This, is Project Diamond Strike.

A Top Secret Operation by the United States of Scandinavia, our goal is to build a special fleet to respond to the incoming threat of the Croaks and against a possible Austrian-Prussian joint attack. We build hundreds of these ships, which are divided into two groups of 55 ships. The first 55, is code named Storm. It is mainly used for defense against the Great Croaks, who, as a matter of fact, enjoy attacking humans, and sometimes forget about alliances. It stirs up great waves around it, yet a special stabilizer prevents our ship from also tipping over. Water bombs and water cannons bought from the Brits are stationed on ship, which is ironclad. The Second type is code named Lightning, which travels extremely fast and contained great cannons and bombs against an attack from the Austrians who seem to hate us for no clear reason and their ally the Prussians. We also build a secret third fleet of 33 ships code named Hail. It is not as good as the first two and is only a backup fleet. Lastly, there is the fleet of 100 ships called the Tornado, which guards our lands and patrols around it. These will finish in 1810.

The second step of Project Diamond Strike is a powerful bomb that is capable of destroying a city. These bombs code named Winter Jaguar can carry out the so called Diamond Strikes. A Winter Jaguar can carry tons of things, like bacteria disease, ice cubes, fireballs, gunpowder, and stuff like that. This will finish in 1814.

The last step is the "Smasher". It is the thing that carries the Winter Jaguar bombs hundreds of KMs.

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