16th October 2010

Chairman Macintire announces in the Chamber that from 1st January 2011 the Scottish New State will be renamed ùr Alba meaning New Scotland in Gaelic, or just Alba for short.

From 1st January 2011 the nations first language will change from English to Scottish Gaelic. All schools will begin teaching Scottish Gaelic as their first language after the 2010 Christmas holidays.

Chairman Macintire adds that the change is to show that they no longer have links with the former rulers of Scotland, the English, and are moving toward a more civil relation with the Scottish lands and Islands currently being domineered over by the Celtic Alliance. He adds that he is in negotiations with the leaders of the Celtic Alliance in Stranraer to set up a 10 mile demilitarized zone between the land claimed by Scotland and the Celtic Alliance in the west of Scotland.

He also adds that it is the Scottish right to rule over all lands currently not claimed by any other nation. He formally claims all land formally of Scotland that has not been claimed by the Celtic Alliance.

Many Celtic reporters note that the Scots have no real control over most of the area they have claimed in this proclamation it does seem like they may try and occupy the area as they did during the 2010 offensive in the west of Scotland.

6th November 2010

After the events of the 5th November the Chairman has decided to move the Chamber meetings from central Peebles to Venlaw Castle on the outskirts of the town for safety.

He proclaims three days of official mourning for the ten people killed in the terrorist attacks, he also sets the dates for the election for the seats of the five representatives killed in the terrorost attacks at 1st December 2010.

However in surprise act he adds that each province will be divided in two (east and west) and that there will be one person elected to each newly divided province, so that the Chamber's number will increase from 8 to 16 representatives for the already existing provinces, an extra 4 representatives representing the two new provinces that will be set up in newly conquered areas to the west will also be elected, the provinces will be named as Ayreshire and Kirkcudbrightshire. This will take the number of people in the chamber to 20 people.

He also states that the 'Freedom for Scotland' movement is an illegal terrorist group, any people found to be part of, or helping the group will be jailed indefinitely for treason against the nation.

3rd December 2010

Chairman Macintire welcomes all the new representatives to the Chamber for their first meeting at Venlaw Castle. First on the agenda is the borderline meetings with the Celtic Alliance, Rheged and Northumbria, the Chamber approves any border changes needed to help with relations with the three countries and also implemented changes to the harsh trade restrictions for Northumbrian and Rheged traders, however restrictions on Celtic traders will remain the same.

17th January 2011

After talks with the Northumbria Witain the border between Northumbria and Ur Alba have been defined at the old England/Scotland border. Contact has been made with the Cleveland Parliament about the railway line between Northumbria and the Celtic Alliance, a tax will be inplemented on the journey from Celtic Alliance lands to Northumbria but not the other way as Ur Alba has no problems with either the Kingdom of Northumbria or Cleveland.

The border with the Celtic Alliance has not been finalised however it is expected to be a five or ten mile exclusion zone near the town of Stranraer, talks are still continuing and it is hoped that it will decided on during the summer.

It is planned that Ur Alba troops will take control of former Scottish lands to the east of Ur Alba starting with a campaign in late January 2011.

18th February 2011

The Chairman welcomes the peoples of the east who have been brought into the Scottish fold, and hopes that, in time, they will gain representation in the Chamberhouse.

He also welcomes the co-operation there has been between the great nations of Ur Alba and the Kingdom of Northumbria in the setting up of a jointly run border crossing in the town of Coldstream.

9th March 2011

In order to make the Government of Ur Alba more democratic and in order to distance themselves from the former New Scottish state the Chairman Macintire announces that when his term is up that a free and full general election will take place to find his successor from the members of the Chamber.

He also adds that from 2015 a general election will take place for the members of the Chamberhouse, each house will last five year maximum, each member will still have to be Scottish by birth and be a member of a guild.

After the Ur Alba War the position of Chairman has become vacant and will be made redundant when the new governmental system is brought into effect in late 2011.

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