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This is an archive of all turns and maps in the game Principia Moderni from the year 1630 to 1659. For the current events, see the main game page.


Principia Moderni Map 1630
Principia Moderni Map 1630 Key
  • The Vietnamese have conquered the western half of the Moroccan Sultanate. Their elite soldiers and admittedly underhanded tactics rout the Moroccans time after time. They capture the Moroccan capitol of Fez, which is soon designated the capital of the new Moroccan colony. The Moroccan resistance is starting to fade, and many experts predict that they will fold in a year or two.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth accepts the Joseon alliance, calling upon the Mughals to relinquish the territory they hold on Joseon's southern coast. Can Janisary clarify their situation in Korea please? The colony in northern California is renamed Wolkenland. New England is expanded by 25*50 sq km.
  • Janissary replies: The Mughals were merely 'keeping Joseon warm' until the Emperor reappeared. The conquest of Japan has remained a dream since Temujin. Maybe the Commonwealth of Anglo-Germania would care to throw his old dog a few bones? Speaking metaphorically, naturally, since Jahangir requests all of his followers to follow in his example of strict vegetarianism. According to Zarathustra: 'If you have food, you should share it with your dogs, even though they may at times bite you.'
  • Since when have the Mughals had a policy of vegetarianism? It is a Muslim nation, meaning that there is no religious imperative. Jahangir had no vegetarian influences. Just wishing for clarification.
  • Labrador expands 3050 sq km. some settlers form a new 100 sq km settlement in OTL Belcher Islands, as part of the colony of Labrador. Meanwhile, the western and eastern parts expand towards each other, with the eastern part expanding 2700 sq km and the western part expanding 250 sq km. Meanwhile, Poland upgrades its military and the King Lech considers invading Prussia.
  • China expanded its colony in Northern Baja 2000 sq km to the south. Meanwhile, they propose a meeting of nobles and emperors from its allies in a party. It will be hosted by China this year in Beijing. It is called The Festival of Nobles. To prevent any sort of danger, it is heavily guarded.
  • Swedwn expands Asgrad by 1500 sq km. Thorlaand is expanded by 500 sq km.


  • The Vietnamese crush the last Moroccan resistance. The Vietnamese execute the remaining members of the Moroccan Royal family. The Sultanate of Morocco is transformed into a Vietnamese puppet state, which is to be slowly absorbed by Vietnam's Moroccan colony. The Moroccan colony expands by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese begin to export various Moroccan products for sale in Vietnam proper. Moroccan rugs become especially popular amongst the rich.
  • That is against the rules. Colonies either expand strictly through the colonial expansion or the algorithm.
  • Hanthawaddy manages to push into Bhutan, taking the Bhutanese border with the Mughals. However, Hanthawaddy loses some of its border with China, into which Bhutan expands north. Hanthawaddy also expands north into Tibet slightly. Mon explorers land at Raymond Island in OTL Paynseville, and begin a permanent mission near the existing Buddhist Mission. The area is named New Bassein, or Kumoeh Hpasem, at 150 sq km. Katimon's northern settlement expands south 1300 sq km, conecting with the southern settlement. The Bird's Head settlement expands 200 sq km east so that it touches the other coast. The settlement at Bodhivati is Monicized to Bodiwatoe by the Mon settlers. It expands 100 sq km. The whaling season is not very productive this year.
  • Where is Bodhivati located?
  • It is the new Caledonia settlement.
  • the OTL Belcher Islands settlement in Labrador expand 550 sq km, and Újfundlandi expands 2500 sq km north, nearly bordering the Keltic colony in the island.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth cuts off supplies sent to the Incans, as it no longer seems necessary. Their north Californian colony expands south by 5*50 sq km. I'm not sure what is going on with the Mughals... Is Jahangir alive or not? If they are a vassal of China, does that mean China controls their foreign policy?
  • Sweden restarts their military expansion. Asgard expands by 900 sq km.
  • Russia continues expansion into Siberia. Canada expands 2000 km. The Russians improve the koch design by plating the parts of the hull that would come into contact with ice with steel. Russia starts to carve a northwest passage


  • The Vietnamese expand their Morocco colony by 25*50 sq km. Most of the Vietnamese soldiers are withdrawn from Morocco, except for a colonial garrison. These soldiers are given a short period of leave before they are sent to China to resume active participation in the Asian Crusade. The Vietnamese Emperor declares the establishment of the Great Library of Saigon, which is to imitate the legendary Great Library of Alexandria. The Emperor personally sends purchasing agents all over the world to gain copies of the greatest works in all possible subjects. They are funded by the Emperor's personal wealth, and are quite successful in this venture. One of their most prized acquisitions is a copy of the famous Gutenberg Bible, which was purchased from a minor noble in Anglo-Germany. It is immediately translated into Vietnamese, and copies are printed for local consumption. They are immensely popular, and it becomes common for the more wealthy citizens of Vietnam to have at least one Nguyễn Bible (which is what the translated version is called).
  • Újfundlandi expands 2300 sq km, now bordering the Keltic colony. Meanwhile, Poland declares war against Prussia, and advances in its territory by the end of the year.
  • Don't forget to include the name of your country.
  • Sweden continues their military expansion. Asgard expands by 900 sq km.
  • Hanthawaddy updates its ports. Laskreng and Chauhhpiu are expanded significantly, while new facilities for grain storage are built on OTL Bilugyun Island, near the port of Martaban. Meanwhile, in the colonies, port expansion is also a main theme. Dayh-Klung is expanded significantly. The southern Katimon settlement of New Bassein is also expanded by 300 sq km east and 300 sq km west as a canal begins to be built connecting the lagoon to the ocean. Colonial authorities hope these reforms will make New Bassein, despite its remoteness, will be the main port of the Southern Indian Ocean (note the geographic location was slightly misinferred since the area south of Australia had not been charted since Nai Thiha's voyages in the 1400s). Katimon's main settlement expands north 500 sq km. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing's Murmansk settlement expands east by 300 sq km along the coast. The Bird's Head settlement expands south by 250 sq km. More attempts at growing cloves are made, and a small town known as New Guwahati is built, with about 200 inhabitants. Bhutan sets up a government by appointing new governors to districts.
  • Russia continues to expand in Siberia. Canada expands 1000 km and African colony expands 1000.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Moroccan colony by 25*50 sq km. They go on a campaign of massive military spending and modernization, as most do not want to repeat the mistakes that led up to the disastrous War of Hanthawaddian Aggression. They resume active experiments in firearms technology, which were halted out of hubris years before the Hanthawaddian War. They once again attempt to create a practical rifled musket, but unfortunately fail. These plans are mothballed, and they turn their attention to making improved models of the flintlock musket. Their experiments into armored warships resumes, but they are only pre-existing sailing vessels outfitted with iron armor. Plans are drawn up for an steam-powered armored battle vehicle based on the plans created by Leonardo da Vinci, and a prototype is created. This vehicle is deemed too unreliable to function in combat conditions and the plans are mothballed like the proposed rifle designs.
  • Poland advances 900 sq km in Prussian territory. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi expands 2300 sq km.
  • Sweden continues their military expansion. Asgard expands by 900 sq km.
  • Itsaygahi is happy that they have reached the Mixxixxippi, but they still want more land, and the promise of the Charter Ports mean more and more migrants come pouring to the Gulf Coast. The Natchez are consolidated into a kingdom, whose king pledges allegiance to Itsaygahi. The Natchez some become an economical power in their own right, exploring the Mixxixxippi River, and colonising its shores. Itsaygahi is happy enough to allow them to do so. Can someone include the Natchez kingdom on the map when its time? Also, the key needs to be changed. It's Itsaygahi, not Tsalagi. Thanks.
  • China expands in South Baja by 2000 sq km. Meanwhile, riots break out over worker's rights, since worker deaths at ship-building locations reach an all-time high this year. Fortunately, hundreds, if not thousands of ships are produced this year.
  • Workplace = family-owned business or farm, unless you want a supplement to your income, in which case one can join the military or help build things for the government, in both of which a high death rate is assumed. Also, protesting against work would be highly frowned upon in Chinese culture.
  • Fixed the first part. About the second part: exactly.
  • Upon touring Hanthawaddy, Emperor Pimpisara II notices a certain culture of rice grows well in the extremely rainy areas of Tripura province, so the Emperor begins constructing a large garden around Viharapura to feed the population. Hanthawaddy expands north into Tibet during the year, and also gains territory in southern and eastern Bhutan. Bhutan is severely weakened during the year by a flare of riots by the Ahom people, who wish to restore their former kingdom after being exiled to Ceylon by Hanthawaddy. During the year, Katimon expands north by 500 sq km, and south by 600 sq km. New Bassein expands 150 sq km east and 200 sq km west along the coast. OTL Bird's Head expands south along the east coast by 200 sq km, and inland by 100 sq km. OTL Ostrovnoy expands west by 200 sq km. Whales are sighted in abundance off the coast of New Bassein, leading to an influx of immigrants interested in the commodity.
  • Joseon creates a colony off the coast of Oregon, where they had explored. They begin to send colonists there, hundreds on ships. They also begin mass-trading with European nations, hoping to modernize their army.
  • Incan Empire: The fusion of the Old and New Incan Empires is completed, creating a hugely new Incan Empire.
  • How exactly? Is this personal union, a confederation, or what?
