminals that are to be executed, and then put in the Testing Labs to be attacked by mosquitos so the scientists can see how efficiently they can infect.

Testing Labs

These are huge buildings where the prisoners are sent to have the mosquitos infect them so the scientists can see how to breed the next mosquito generation to be more efficient.

Cities and Major Cities

These are the names of huge areas that are cut off from the rest of the nation.

Cities: An uninhabitable area (That look like Nuketown from Call Of Duty: Black Ops) where the same thing happens as in the testing labs, but on a larger scale, to simulate what would happen to a small town with the mosquitoes.

Major Cities: Same as the cities, but bigger with more people.

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