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Principia Moderni Map Labelled

Principia Moderni. The name synonymous with the highest calibre of map game present on the wiki. But did you know it was days away from not actually becoming a major map game? That's right folks, on the 26th of December, 2010, the original creator of the Map Game - a user by the name of Cosman - abandoned it to its fate. But it was saved by a little known user Detectivekenny - who the wiki has a lot to thank for (and perhaps a lot to blame too) for he helped kick start the Map Game genre and made it a wiki-wide thing. He started the process of making the Map Game his own on the 16th of January, 2011 and on the 21st, the Map Game began - and created Wiki history in its wake. Principia Moderni had introduced, or at least help popularise, the idea of mod events and user-controlled nations which now make up a crucial part of almost every map game today.

I'd be interested in helping get this off the ground by providing a better map and stuff. Is this game active at all?

Detectivekenny 01:43, January 16, 2011 (UTC)

But imagine if this had not been so. Imagine if the Alternative History Wikia had not had had such good (or bad) fortune. What if Detectivekenny had thought to himself that it would be too much of the effort? And as it has been revealed, projects do not start the way the creators imagine them to. So what if the page never attracted the players it did, what if the page just became another rump or hopelessly ASB and forgotten Map Game? What if Principia Moderni had become... Principia Nevermind.

Do you want to contribute? Tough! You can, however, leave your ideas on the talk page for me and Bfox to look at.

What follows?

Principia Moderni is abandoned to its fate. Cosman rejoins the game as Japan a week after it begins and it progresses. Users playing the game continue onward, but the map game begins to become ridiculously implausible. Not only does Japan establish colonies in Europe - it has the western half under its control by 1500. Users slowly begin to leave the game, until by 1542, only three users are active in the game, CrimsonAssassin, player of China, LxCaucassus, player of Russia, and Cosman himself, player of Japan. The game died next turn, and was forgotten as another poorly-done early map game. Cosman later enjoyed more success with the spiritual successor to Principia Moderni, Medieval World, which enjoyed slightly more success, but it died quickly. Both games were forgotten, but some old-timers would lament on the chat occasionally that Principia Moderni did have some potential.


Note: Dates are in American format (Month/Day/Year). 12/26/2010 of December, 2010 - Cosman246 abandons Principia Moderni

1/16/11 (POD) - Detectivekenny, knowing that Principia Moderni will likely go the way of other poorly-done Map Games made in the past, and that it is exceedingly lengthy compared to others, decides to not adopt the page as he did OTL, and instead concentrate more on the popular community timeline, 1983: Doomsday, and joined the States of America Map Game, as suggested by user BoredMatt.

1/24/2011 - Roguejedi, a relatively prominent Map Gamer adopts Principia Moderni.

2/3/2011 - PitaKang and Detectivekenny collaborate on Axis vs Allies. The game gets off to a slow start, mostly due to poor rules. Detectivekenny expresses displeasure over the poor ruling in AvA.

2/19/2011 - Detectivekenny changes the rules of AvA to something better. The game still progresses slowly, with only six players, yet the number grows.

2/26/2011 - Principia Moderni begins, with nine players at the start of the game, amongst them are prominent/semi-prominent wikians such as VENEZUELAFedelede and Baconton.

2/27/2011-4/11/2011 - Principia Moderni continues, slowly but surely. However, around 1450, many users begin to leave due to rampant implausibility. The game eventually denegrates into a Sino-Russo-Japanese wankfest around April, with most users becoming fed up with it.

4/12/2011 - By this point, Principia Moderni has become hopelessly implausible. China controls half of Asia and the entire western seabord of North America up to the Puget Sound, where Japan controls everything north of that. Russia holds half of Europe. Unsurprisingly, the few remaining users became bored and the game died next turn.

Map Games

The quality of map games would not be very high on the wiki, leading to less interest in the genre and making it stay in the fringes of the wiki. However, users PitaKang and Detectivekenny would team up to create the pinnacle of map games - Axis vs Allies. Starting in (insert date), the game gathered a lot of interest and went on not only to become one of the most successful map games, managing to get to the present day in fact, but it also set new standards for plausibility and modmanship.


Timelines in general and especially community timelines would be the main draw of the wiki, with timelines such as 1983: Doomsday becoming almost legendary both to wikians and members of other alternate history websites, several smaller community timelines are also widespread, and many "poseur" community timelines are made and die. The wiki has implemented a deletion rule on community timelines, stating that if they are not worked on within a month, they are deleted. Community timelines also have "(Community Timeline)" at the end of their page titles, and have their own category.


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