  • It is a Imperial-Union type thing, with smaller provinces within both the OIE and NIE being represented in Parliament, neither the OIE or NIE are represented in Parliament as one super province, or, in other words, the Incan Empire continues both previous Incan Empires as one single nation.
  • The Russian Navy expands. Russia continues to expand into Siberia. Russia completes a plan to create a northeastern passage. The Russians have koches travel between the ice in front of Trade ships(therefore increasing cargo room as koches can carry goods) to make sure that the ice stays broken and the trade ships don't stop in their tracks. This increases the flow of ships to Europe for trade and the dependance on Asian trade as the fastest route is through Russia. Novorossiya expands 2000 km to the south
  • In the Anglo-German Commonwealth revolts break out in the south of Bavaria, prompting a crackdown on inter-state trade. The great Bavarian historian Johannes Aventinus is killed in the fighting, prompting a large funeral in Potsdam.


  • Smallpox outbreak on the Atlantic coast of North America in February. Between 30% and 70% of all settlers die during the year in each colony, depending on how well each home country deals with the problem. Note that each foreign country did not receive word of the infection until May. Itsaygahi was also affected severely, but got word much quicker. All colonial expansion in the area is reduced times five for the next five years, and Itsaygahian/Orthodox expansion is halved east of the Chattahoochee.
  • Joseon expands 200 km into Oregon, determined not to lose the race for the New World. Meanwhile, forts are constructed along the OTL Columbia River, and trading commences with the Native Americans.
  • Trust me, you're not losing any race; there wasn't any race to begin with, this is only 1634. Since this is only the second year you've owned the colony, 2000 sq km is excessive. Try more like 200 sq km at most. Colonies are not a fast process, and they take much scouting and preparation.
  • word of the outbreak arrives in Hungary by May, but response is not so fast, with 40% of the population of Újfundlandi dying throughout the year, and 30% in Labrador, in which the death toll is more concentrated in the eastern side of the colony. Jégföld expands 700 sq km west and Öböl expands 500 sq km south. Poland advances more into Prussian territory.
  • Sweden expands its military. The colony of Asgard is expanded by 1000 sq km to the east.
  • You only have two colonies and no vassals. Since you're having a full turn, the maximum that you can expand is 500 sq km.
  • Itsaygahi actually dealt with the problem quite poorly, considering how quickly it received word. Massive burial pits were constructed, but they were repeatedly opened up to make way for more bodies, unleashing more waves of smallpox on the population. About 20% of the population died, and the government looked incompetent. People start having more children to compensate for the population loss. The Natchez kingdom dealt with the problem remarkably well, and lost only 10% of their population. The Natchez continue exploration of the Mississippi River.
  • China expands in north Baja 2000 sq km. The defense there is amped up. Meanwhile, a riot breaks out in another port city. The emperor addresses the empire, stating, "If people are too lazy to work, they have no right to live." Force is used to suppress the riots in the port city. 15 people are killed by guards. Two guards were killed when rioters began to throw rocks.
  • Incan Empire: A vigoorus expansion stage begins in the Incan Empire due to the joy of finally reuniting the Empire, and the Incan Armies are turned loose on uncolonized South America. Incan soldiers begin to conquer huge amounts of unclaimed territory, (incorporating the conquered territories residents into the Empire as citizens, giving the Inca one less thing to worry about), with goals of conquering all of un-European South America. The Incan Emperor officially returns to Cuzco, setting of huge celebrations within the Empire.
  • Both San Francisco and Los Angeles are claimed.
  • For one, rules state you can't expand and found a colony on the same turn, let alone found two colonies and expand massively. Secondly, the malaria outbreak cuts South American expansion in half. Third, the expansion you propose is crazy to begin with (you just annexed like 3 countries' worth of land). A union would take several years to fully manage, given the large amount of time it takes to travel in the area. Pick one colony, and you probably have enough military power left to connect Hanan/Urupampa Inca (BTW, since when did you ever become a democracy?). Sorry to be impatient but it bothers me when multiple rules are broken. -DK
  • Sorry about that, I fixed the post
  • Much better. If you expand in small increments every year, or every other year, you will reach your goal (maybe not all of South America, but a good chunk), and not sacrifice military and economic strength.
  • Hanthawaddy experiences a slowdown of expansion as the Ahom rebellion in the north spreads to Chutiya province. The new Ahom kingdom annexes east parts of Bhutan and west Chutiya province. As Emperor Pimpisara II is slow to respond, members of the Sadhuim family in Bengal declare they will refuse to pay taxes to Hanthawaddy and secede should Hanthawaddy refuse to take part in the defence of the areas north of Bengal. Hanthawaddy begins to upgrade its military for a surprise attack on the Ahoms, upgrading its artillery. A small amount of colonial expansion takes place, with Katimon's main settlement expanding south 150 sq km. Bi Hloa also expands south along the east coast by 300 sq km. Dunquk Dung expands 200 sq km westward from OTL Guajira. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing's thinnest point near OTL Oldervika expands inland by 200 sq km.
  • Jahangir returns to Delhi after a tour of the provinces. Rumors concerning his death appear to have been propaganda. He offers open all Hindoostani ports for usage by the Anglo-Germanic champions of peace and honor (in exchange for cheese). No expansion occurs since contraction is duly a part of the life cycle. Take heed, my fellow tyrants! Remarked Polybius upon the stages following expansion -- should any in the West still read such occult drivel.
  • The Russian Tsar, hearing of the epidemic orders that all trade must slow as not to infect the Russians. Most of the infected were city folk, living in the main cities of Novomoskovsk and Noviy Vladimir. As most of the Russian populace lives in rural areas, infection does not take a great toll on the city folk, with 85% of all deaths happening in cities . the Tsar urges the governor to for the moment repopulate the rural area as not to have a large density of population therefore lessen the infection possibility. trade between Canada and Novorossiya are ordered to grind to a halt as not to infect the St Lawrence Valley. Canada was thankful not be hit by the epidemic and can expand 2000 km (the distances between the two American colonies is enough at the time to not spread because of low density of population). The People view the epidemic as God`s punishment of the corrupt Boyasin Family that started out as a great line but then became more and more abusive. After the epidemic is stopped, the Russian Tsar relieves the boyasins of duty as governors of Novorossiya but keeps them as boyars. 30% of Novorossiyan population dies. May add more later...
  • King Benvolio II of Naples announces to his people upon his coronation that Naples will be ending its semi-isolationist period. He sends messengers to the other Christian nations that inform them that Naples is open to potential trade agreements now, and questions as to whether or not the Pagan nations can be trusted.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Moroccan colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese congratulate the Incans on their reunification, and express hopes in their relationship continuing. The Vietnamese send Itsagashi massive amounts of disaster relief aid to help combat the smallpox epidemic.


Principia Moderni Map 1635
Principia Moderni Map 1635 Key
  • China sold their colony to Inca and expanded in Baja.
  • Ethiopia enters a short period of civil disarray, before returning to the status quo by the end of the year. Meanwhile, more colonists in North America die of plague, and although numbers are far fewer than that of the previous year, expansion is still severely restricted to 1/8.
  • Sweden expands its military. Sweden attacks the western part of Doitsuchou. Sweden offers an alliance to Naples.
  • in Labrador, the settlement in the OTL Belcher islands is abandoned, since most colonists there Újfundlandi and Labrador, the population is reduced by half compared to the population of 1633.While Poland advances on Prussian territory, Jégföld expands 850 sq km, and Öböl expands 500 sq km.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth expands New England by 25*50 sq km. They offer an alliance to Naples, as well as officially breaking off their alliance with the Mughals (whom are apparently vassals of both the Commonwealth and China, and have a ruler who is both dead and alive). Some redwood bark is brought back from fallen trees in Wolkenland, and is used in the Imperial Palace in Portsmouth. The Bavarian revolt is crushed, just in time to see a revolution of the Maoris of New Lancaster.
  • China expands more in Baja. Civil violence increases, and talk of revolution is on the horizon. An underground collection of revolutionaries is established.
  • Naples accepts the Anglo-German commonwealth's offer of alliance, due to their wish for Christian Europe to be more united. Meanwhile, King Benvolio has ordered an increase of military presence in the Southern Areas of Sardinia, ostensibly in order to protect the southern Sardinians from the northerners.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Morocco colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese send an envoy to Naples to negotiate an alliance. They send the Neopolitans their traditional gift of a throne and a set of crown jewels. They send an elite group of Sathu to China to break the traitorous rebels.
  • Joseon, due to the plague in the New World, creates a colony in South America, in OTL Columbia. They make contact with the locals, and begin trading many things. Meanwhile, several hundred more colonists are sent to their North American colony, which has not been effected by the plague due to being on the other side of the continent, but cautions are still taken.
  • Note Colombia is currently within a continent-wide malaria outbreak that places limits on expansion. Also, please specify north or west coast of Columbia. I'm pretty sure you mean west, considering the north coast is occupied by a Mayan and Mon colony and it would piss me off, but just to clarify.
  • West
  • The King of Naples hesitantly accepts the treaty with Vietnam. He is still distrustful of the non-Catholic nation, but is willing to make an alliance, both for power and safety, as well as the belief that a closer friendship with the pagan Vietnamese will help convert them to his religion.
