Project Hammerfall was an experimental orbital kinetic bombardment system developed by the Albic Royal Aerospace Force from 1951 to 1962. It was the worlds first and only such system and was used just once against a hostile target before being decommissioned as part of the peace treaty ending the Third World War. Located in high Earth orbit at an altitude of 100,000 km, it was designed  to use electromagnetic propulsion to deorbit heavy masses, thus causing great devstation to the impact zone on Earth.

The first working version of Hammerfall was finally completed in 1962 and it was tested by firing lunar rock from Bhaskara Station at the city of Novgorod. However, before it was ready for a second shot, the lunar quarrying facilities it depended on for projectiles were attacked and destroyed by Lithuanian forces. With nothing to propel, Project Hammerfall was suspended until the end of the war, when it was decomissioned as part of an international treaty forbidding the militarisation of space.

Hammerfall is believed still to be in orbit today, though communications were lost when its power supplies failed in 1991.

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