This Althist is largely based on "Rambo: First Blood" and focuses on Vietnam War veterans returning to the U.S and facing hardships from people and authorities.

The return

In 1975, upon returning home to the United States, Vietnam War veterans had come with failure but also patriotism, being able to fight for their people and country. However, much to their shock on the arrival, they begin to be harassed by demonstrators and angry mobs. Also, it gets hard to find jobs and places to live, and the police make it even more harder by arresting the veterans without any reason. By April 1975, 200 hundred war veterans were in prison cells and mental homes for no reason or justification. Soon the heroes begin to lose their patience and confrontation seems a necessary step.

Fighting back

Returning from the war, a man named Peter Simmons is arrested on suspicion; again, there is no evidence or justification for the arrest. Simmons breaks and fights hand-to-hand, and escapes the Sheriff's office and heads to the nearby woods. The police with 15 men head to the woods with chained dogs and, using his sever guerrilla tactics, kills a few of the police, and the rest flee.
Sylvester stallone rambo first blood movie image 4

Peter Simmons posing for a photograph for the Sheriffs office

State police

The surviving men fled and called for state police, realizing that they are not dealing with an ordinary man. Calling 200 armed police of different branches, a vicious hunt began for the man. After holding for a night, Simmons makes an offensive seizing a machine gun and killing to MPs.

Battle for the town

He begins destroying shops in the town; the original Sheriff sees him and they begin a harsh deal, in which the Sheriff is no match for Simmons. He is able to successfully kill the sheriff. However, soon all forces arrive 200 of them, Simmons gathers supplies and heavy machines guns and begins to battle the forces. In the engagement, Simmons is a able to kill large amounts of police and destroys several vehicles. Realising that it is completely impossible to win, Simmons escapes, killing 75 out of 200. Upon hearing the news, all veterans in prison cells rebel, storming the prisons and seizing weapons they begin terror attacks on civilians and police.


Thousands of veterans like Simmons take up arms and begin fighting back against their former nation, seizing weapons, attacking police stations and other symbols of authority. Simmons escapes to the underground; however, veterans are able to locate him and begin offering their services to him, thus forming an army.

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