  • Hanthawaddy experiences minor military growth, due to the incorporation of mercenaries from China, Kashmir, and Tibet. The northern and southern settlements of Katimon are connected with an expansion of 300 sq km, and the nearby peninsula to the south is annexed by 300 sq km. The thin strip of land connecting New Bassein to Katimon is expanded inland by 200 sq km. Katimon expands south by 1300 sq km along the coast. Bi Hloa expands south along the west coast by 350 sq km.
  • The Russian Tsar makes appoints a new family as governors of Novorossiya. The most precautions possible are taken as to not infect Canada with Smallpox, so instead of going north, the Settlers go 1000 km south on the St Lawrence Valley towards the great lakes, hence moving further away from the plague. Meanwhile, more trade ships are sent to Sri Lanka to get spices, Ivanskaya Zemlya is officially renamed Rossiyskie teritorii (zemli) Indeyskogo okeana (Russian Indian Ocean Territories) or simply indeyokeanskie zemli(teritorii), whom due to increase in trade expand 500 km. Meanwhile Russian Troops enter further into siberia. It is predicted that russian troops will reach lake baikal worst case scenario in 1640.(also a note to the map, I have been posting expansion into siberia for some time now and the territory remains unchanged-also, if you hadn't noticed Changatistan (changatai) is a russian vassal but not fully as china had gobbled up some of its territory as well). May add more later
  • Incan Empire: Expansion continues, while industrialization begins in the less suitable farming areas.


  • Spain is stricken by a famine, while England and Ireland are afflicted by plague. As a result, expansion into Spain is doubled throughout 1636, and Ireland enters civil disarray. Over 4% of the population of these three countries dies.
  • Naples sends its armies into Northern Sardinia, claiming to be protecting the southern portions that they own. During the beginning of the year they make great progress in driving the North Sardinian forces back, but as the year wears on their progress slows. A bitter war of attrition begins across the island of Sardinia.
  • Russia Expands farther into Siberia. The Russian Tsar sends a new cartographer: Alexi Afanaseev to make a new map of the orld to replace the ancient one made around 1500. The Russian koches continue to regularly cross the northeast passage to ensure that it does not melt. More of these koches are built and most are based in the white sea fleet, as they are most needed in the area. some are put in the Baltic sea fleet although only one is settled in the black sea fleet just in case they need to travel north to reinforce other fleets during winter to lead the way. The Russians offer to build for Hanthwady ten koches as they are the most frequent users of the passage for the sum of 2000 rubles so that a member of the Russian fleet does not have to follow one of the Mon whaling ships. The Russians also insist that the navigator must remain a Russian, and be assigned his personal cabin. May add more later...
  • The Vietnamese establish a colony on OTL Puerto Rico. The Vietnamese offer assistance to Naples in their Sardinian War. Elite Vietnamese soldiers and sathu pledge their services to Naples, as a gesture of respect to Vietnam's latest ally.
  • Sweden offers an alliance to Naples. They help the Neapolitan forces in Sardinia by sending supplies. Sweden attacks the western part of the formerly Japanese colony of Doitsuchou and annexes 500 sq km.
  • Please fill out the External Territories page. Also, keep in mind expansion is halved in grey areas on the map, so you would have to have four colonies to annex that much. See Rules.
  • Poland expands more in Prussia. Meanwhile, Öböl expands 600 sq km, and 800 sq km on Uruguay.
  • In the Anglo-German Commonwealth a plague spreads across England and the nearby Keltic Alliance, it devastates many areas. King-Emperor George leaves for Potsdam as his capital of Portsmouth is devastated. Scotland takes advantage of the disarray by invading the Kelts, and annexing parts of Ireland. They also break off tribute to the Commonwealth. People are encouraged to leave the towns, and an increase in brigandage is seen. In Warwickshire whole villages are wiped out.
  • Since Scotland annexed all of the Keltic Union, what will happen to the Keltic colony in OTL Newfoundland?
  • In fact, countries in civil disarray are harder to conquer because more of the population is militarized. It is unlikely that a country as weak as Scotland would be able to do it in one year.
  • Scotland was already at war with the Kelts for several years. But I can change the post so that they simply break off relations with the Commonwealth but do not complete the conquest of the Kelts. Plus, I would assume that Newfoundland would have practical independence if Ireland fell into disarray.
  • The Underground Resistance grows in power in China. However, the emperor ignores it, stating, "They'll tire themselves out." Meanwhile, China expands in Baja by 2000 sq km. Ships are sent to their allies as a gift. These ships have elaborately carved murals and the ships are in perfect working condition.
  • Incan Empire: Expansion and industrialization continues throughout the Empire, but pro-Republic feelings begin to spring up throughout the Empire, although no uprising occurs.
  • Hanthawaddy manages to gain territory in southern Bhutan and western Ahom, due to recruitment of more mercenaries. Several members of the Ahom and Bhutanese armies defect to Hanthawaddy during the year. Katimon expands by 2350 sq km south along the coast. In doing this, Hanthawaddy annexes the remaining Buddhist missions in Australia, except for the mission in Kulin. Mon explorers are met with hostility by various tribes, as by now most are distrustful of the Mons. Kulin retains alliance with Hanthawaddy, in order to protect its empire, and requests Mon military experts train Kulin. Bi Hloa expands west along the southern coast of the bay south of OTL Bird's Head peninsula, at 400 sq km.
  • Jahangir returns to life once more to declare war on the perfidious Commonwealth. Any Asian and/or European nation wishing to join in our crusade against the pretender George, please contact J. c/o Red Fort, ND at your earliest convenience. Later that day, J. has himself deified.
  • Naples accepts the alliance with Sweden, as they remain embroiled in a harsh war.
  • Joseon amps up their military quite considerably, mostly in the areas of ground fighting. Modern cannons are also imported from Europe and the design studied, and armies are equipped with cannons to break down city walls. Meanwhile, more intense trading goes on between China, Japan, Hanthawaddy, Vietnam, and Europe.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Puerto Rico colony by 28*50 sq km. A Vietnamese Sathu (of Chinese descent) working undercover in the Chinese rebels as a cook manages to slip poison into the food of the rebel leaders. He manages to get the poisoned food through by bribing their taste tester. The ringleaders of the rebellion die painfully and slowly from the Sathu's personal favorite poison, which is a mix of aconite, strychnine and tetrodotoxin. On the other side of the world Vietnamese soldiers asist their allies in Naples in securing the island of Sardinia.
  • With the help of their Vietnamese and Swedish Allies, the Neapolitan Armies are victorious in the Sardinian War. The island is united at last. Flags are raised across Naples as the people cheer for their victory. Many have begun to change their opinion upon the Vietnamese's religion, with the older dislike of the non-Christian religion being replaced by a respect for their helpers. They plan to build monuments to honor all of the fallen during the Sardinian War, including the Northern Sardinians and the foreign allies.
    • The Vietnamese makes a statement politely reminding the Neapolitans that the East Asian Church, while heavily influenced by native religion, is still a Christian Church derived from Roman Catholicism. It is a unique sect of Christianity, and not a pagan church. The Vietnamese politely remind the Neapolitans that Roman Catholicism was also heavily influenced by paganism during its formative years.
      • The government of Naples apologizes, stating that they are still recovering from their isolation period, and a mistake was made in the records that grouped Vietnam with the pagan nations.
        • What about the Commonwealth, we had an alliance with Naples as well.
        • The Commonwealth did not clarify that it was sending any aid to the Neapolitans during the war. The Commonwealth are honored as close allies.
  • Joseon expands their Oregon colony by 500 sq km, once again beginning trade with the locals and sending hundreds more of colonists there. Meanwhile, they offer an alliance to Anglo Germany.
    • The Commonwealth accepts the Joseon alliance.
  • The Russians advance farther into Siberia. During an expedition to map the world, one of the 5 ships gets lost during a severe thunderstorm in the pacific and lands in northern New Zealand. The North New Zealand Island is claimed for the Russian Tsar (although the island proves much larger than the settlers originally thought). Luckily the lost travelers have a shipbuilder in their midst. The Sailors fortunately do not meet any natives during the year. The Russian Tsar does not receive word of this land until June 1638 because of the need to build another ship and repair the old one. The Mappers continue on their journey despite their loss and predict to finish their map in 1641 They make many stops along their way one of which is in Hanthawady and uninhabited islands in the ocean to resupply..
  • Sweden launches another attack into Doitsuchou claiming another 500 sq km.
  • Poland keeps advancing in Prussian territory, and Újfundlandi expands 600 sq km.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth, as it at this point has not received word of an attack on itself by the Mughals, decides to escalate the conflict by calling on its allies to join in an invasion. King-Emperor George states that, not only has Jahangir deified himself, but he has come back to life! In addition, Jahangir has broken the Commonwealth-Mughal alliance for no apparent reason, to pursue a crusade against his allies. Joseon, China, Russia, the Incans, Sweden, and every nation wishing to destroy a regional power which could stab you in the back just as it stabbed us, should honor their alliance and join against the Mughals.
    • Hungary responds and declares war on the Mughals.
    • Russia follows by declaring war on Mughals in November, sending a limited force to invade Hindustan from Indeokeanskie Zemli.
    • Vietnam responds to the Anglo-German call to arms by severing relations with the megalomaniacal Mughal Emperor. The Vietnamese Emperor makes a statement that he does not believe that the current Mughal Emperor "Jahangir" is not the original Emperor of the same name, but rather an insane imposter. He points to the impossible part of "Jahangir's" story: the fact that he has claimed to have be revived twice. Most Vietnamese citizens refer to him as "Jahangir III" in light of this impossibility. The Vietnamese offer a 500,000 dong reward to anyone who will put down this "Mad Dog" (which is another nickname in Vietnam) of an Emperor.
