Project Failhattan is a scenario where the infamous American Manhattan Project to create the atomic bomb... fails. And history proceeds without this horrific invention. Experience how the 20th century changes and so does history when the reason that ends WW2, helps keep peace during the Cold War, and limits conflicts today... doesn't exist.

1945: WW2

July 16, 1945. The day has come, it is a hot summer morning in Nevada, as scientists prepare to view the spectacle they have created. The bomb drops, and ... a large cloud of dust swirls up, and nothing more.

July 17, 1945. Permission was given to search the site; the bomb was shattered into a few large pieces and many smaller ones across an area of 150 square feet. One scar in the ground was a 132-foot long rip in the ground, at the end of which, a shard of metal the size of a soccer ball was found - buried in half-foot of sand.

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