After the FWA Environmental Agency's report on endangered species in 1981, which suggested that another mass exctinction like that of 65 million B.C, there was great debate on how to address this. President Reagan met with Canadian Prime Minister Mulroney to discuss a solution. Thus, Project Eden was born in the Montreal agreement of 1985. Eden was a massive Nature reserve spanning much of Montana, Idaho, Dakota, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Winnipeg, under FWA adminsitration. At the Free World Alliance general assw, evey nation agreed to this idea.

The first recipients were the Grizzly Bear, the Bengal Tiger and the Snow Leopard. Due to its success by 2004, the FWA voted to increase funding for Eden, with plans for a second reserve in Alaska being drawn up due to the success of the programme. Since 2009, the Siberian Tiger was introduced into Eden as well as the Panda.

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