    • Naples currently lacks the military power to aid in such a war, but Benvolio II announces that he supports the anti-Mughal forces, proclaiming Jahangir to be the antithesis of every Christian moral that the Neapolitans support.
  • China states that, while the Mughals are their vassals, they are tired of the Mughal's antics lately. They try to broker peace. Meanwhile, despite Vietnam's intentions, the Chinese rebels grow in power. Fears of a civil war are looming.
    • How does the rebellion get stronger when I killed their leaders? It's only logical that killing their leaders would weaken them considerably.
  • I am starting to think that his intent from the start was starting a civil war with these rebels.
  • The Ming dynasty has seven years OTL to live. Enter: Song Dynasty. As for the logic: they'd probably think it's Chinese officials killing citizens, which would cause more people to join.
  • It'd still make sense for Vietnam to intervene. After all China is Vietnam's greatest regional ally, and they wouldn't stand to see them in trouble. And you're wrong on the dynasty front. The Song Dynasty was the last major dynasty before the Mongolian-backed Yuan Dynasty. It ended in 1279, which is centuries before this map game even began. There was a Shun Dynasty that came briefly in 1644, but they mainly ruled in the period between the fall of the Ming and the beginning of the Qing.
  • True.
  • Pimpisara II secretly hires mercenaries of primarily Shan descent to provide materials to the rebels in China via trade routes into Yunnan, and to attack pro-Ming areas. In this way he hopes to realize his dream of an independent Mon-allied Nanchau Kingdom, and profitable trade with China through the Yunnan Plateau. Hanthawaddy upgrades its mercenary armies, dividing them up by ethnic group. However, lacking sufficient leadership, Hanthawaddy requests from its allies Hungary and Anglo-Germany to send military generals to train the massive Mon army. Bi Hloa and OTL Ostrovnoy each expand west by 450 sq km. Katimon expands south 750 sq km along the coast, and north by 350 sq km. The governor of Katimon visits OTL Ball's Pyramid, and declares it as holy, and that it should not be visited except by Buddhist monks. Hanthawaddy accepts the Russian offer, but states that Russians and Mons must pursue a lingua franca for navigation.
    • The Russians propose that the Lingua franca be Mon as the ships will be sailing under a Mon flag and most of the crew will be from Hanthawady. But they do propose that the captain of koches learn Russian as the Chief navigator will learn their language it only makes sence that the captain in charge of the ship learns the language of the navigator.
  • Can I ask you a question? What's the matter with Pimisara II? Why can't he avoid sticking his nose in Chinese business? And when did he start his reign?
  • Remember this is a game based off the real world. A country should be able to deal with relations with neighboring countries, or thus forth and hitherto declare neutrality and become Switzerland/Turkmenistan. Clearly the emperor is doing what he believes is in best interest for his country. And he has ruled since 1576. He's in his old age.
  • Incan Empire: Expansion and industrial expansion continues.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Puerto Rico colony by 28*50 sq km. Vietnamese spies uncover evidence of Hanthawaddian involvement in China. The Vietnamese, however, doesn't want to damage the already fragile Vietnamese-Hanthawaddian relations covers it up. The average citizen of Vietnam will not learn of Hanthawaddian involvement until centuries later. Vietnamese soldiers and sathu, intent on suppressing the rebellion quickly, use their Vietnam-born Chinese agents to learn the locations of the major rebel encampments. They then launch vicious attacks that devastate the rebels, and end with a majority of the rebels either dying or being captured. They specifically avoid the Hanthawaddy-backed Nanchao rebels, as they do not wish to repeat the disastrous experience of the Hanthawaddian War.
  • Naples: The recent expansion into Sardinia has resulted in a sense of national pride among the Neapolitans. Many compare it to the expansion of the Roman Empire, and a second Neo-Classical period has begun in Naples, and it may spread beyond... Meanwhile, King Benvolio II has made a series of peace treaties with the rest of the Italian states, pledging not to attack any of them. Due to a small trade dispute, Genoa is not included in this treaty.
  • Poland advances in Prussian the end of the year, Hungary send a few warships to the Mughal territory, and in the course, some ships sink near the OTL Cape of Good Hope, and the rest follows the course of the voyage, with only one planned stop, in the Hanthawaddian colony of Raikmoh, which only will be reached in the start of 1639. Öböl expands 1300 sq km south along the coast. Meanwhile, other expedition with settlers is sent to Öböl and is planned to get there by the start of the next year.
  • Sweden attacks and takes the rest of the western bit of Doitsuchou. Using the freed troops they send a large fleet to attack the Mughals, the fleet arrives midway through next year.
  • Itsaygahi expands along the Gulf coast, and the Natchez kingdom expands northwards. Itsaygahi is recovering nicely, and is looking to expand its assets further. Explorers are sent north along the Mixxixxippi River to contact the Haudenosaunee natives on the coast of the Magnatic Lakes.
  • In the Anglo-German Commonwealth, the allies are thanked for their generosity, and a large-scale 4-way invasion is prepared. China is encouraged to stay neutral, as the Mughals declared war on the Commonwealth first, thereby proving them untrustworthy. Peace is offered to the Mughals, but in return they would be forced to cede large portions of coastal India to the allies. I think we should have 4 separate algorithms, and we should annex any territories that we conquer from the Indian Coast.
    • ​I agree with the Annexing part cause I want territory annexed for Russia too.
  • Though the Mughals are their vassals, China decides to declare war and invade the Mughal Empire as punishment for betraying a Chinese business partner. A powerful Chinese fleet invades coastal Mughal cities.
  • Hanthawaddy declares neutrality in the conflict, but is willing to allow Hungarian use of its colonies as military outposts in return for having its troops trained by Hungarian officials at the end of the war. Hanthawaddy uses the opportunity of the war to annex the former Japanese colony of Tenjikuminato. Hanthawaddy appoints members od the Sadhuim family to the government, and renames it Htentukkong, after the Chinese name for the area. Despite retaining vassal status, it is expected to be annexed as a province in the near future. Hanthawaddy expands Raikmoh by 400 sq km to encompass the remaining islands of the Socotra Archipelago. Katimon expands north by 1000 sq km along the coast, while the OTL Noumea settlement expands north 100 sq km. OTL Guajira expands west 250 sq km.
  • The Russian Tsar Fills indeokeanskie zemli with 3000 troops by the end of the year, thus gains in Siberia are 1/8 the usual gains. The Russian Swedish-based submarine and Spetsnaz has its time in the sun. The Russian subs are accompanied by Warships of the Tsar's Most Glorious War-Sea Fleet (war-sea is the translation from voenomorskoy flot - it makes more sense in Russian trust me, I speak it fluently), who are packed with supplies for the Tsar's War-Submarine fleet (voenopodvodniy sounds better in Russian) and only resurface when no foreign ships are seen. This assault fleet is headed starigt for the Largest coastal cities of the Mughal Empire. In support of Their holder, Kazakhstan Also declares war on the Mughals. The Kazakh forces (joined by Russian Forces Stationed in the podvolgie and Caucassus) move through Changitistan and an emissary is sent to Kashmir to Ask permission to cross their boundaries to reach the mughal menace, which is given to the troops standing at the border in January 1639.
  • Jahangir IV ['The Impostor God'] declares his scorn for the autocratic peasant kings who dare to accost him. He declares in the Red Fort Square before 80,000 supporters: 'They shift in the wind like European oaks listening closely to the sound of their own swaying. They babble. And invent submarines. God's vengeance is more historically accurate. Shiftless lackies of the German pup-king. We only regret the loss of the caviar. Allah will subdue the Neopolitan Mastiffs.' Vietnamese spies are rounded up during the public audience with Jahangir and executed before they are able to cause any more trouble. All relations with China are rescinded since they are no longer of any import.
  • Incan Empire: Expansion and industrial expansion continues.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Puerto Rico colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese acknowlege Nanchao's independance and remind the Chinese that they have Khosut and the eastern half of the Chagtai Khanate to expand into. The Vietnamese declare a state of war on the Mughals following the sinking of an unarmed Vietnamese merchant vessel in the Bay of Bengal by paranoid Mughal captain. The Vietnamese Emperor declares that he can no longer stand the thought of the Mad Emperor Jahangir III's continued existance. The Vietnamese go on a massive campaign of military expansion, with both the Vietnamese Army and Navy being increased to unprecedented levels as the Vietnamese do not wish to repeat the Hanthawaddian War. The Army are armed with the latest and greatest muskets created by the Munitions Resarch Workshop. The Navy has much of their old wooden frigates replaced with ironplated hybrid steam/sail paddleships of native Vietnamese design.
  • In Naples, the trade dispute with Genoa heightens. Benvolio II has become tired of the Genoans attempting to control the trade within the Mediterranean. He declares that he cannot allow the Genoans to retain their control over Corsica, for two reasons: First, it makes them the only north Italian state to control more than just their city-state, disrupting the balance of power; Second, according to the Neopolitans, Sardinians and Corsicans were once one united people before being divided, and it is only right that they remain united. The Neopolitan navy sails up to Genoa and blockade the Genoan port, while land forces quickly begin to occupy the island of Corsica. Genoa knows it cannot stand against Naples, and allows them to annex Corsica. Naples then signs the peace treaty with Genoa as well. The annexation of Corsica will be their last expansion in the Italian peninsula for the forseeable future.
