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Progressive Party of the United States
President Barack Obama
Founder Theodore Roosevelt
Founded 1912 (Original) 1973 (Revival)
Ideology Progressivism
Social Democracy
Political position Center to Left Wing

The Progressive Party is an American political party founded in 1912 by President Theodore Roosevelt following his failure to be nominated as a presidential candidate by the Republican Party. Following its conception, the party focused on reformist ideals, attracting large numbers of then Republican voters and leaders. However, in 1916, the party was dissolved after several failures to win offices on multiple levels, and did not become relevant again until its revival in 1970, following the civil rights movement.

In the early 1970s, the Progressives received support from both domestic and international left-wing parties and organisations, bolstering their growth and soon allowing them to win office in 1973 with their candidate; George McGovern. Since then the party has been one of the dominant two (along with the democrats), and is often credited with leading America's shift to the left, along with the dissolution of the Conservative Republican Party.

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