Progressive Party of North Syria
الحزب التقدمي شمال سوريا
Parti Progressiste de Syrie du Nord
Kuzey Suriye İlerici Partisi
Leader Razia bint Fahad
Chairperson Hassan Harouni
Spokesperson Jasmine al-Sarraf
Founder Razia bint Fahad
Newspaper Aleppo Star
Student wing North Syrian Students for Progress
Youth wing North Syrian Youth Organization
Ideology Social liberalism
Economic equality
Political position Left wing to center-left

The Progressive Party of North Syria (Arabic: الحزب التقدمي شمال سوريا, French: Parti Progressiste de Syrie du Nord, Turkish: Kuzey Suriye İlerici Partisi) is a political party in the Kingdom of Syria. The party espouses socially liberal values, economic equality and sits on the left of the poltiical spectrum.

The party was found by Princess Razia bint Fahad, the daughter of King Fahad of North Syria, as a reactionary movement to the many policies passed by Prime Minister Muhsin el-Hussein. They announced in May of 2015 that they would be participating in the 2016 federal elections of North Syria.

History and Background

The Progressive Party was found by a joining of coalition of left-wing groups, and others opposed to the government under Prime Minister Muhsin el-Hussein and the Free Democratic Party, who was evidently promoting a right-wing government. Of these groups that joined to form the modern-day Progressive Party included the Peace for Levant Movement, Amal Movement and the North Syrian Womens for Change. These groups were spearheaded by the King's daughter, Princess Razia.  Eventually, the Progressive Party soon became a massive political force in North Syrian political atmosphere, posing a serious threat to the regime of Muhsin el-Hussein and the Free Democratic Party. The Progressives successfully helped earn Turkish official recognition as one of North Syria's official state languages (until it was later stripped in 2016).  Members of the Progressive Party have also lobbied for the North Syrian military to invade the Syrian Arab Republic. Razia hint Fahad told Parliament, "Look at them, Bashar al-Assad and his regime. Their ally is all the way at the other side of the globe, without their Russian masters, they are nothing. They are weak, we have fought and won two wars against them. We have the superior technology and training to vanquish all of their forces. I call on Parliament to do the right thing, and go for the final blow. This is, our chance to take back all of Syria and liberate all of Syria from that Russian puppet Bashar al-Assad."

In the 2016 Federal Elections, the Progressive Party came in 2nd for most votes, of the 200 seats for the Lower House, earned 76 while the FDP earned 89 seats (thereby winning the election). Razia was reported to have a breakdown, and berated party members for doing a "lackluster" job. 

In 2017, with Jasmine al-Sarraf being released from her position as the 2nd Surgeon General of North Syria, Jasmine would come to take the vacant Spokesperson position with the Progressive Party. With Razia bint Fahad's court hearing under charges of murder, served as the Interim Head of the Progressive Party. Jasmine al-Sarraf contributed $4.3 million USD to helping bail Razia from prison. After Razia was released from prison, she returned to the Head position.