  • With Kashmir's Permission, Russian And Kazakh Troops march into the territory of the Mughals, Driving to Delhi. The Russians introduce conscription law once again. The Russian Tsar Allows the Commonwealth, China and Hungary to Get to the Mughals via Kazakhstan and Changitistan. The Russian Tsar likes the idea of iron plated navy. The Spetsnaz successfuly complete an opperation in India. Ivangrad is heavily fortified as siege is inevitable. The Spetsnaz use extreme amounts of Black Powder in their missions transported via submarine. The Russian Armies have made significant gains. The war elephants were easily taken care of-Polupushkas fired at them scared them and if aimed correctly, dismembered one of their limbs. The Russian infantry uses tactics similar to that of Alexander the Great at Gaugamella(what inspired the german Blitzkreig). Russia temporarily halts expansion into siberia and redeploys its troops into the Mughal Empire.
    • A scorched earth policy greets the Russian approach along the Indus River. The Russians are unable to breach the Mughal wall and suffer major losses. Rivers are diverted and thousands of Russian invaders are drowned. Jahangir rewards his forces in Delhi with a city-wide banquet. The Russian 'dream invasion' has been dissipated and the bear awakes to find itself drunk and in a field once more. Alexander's grave is brought from Goa where it had been displayed and his skeleton is set upon a pearl throne in the courtyard. The newly designed sidewinder missiles are deployed in the direction of China and Russia. Jahangir expresses the desire to capture a 'submarine'.
  • sidewinder missiles?those didn't existed until 1956!and i'm almost sure that the technology necessary to make them didn't existed in 1639.
  • There are no missiles. I wrote that Vietnam discovered that the "missiles" are just fireworks, and that it's just another sign that Jahangir III is absolutely mad.
  • Nobody noticed that submarines are a bit premature also? At least Jahangir is mad in a way that makes some sense. By the way, bitumen is a natural by-product...and Greek Fire involved heat propulsion...and if you stick a rattlesnake on the end of one of those babies, you got yourself a sidewinder missile. Makes more sense to the madman Jahangir than a submarine in 1639. The prototype of the Korean Turtle ships were the first submersibles, and as any old Anglo could tell you they didn't go under water. That's simply preposterous. Also, Vietnamese should be sufficiently experienced in this field to know the difference between a roman candle and a sidewinder.
  • the last focus of Prussian resistance is defeated, and the rest of the country is annexed by Poland. Meanwhile, the ships start to attack Goa, but some manage to be sunk by the Mughal cannons and the rest comes back to Raikmoh. Later that year, after a successful attack, the city is conquered. Zoltán I, The King of Hungary, dies, and is succeeded by his son Béla, who is crowned Béla VI by the middle of the year. Újfundlandi and Labrador are merged and the capital of the colony is moved to the village of Szent János, in Labrador. Öböl expands 1000 sq km north along the coast.
  • China expands further into Mughal territory. The victory, however, is short lived. China plunges into Civil War. Southern China, an area with many poor citizens, begins to fight against Ming China. Ming China almost instantly blames Hanthawaddy, stating that the invasion of that area was the cause. They also accuse them of helping the rebels.
  • God is with the Mughals. Just as he was with the Japanese when our ancestors invaded their ports on that cold and blizzardy night.
  • I don't lose my temper often, but I've had it with your comments. I will only nicely ask you ONCE to cease and desist your random comments.
  • The Swedish use the submarines to land in the Southern part of the Mughal empire in the middle of the night. The subs ferry more troops from the mother ships before returning to them an hour before dawn. These troops open up a new front and are soon supported by Commonwealth and Vietmanese troops. They tear through the southern states of the Mughal empire.
  • Yeah...they arrive by rocket ship from Stockholm to get to their aircraft carrier and then on to the subs? This is all a bit preposterous, dear moderators...
  • Just to let you know, Poland is not in the war against the Mughals, since already was occupid with its own, against Prussia, when the war started.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth thanks its allies for taking the rightful side in the conflict. The 70-year old late emperor Jahangir will be unable to stand against the allies. The Commonwealth argues that the allied generals should meet in a nation close to the Mughals (such as Vietnam, or Kazachstan) to discuss strategy. Commonwealth ships land in six places down the southeastern coast of hindustan, and gradually beat back the Mughals, who sustain massive casualties. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth, realizing that the toppling Ming will not be able to deploy troops in the war, asks fr assurances from the rebels that they will remain in alliance with the Commonwealth if victorious, in return for assistance in the civil war.
    • Jahangir welcomes the Brits and their allies to dine on cold duck soup in Delhi.
  • Emperor Pimpisara II, wishing to gain extra capital for Hanthawaddy, proposes that any country can use Hanthawaddy's road system for militaristic purposes during the war, including the Mughals, thus improving territorial gains, on the conditions that no battles are fought on Mon soil, and the Emperor is provided with 888,888 Awettha as a toll. Katimon expands south by 2200 sq km, establishing a border with Kulin. Bi Hloa expands west 500 sq km.
    • Jahangir thanks the Hanthawaddians and indicates that unless obliged to retreat to the east following another swedish luftwaffe attack, then he'll just stay put. Better a madman, he notes, than an overtly sane lunatic. In the meantime, the lunar probe is manned and armed in expectation of further hostilities.


Principia Moderni Map 1640
Principia Moderni Map 1640 Key
  • The Mamluk Sultanate enters a period of civil disarray, with the weak government falling from power. Many competing factions begin collecting estates throughout the empire.
  • China also participated in the war against the Chatgani Khanate.
  • I gave some territory to you, but vassalization is more effective than conquering.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Puerto Rico colony by 28*50 sq km. Vietnamese soldiers invade the eastern territories of the Mughal Empire, after paying the Hanthawaddian toll. They make huge advances into Mughal territory with the classic assassinate-eliminate tactic. They send Sathu to destroy the Mughal Emperor's prized "sidwinder missiles", but instead find a massive warehouse of harmless civilian fireworks. This gives the Vietnamese further proof that "Jahangir" is a mad imposter who should be put down. Vietnamese agents throughout the Mughal Empire start distributing leaflets exposing Jahangir III as the crazed madman he truly is.
    • While the Vietnamese are invading the shores, the Mughals set out secretly at night and conquer all of Vietnam...just like that! So, who is the madman now?
    • The Vietnamese respond by revealing the truth about the Mughal "invasion force". They weren't going to Vietnam to attempt to invade it, but to defect to it. The leader of the Mughal expeditionary force explains that they refused to follow the Mad Emperor's insane and suicidal plan, which called for an impossible invasion of mainland Vietnam. This only further decreases the popular opinion on Jahangir III's stability.
    • And how can you invade Vietnam when the coasts are blocked to your "navy" (which may not exist any more)? And how can they mount an offensive when the Mod event clearly says that they are too disorganized to do so?
  • Hungary sends more troops to the Mughal territory, by sea or land.while more troops arrive to goa, more cities in southwestern Hindustan are attacked and the end of the year, Calicut is taken and the capital of the new colony is made there.Újfundlandi ás e Labrador expands 1000 sq km in the island of Újfundlandi. Meanwhile, the capital of the colony is changed to Új Kotor.
    • You made a wrong turn, Hungary, and your in Sarajevo. Tough luck...but better luck next time with your navigation. The capital of Delhi remains untouched as Mughal troops bravely join from the countryside. None but the Anglos pose a threat to Jahangir's dominance!
    • Who said that i wanted Delhi?
    • And Jahangir is DEAD. It's Jahangir III that we are dealing with now. Only one man has ever risen from the dead, and he's not around at the time of this map game.
  • The Swedish navy attacks coastal cities of the Mughal Empire closely followed by the Hungarian and Swedish army. Sweden faces a huge overcrowding problem as the baby bonus scheme is far too successful. Sweden thus bulks up its expansion plans in Europe, Asia and North America. If you are allied you need not worry.
  • You haven't been doing the 'baby boom' scheme for nearly long enough to have an overcrowding problem in 1640. The population of the Scandinavian nations was quite small in the 1600's.
    • ​They breed a lot in the submarines!
    • I don't think that any European nation would allow women to be in their armies, let alone in their navies.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth continues its victorious march up the Indian coast. However, it then hears the unfortunate news that King-Emperor George is dead. Luckily, for the first time in many years, the transfer of power does not have unfortunate events (ie civil war, palace coup, assassination attempt_ connected with it. He is succeeded by King-Emperor Frederick.
    • Like a magic wall protecting the realm, all of the Mughals enemies fall back upon their heels. In'sha Allah!
    • This is not a game of "magic". It's a game of plausibility. The sooner you lern that the better.
  • In the northern Mughals the Russian army decides to send scouts along the rivers before advancing. The Russians in the northern Mughals receive the Hungarian reinforcements and are set to wai t at the border. When the Mughals occupy Kashmir, The Russians turn to one thing: to Recruit the Cangatai people to fight as their country is being threatened. OVVR are sent to cause "civil disruption and unloyalty in the Mughal empire and hostility of the people towards Janghir III-a man more deranged than Shuiski was". With the Joining of Changatai Forces, the main motive of the Forces is to "depose the blasphamous king declaring himself God. Only Saints can see and speak to the lord, and this man is far from saint." Along with defending the Anglo-Germans, One of Russia's Closest Allies
    • Just bring some more wodka, Ivan! That's the only way you'll pass the gates of the Red Fort. And do take off those boots if you're going to be swimming across the Indus, for goodness sake.
    • I don't like your attitude. That is both rude and extremely stereotypical. Do you even think at all before you post? Or is it your intention to act like a damn troll? Do you think it's fun playing with someone as obnoxious as you?
  • The Papal States reform into a republic, "the Holy Roman Republic" which is composed by the nobles, high members of the church and the common people. The Holy Roman Republic's first act is to attack the Republic of Venice with his troops, and to prevent a rebellion the Venice's merchants are permitted to continue to work with a statal pay, in exchange they have to work for the republic, and the Venice's fleet became the Papal Fleet. Eventually after some days from the foundation of the republic, orphans from orphanages are taken and trained as soldiers from the childhood for the next 4 years,to became the best Papal's Elite Squad: The Peter's Chosen.
  • Joseon amps up their military significantly, playing catch up with China, which had had dominance in the region for thousands of years, though now severely blunted by Hanthawaddy, Vietnam, and Japan. The Turtle Ship is specially remodeled, now able to travel across the Atlantic and back while still being covered in iron. Meanwhile, free trade is offered to Russia that would greatly benefit both of their nations for decades to come.
  • China hasn't really been blunted by any of the the three, save for the Hanthawaddian attack. In fact, China has a strong alliance, both financial, militaristic, and otherwise, with Vietnam. Japan just went under, so they're not really hurting anything.
  • Naples is wary of the Holy Roman Republic, but their great religiousness wins out. They send a message to the Pope, stating that as long as he is still in power, they will support him, and then they propose an alliance between the two Italian states. Meanwhile, Naples begins building up its port cities, in order to be able to trade globally. An explorer by the name of Julio Ricasoli outfits his ship, and begins his exploration. He first stops in Spain, to restock supplies, and then sets sail to explore across the Atlantic Ocean.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Puerto Rico colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese end their involvement in the Mughal War, as the Mughal Empire has fallen into anarchy following the death of the false Emperor Jahangir III. The Vietnamese approach the warlords of Japan for an alliance. Most either ignore or reject their offer, but one does not. The Daimyo of the Shimazu clan agrees to meet with the Vietnamese Ambassador to negotiate a deal. The Vietnamese agree to supply the clan with weapons to aid them in the Japanese Civil War in exchange for an alliance with the Shimazu clan. The Shimazu Daimyo does not know that he has effectively made his domain a Vietnamese vassal state.
  • Russians begin to Advance into Mughal Territory. Ivangrad is refortified as the siege begins. the Russians do not support the Papal States in any way and if Naples invades they have Russia's Support, although they may not send aid they will be supported. The Russian armies gain morale after the defeat of the Mughal armies due to the excessive use of black powder bombs. The Mughals face themselves without a leader and OVVR are preped and ready to make anti-Jangahir IV propaganda campaiigns if a false pretender arises.
  • Wait, Goa already was conquered by Hungarian forces.
  • Sorry. I thought Goa was somewhere else and was the first city name I know by heart. I fixed that.
  • Hungary keeps advancing in Mughal territory, as more troops arrive. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi expands 2000 sq km inland in its western part.
  • After reading the offer of alliance with the kingdom of Naples, the Pope immediately answers with a letter in which the alliance between the two Italian states is confirmed, the Pope promises "collaboration pact between the two Catholic states” and also proposes to the king of Naples a trade alliance. Meanwhile to calm the population of Venice which was not in favor of the annexation to the Holy Roman Republic, the Pope firms a constitution, the "Holy Pact” in which the society is divided in classes that are open and anyone can pass from a lower class to the higher: at the Top of the Republic there is the Pope, after him there is the Holy Senate, in which there are the cardinals, the Nobles and the Popular parties, under the Holy Senate there are the Nobles Family, that by fighting in war expand their territories and become Dukes, Barons, etc....then there are the banks and the merchants, that have their main HQ in Venice, to calm the Venice's merchants, if a person wants to become a citizen he must be a soldier for four years, and so the Papal Army grow a lot with immigrants, and the common people which wants to become Nobles must enter in the army too and become Cavaliers. Meanwhile the Peter's Chosen, the Elite squad of the Pope, is being trained hard and in three years will be ready to fight...
    • I respectfully request that you use your computer's Word program before you post. Your spelling and grammar could use some work. I don't mean to discourage you from writing, but I do want you to look over what you write.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth, after completting the conquest of their territory on the Mughal eastern seaboard, celebrate the war as a victory for that which is just. As Jahangir is dead they eagerly wait to see who will rule the Mughals. King-Emperor Frederick is prepared for any eventuality from the Mughals. Meanwhile, Wolkenland expands by 30*50 sq km.
  • Ming forces try to reclaim Southern China, but the Rebels push back and take more coastal cities. A state of emergency is declared in China. The Chinese colonies declare themselves part of the rebellion and they immediately prepare to hold their ground against Ming forces. The Ming Empire is stunned at how successful the rebellion and civil war has gone.
  • Itsaygahi ceases its expansion plans as new king Chanrak III ascends the throne. He lets the Natchez continue their expansion plans as they expand into a new, powerful nation. He focusses on consolidating Itsaygahi's current territories.
  • Joseon, realizing an opportunity due to the death of the imposter emperor of the Mughals, launches an attack on the Mughals, landing on the southern tip of the Empire, slowing pushing through to link up with the Russians. Also, infiltration of Japan commences, to prepare for an eventual invasion.
  • Naples accepts the trade alliance with the Holy Roman Republic. King Benvolio II asks why the former Papal States are expanding their military so much, are they preparing to expand further into the Italian City states, somewhere else, or simply for security purposes? Meanwhile, Julio Ricasoli's expedition has brought him to the OTL Caribbean islands. He lands on the Vietnamese colony on Puerto Rico, greeting his allies and asking for maps of the imperial claims in the area.
    • What is the Alternate names for the Americas and Caribbean?.
    • Same as OTL for major geographic features.
  • Hanthawaddy decides to enter a period of relative isolation to prevent destruction like that of its neighbor, the Mughals. The military is improved, and Katimon expands 1500 sq km north. Bi Hloa expands west 500 sq km.


  • Joseon continues their invasion of the Mughals, while also beginning to smuggle more agents of the 조선특별폭격부대, or the Joseon Special Assault Force. It is basically the equivalent of the CIA, KGB, and Mossad of this day. They begin assassinating local leaders, and spreading fear among the locals. They also expand their Columbian colony by 500 sq km.
  • Could you imagine a "Joseon Special Assault Force" in 1642? Be realistic.
  • Okay, but do you know of a better name? I’m trying to create a network of spies here, but I don’t know a good name for one . . .
  • The Vietnamese expand their Puerto Rico colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese send weapons, ammunition and military advisors to Shimazu Japan for the training of Shimazu's Army. The Japanese use their training to expand Shimazu Japan's domain in the Japanese home islands. They have increasing footholds in the territories of the Mori and Choskabe clans. The New Lithuanians finally annex the island the natives call Palawan, which had inexplicably avoided New Lithuanian attention until now.
  • Naples: Ricasoli has returned from his voyage to the Caribbean, and shows maps of the region. Of particular interest to Benvolio II is the large island of Cuba. He sees it as large, full of resources, and once more, inhabited by easily converted people. Due to his hatred of Islam, the ability to destroy the Mamluk colony there, due to the weakness of the Sultanate, convinces Benvolio II to send a colonial mission to land on the easternmost part of Cuba and start a colony there. Ricasoli will lead the expedition to found the colony of Italian Cuba.
  • Russia has renewed success in taking back most lost lands and advancing closer and closer towards Delhi, the Siege of Ivangrad ends in a russian victory with the Mughal Army completely destroyed. The leaderless Mughal Army is completely disoriented and allows the Advancement of Russian troops. The last true stronghold of the Mughals in the north remains Delhi.
  • The majority of Swedish troops pull out of India. Sweden develops its military.
  • On the mainland, Hungary amps up its remaining army. Meanwhile, the Hungarian forces in Hindustan keep expanding on Mughal territory until meeting the Vietnamese forces which also occupy territory in Mughal territory. To avoid another war, the eastern border of the colony is defined as ending in the Vietnamese part of Hindustan. Some Mughal resistance focus are still being fought in the countryside. Harbours start to be built in Kalikut and Govem. Újfundlandi expands 1750 sq km north in its eastern part (the island of Újfundlandi) and Jégföld expands 250 sq km north.
  • Ming Forces push back against South Chinese Forces in the west, but the South Chinese forces gain more ground in Eastern China.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth, after the successful repulsion of all Mughal troops from the area under their control, begins to rebuild its military. A first tournament is held in which the Cricket County Champion is determined. London wins this tournament undefeated. However, football (ie rugby) is becoming more popular in England, after being established in Germany.
  • Why don't we wrap up the war? The Mughals aren't making any moves, and there's not much point to it.


  • Joseon continues to invade the Mughals, meeting virtually no resistance. Meanwhile, they continue to infiltrate Japan, steadily taking over some of the clans. Their Philippines colony is expanded by 2000 sq km.
  • Naples: The Neapolitan colonists establish the colony of New Carbonia on the Easternmost portion of Cuba. They have three main goals with New Carbonia: to get resources for Naples, to drive the Muslim Mamluks out of the island, and to convert the inhabitants to Christianity. They first interact with the natives in a non-religious, peaceful way. This proves lucky, as friendship with the natives helps them survive the hot summer, in which many of the colonists die of tropical diseases. After the recovery, one of the surviviros converts the first Cuban native to Christianity. They ask their allies to respect their claim for the ownership of all of Cuba, not making any colonies on the island without negotiating with Naples first.. Meanwhile, back in Naples, Benvolio II orders a new meusem to be built. Due to the second Classical period, the recent expansion, and the increased exposure to different lands and cultures, more and more art is being created.
  • Note:By claim of rulership over all of Cuba, I mean Naples plans to eventually take over the whole island. They just are asking their allies not to colonize other parts of Cuba without informing them, they don't have control over anything other than the 50 miles of New Carbonia.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Puerto Rico colony by 28*50 sq km. They finish the colonization of the main island, and begin colonization of the chain of islands to the east of it. The Vietnamese give an offer to Joseon on the division of Japan. They offer Joseon control over the northern islands, while control of the southern islands would fall to their Japanese vassal state.
  • You would get Sakhalin, Hokkaido, and the northen part of Honshu up to the Edo line. What do you say to the deal?
  • Just to clarify, you have to use the algorithm in this case, because there is civil disarray. Expect to attack multiple times
  • When you think about it, my Japanese vassal would expand much quicker than Joseon. Pretty much everyone in Japan thinks that they are a local Japanese attempt to recaupture Japanese territory. Joseon might be able to gain Hokaido easily by sparking an Ainu rebellion.
  • I agree to your deal. -Pita
  • I have one final conditon. I politely request that the territory you claim is returned to Japan when the decolonization period begins. Since that period only starts slightly more than 300 years from now, I think that isn't such a bad condtion. Think of it as being like the "lease" Great Britain had on Hong Kong. Only you get about 200 more years to enjoy the resources of the territory. Deal (picture me offering a handshake to seal the deal)?
  • Handshake Sure - Pita
  • Would you allow the Vietnamese to purchase your Philipine colony?
  • Sweden continues military expansion. Thorlaand expands by 500 sq km.
  • Emperor Pimpisara II dies of malaria during the year. Funerals take place throughout the year, and the Emperor is buried in Pegu next to his father, Smim Htaw. However, his appointed successor, his grandson Binnya Bijaya also dies of malaria. A succession crisis breaks out, with major claimants being Jayadeva of the Sadhuim family of Htentukkong, of whom Pimpisara II's second wife came, and the Emperor's nephew Binnya Rada. Less serious claimants are Ngawang Namgyal, king of Bhutan, and Shan Prince Hse Khun. Bi Hloa expands west 550 sq km, and Katimon expands north 500 sq km.
  • The Original sailors that got lost and settled in New Zealand finally return creating the Official Colony of the New Caucasus, due its southerness and mountain landscape. Russian Troops Continue to press into the Mughal Territory. The Siege of Delhi Begins. The Russian Tsar Commends the Cangatai people's co-operation in the war against the Mughal Empire. More to come...
  • One group of settlers of the western part of Újfundlandi ás e Labrador found another settlement more to the south, while the western part expands 700 sq km in the direction of the central part and 1250 sq km in the direction of the new settlement. Meanwhile, Hungary continues to amp up its military.
  • King Chanrak expands the nation northwards from the Gulf coast, thinkening out his nation. A few client states are carved out in the far north, specifically the Chickasaw, Alabama and Tuskegi. Relations are extablished with the Haudenosaunee, know to Itsaygahans as Howdensani.
  • China expresses interest in acquiring part of Japan after the war is over. Ming forces are trapped by rebel forces, meanwhile. The Civil War is almost over and it looks like it is ending in favor of the rebels!
  • Might I suggest that you attend to your pre-existing colonies before creating new ones?
  • This is a long way down the road, don't worry.
  • The Pope responds to the king of Naples Saying that: the actual expansions are just a little crusade to unify the Italian's Holy Land (obviously in the north) to unify them in one religion",after responding,the Pope sends three of the newly acquired fleet in different places: one in Somalia, one in the America territory of the New Jersey and one in Tunis. they must land, found three colonies and conquer the territories, eventually by converting the natives, and during this time the Peter's Chosens are ready. now they are the main forces of the Secret Vatican's Services, their first mission is to go to Venice and kill (in absolute silence) the rebels of the old Repubblic of Venice. After this, the Pope invites the little dukes and cities to join in the Holy Roman Republic in exchange of advantages for taxes, money, positions and better conditions. In the other little states of the OTL Toscana there are referenda about the decision, while the Peter chosen's kill all criminals in those land to raise the favour of the people.
    • I had to undo your edit and post the things that you wrote again, because someway, the page became a mess after your post. This happens sometimes.
    • And I have to tell you that you can not found more than two colonies within a single 50-year period.


  • The civil war in China ends. The Ming Dynasty has fallen. Long live the Qing Dynasty! Rebuilding begins almost immediately. The new emperor sends gifts to China's neighboors of Russia, Vietnam, Joseon, and the Ottomans. He explicitly leaves out Hanthawaddy, due to the fact that their invasion killed his family. (Including the OTL Shunzhi Emperor).
  • Congratulations on making it through an entire Chinese Dynasty, Principia Moderni!
  • I assume the Qing dynasty is composed of people of Southern Chinese descent, rather than the Manchus? Either way the name "Qing" works, because it refers to blue/green, the water element, which quenches the fire element of Ming, which means "bright." However, instead of ostracizing Hanthawaddy, go ahead and support someone from the succession crisi. :) Also, as in OTL, there will be famine in China. It is up to the new emperor to deal with it.
  • China will get over their hate of Hanthawaddy soon.
  • Joseon asks the new Dynasty in China whether their old relations with the Ming will continue on in the Qing. They also send back gifts, and offers to help rebuild their nations. Meanwhile, their Philippines colony is expanded by 2500 sq km, and infiltration of Japan continues.
    • China's deals with Joseon will continue, if not get better.
    • Will you continue the Free Trade Deal I made with you?
    • Yes.
  • Naples: The Colony of New Carbonia slowly expands. Due to the inexperience of the Neapolitans, as well as tropical diseases, they only expand half of the average colonial rate, and only manage to expand 400 miles along the southern coast of Cuba. Meanwhile, they send a message to the Qing Dynasty, asking them if they will allow missionaries to travel to their nation to teach them the Holy Gospel.
  • Since all I did was send stuff to China, I assumed this was half-turn in the home country, therefore, I could do the half-turn levels of expansion. However, for the first five years I am cutting the expansion levels in half for my nation.
  • The siege of Delhi ends after over a year of fighting. The remnants of the Mughal royals are exiled into Siberia by the victorious Russians and Mughals that joined the Russians' Ranks. The Russians agree that relations with China will continue as they were. The True Heir to throne: Shah Jahan is restored as the mughal emperor and is praised by his people to have deposed the long line of impostors. The Russians emidiately withdraw as heir work there is done. This new mughal are very pro-russian at the time because they put the Monarchy once again into the right hands. The Russian Governement's new deadline for Baikal is 1647 and for Siberia is 1655 Worst case. The Crusade against Jangahir ended in Victory, although the Battles at Ivangrad and in sri lanka were not as fortunate due to lighter armorment. the russians do not ask for any war reparations or land back, thus allowing the mughals to keep 200 sq km of territory along the north side of Sri Lanka.
    • Jahangir does not wish to persist among such acrimony, hence he rows the remnants of his shattered government to Torquay. Bears ignore both remonstrance and statistical evidence of their own demise. It is pointless to play chess with a bear. Jahangir has played many chess matches over the decades with bears, and he has shared their wodka and fish eggs upon occasion. But now it is time for the Commonwealth to intervene. Jahangir gives the keys of Delhi to the English and retires peacefully to his safe European home.
    • Try to be less rascist with that. Thanks.
  • The colony in former Mughal territory is re-named India, and expands 550 sq km north, in a attempt to connect itself with Govem,which starts to be fortified. Meanwhile, the southwestern part of Újfundlandi (the new settlement) expands 550 sq km in all directions.
  • ​Sweden advances its military Asgard expands by 800 sq km.
  • Itsaygahi ceases expansion, though its client kingdoms expand northwards. King Chanrak order a new construction of roads, especially to the booming towns on the Gulf Coast. The Charter Ports add their signatures to a Caribite Company to trade in the Caribite Sea. They offer to build a town in Cuba, under the sovereignty of Naples, but governed by a council of Charter Port merchant-princes.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Puerto Rico colony by 25*50 sq km. They announce that the Vietnamese territory in India will be autonomous until the time come that they can fully colonize it. Vietnamese-backed Japanese soldiers go on a massive expansion. They conquer former Japanese territory up to the agreed-upon division line with the Koreans. The Vietnamese promise the Koreans support in annexing their portion of the former Empire of Japan.
  • The Ottomans, after a long period of inactivity declares all out war on the decaying Mamluk Empire. Troops poor into the Holy Land taking city after city on the coast. The Sultan announced that he had been planning this invasion for 15 years, and now it is time to go into action. The Ottoman Sultan also ask's that no other nation interferes in their plan, for when the Ottomans capture all off The Mamluk territory, they will give some away to their allies. So far the Ottomans haved captured the entire levant, but at heavy losses.
    • The Vietnamese declare their Neutrality in the Mashriq War, as they are too busy with their own issues, as well as those of their vassals. They applaud Ottoman actions, as more than a few Vietnamese merchants have been killed by the corrupt Mamluk Sultan's thugs. They send large amounts of financial and military aid to Ottomans to assist them in punishing the disgusting Mamluks.
    • Sweden offers 1000 men of the Royal Guard to help in the war. Sweden sends supplies to help in the campaign and also gifts to the sultan, a fine fur cloak for the European winters (Sweden has a monopoly on the fur trade). The Ottoman coat of arms is painstakingly embroided into the cloak to perfect detail by Sweden's finest tailors.
    • How does Sweden have a monopoly on Fur trade? Russia is a northern country and has many different ways to get Russian Fur to the world.
  • Naples supports the Ottomans due to its hatred of the Mamluks above all else. King Benvolio II asks if the Ottomans are planning to occupy the Mamluk colonies in Cuba, or if they plan to abandon them.
  • Look at all this help I'm getting!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!
  • OK, time to be serious. The Ottomans thank Naples and the Vietnamese for their aid. They plan to give Cuba to Naples and will give Vietnam 45% of the loot they get.
  • The governors of all the provinces of Hanthawaddy meet in Viharajaya during the month of February elect a committee to determine the successor of Emperor Pimpisara II. By May, they announce the rightful king to be Pimpisara II's heir to be his grandson Chanda Tuku. This is an unlikely choice, as it is generally known that Chanda Tuku has little interest in the throne, and is unpopular. He takes the throne in an elaborate ceremony in Viharajaya, but other claimants begin gathering power. Jayadeva sets up a military base in Htentukkong, and Binnya Rada begins gathering power in his hometown of Dagon. Binnya Rada ensures that Hanthawaddy will forge relations with its traditional allies: Russia, Hungary, Maya, Joseon, and Vietnam, and sends messengers to request support from those nations. Jayadeva states he will promote a more open Hanthawaddy, inviting Christianity and foreign culture. He says he will also give court positions to foreigners and non-Mons. Overseas in the colonies, Chanda Tuku says he will support the Ottomans against the Mamluks in exchange for the Ottoman colony of Aden. He states they may restock on supplies on the island of Raikmoh. Bi Hloa expands west and south 600 sq km, and Katimon expands north 300 sq km. Dunquk Dung expands east 200 sq km.
  • Would Jayadeva want to continue relations with Vietnam?
  • Yes, possibly more so than Binnya Rada, because it would be willing to put aside religious differences. I suggest anyone who wants to should chose a side (Jayadeva, Binnya Rada, or Chanda Tuku), and that would set up a nice War of the Mon Succession, which should occur within ten years.


Principia Moderni Map 1645
Principia Moderni Map 1645 Key
  • The Vietnamese, Swedish, Chinese and Brandenburgian parts on the Mughal territory are defined by their requests on the talk page and the territory that they would have right to according to the algorithm. Also, I included the client states of the Tsalagi. I just don't know if they are in their respective locations.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Puerto Rico colony by 25*50 sq km. Their Japanese vassals continue the process of regaining the territory of their half of the former Empire of Japan. They still have the task of clearing out the resistance in the territory they "secured". The Vietnamese repond by sicking their sathu on the Daimyo of the most reistant factions. The New Lithuanians expand into the last areas of the archipalego south of Joseon's Philippine colony.
  • Is Vietnam's Japanese vassal to be included in the map? My Puerto Rico colony now includes a good chunk of the Lesser Antilles islands.
  • Again, it is impossible to conquer Japan so quickly while it is in civil disarray. The process would involve slowly manipulating the complex alliances of the different clans, and conquering them one by one. Their large existing technology would make it much more difficult as well.
  • Then what would be a more reasonable date for the Vietnamese-backed Japanese government to regain the southern half of the country?
  • Well, maybe 5-10 years if you could provide a compelling description of the lordship you are backing taking over neighboring clans, but keep in mind they would resist foreign domination, so it would take a lot longer to create an actual vassal.
  • But I still think we need a way to denote their existence.
  • India expands 600 sq km and Újfundlandi expands 800 sq km in the island of Újfundlandi, eastern part of the colony.
  • The Charter Port Princes reiterate their offer to Naples. A strip of land in Cuba under the governance of the merchant-princes, but under the sovereignty of Naples. King Chanrak III supports the idea. Elsewhere, The Natchez build settlements along either side of the Mixxixxippi.
  • Sweden goes for a final push in the Netherlands and troops seize all of Western Doitsuchou. King Gustav goes insane due to old age
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth begins to fill their new Indian territories with white settlers. The local untouchables are incorporated as slaves of the whites. Some are sent back to Europe, creating the first slave trade (although there were already some native slaves in Sudafrica). Meanwhile, King-Emperor Frederick succeeds in abolishing serfdom in Germany, although in England they remain in bondage for another couple of decades. Finally Neue Brandenburg is getting back on its feet, and expands by 10*50 sq km. (note: it's still half expansion).
  • Naples:New Carbonia expands by another 400 sq mi. Their progress has been slowed by disease. So many settlers have died recently that new settlers are hard to find They start recruiting among people in debtors prison and other poor folk to go and settle on the island of Cuba. They tell the Charter Port Princes that they could do that, however, the Princes would have to make Catholicism the official religion of their colony as well.
  • The Russian Tsar Mihail Romanov tragicly dies in his sleep and is buirried in the Kremlin. His son Alexi Alexi succeedes him and is crowned Alexi I Romanov, Tsar of All Russias and Lithuania, Prince of Warzhawa, Ruler of Siberia and their Possesions. The New Tsar states that they have just enough money in the treasury to reach the baikal. afterwards they will have to recover militarily and economicaly. Some Anti-Russian Feelings arise in Changatai because of them having to go to a war with no gains. Changatai is divided into two provinces - East and West Changitistan forming Greater Changitistan. The Russian Tsar expresses more simpathy to Binnya Rada than any other one of the Mon Pretenders, and the least amount of support for Jayadeva. Troops are restationed in Siberia and conscriptants are sent home. Cossacks are sent to be the main expeditionary force in Siberia. The Tsar and the Cossack Ataman both agree to send a force of 2000 Cossacks to aid the ottoman empire in return for a small cut of the land that they will conquer.
  • Conflicts subside slightly because of the popularity of Chanda Tuku's new policy of improving roads in the countryside. He also asks the Chinese colonial authority to open up trade with the port of Laskreng. Bi Hloa expands west by 600 sq km, Katimon expands north by 1400 sq km.
    • The Vietnamese declare that they will support the forces of Jayadeva. They dislike the Buddhist-centristic views of Binnya Rada, and are worried that Chanda Tuku's policies might result in damage being dealt to Vietnamese-Hanthawaddian relations. They are also worried that Chanda Tuku's reluctance to rule might result in him being easily influenced by questionable factions in the Hanthawaddian government. They send arms and aid to Jayadeva's troops to aid in their victory. The Vietnamese Emperor declares that he recognizes Jayadeva as the Hanthawaddian Emperor, and not Chanda Tuku.
  • The Holy Roman Republic, after years of activity in collaboration with the small dukes in Tuscany, decides that it's time to make a referendum for the annexion of Tuscany. Money, privileges, resources and titles are promised to the Nobles, merchants, banks and people who will vote "Yes". Meanwhile, all the merchants of Venice (now part of the Republic) are working as marketing office for the election, and the Peters chosen are sneaking in the night, killing criminals to raise the consensus of the People. Also the three fleets are ready and filled with poor people who want to get richer. Little nobles and merchants who want to acquire new territories and even criminals that want to get a lower pain. the first ship in few days reach where the OTL Tunis now is and found "Augustville". the second fleet is going in the OTL New Jersey and the third in Somalia. The priests convert natives and invite them to join in the republic, but after an intense working period of two years and baptism, many natives join.
    • You can only found two colonies in any 50 year period
    • Frankly, this post is unacceptable by plausibility standards. I think you can do much better to make it more realistic. First of all, the rules state you can only make one colony per turn. Also, you can't just conquer two countries and form three colonies out of the blue. You haven't made any exploration attempts, or upgraded your military or economy whatsoever. May I suggest a more reasonable time frame: two years to update military, five years to conquer Venice, three years for recovery, one year for exploration, then create your New Jersey colony. And as for Tunis, you do realize it is the capital of the powerful Hafsid Dynasty? You can't expect to create a colony there.
  • The Ottomans march their armies south, taking land in the Hejaz. All of the Arabian Peninsula has been conquered thanks to the Ottomans advanced weaponry, which includes flintlock rifles and cannons.
  • Few problems here. For one, the Mamluk Sultanate is in civil disarray, meaning you have to go through several militarized kingdoms. This would take several years. I was lenient on the Levant, but you can't just conquer the entire Middle East when other players expand patiently. What you say might take 50 years. And you can't just equip your entire army with flintlock rifles. You have to upgrade your military over time. To speed up your conquering, you can try the war algorithm.
  • Ok sorry,


  • Fueled by natural disasters and growing unrest, the Mayan central government loses control of its constituent tribes and kingdoms, causing the empire to collapse, entering civil disarray. A few kingdoms manage to unify their possessions but the new era is more militaristic.
  • Újfundlandi expands 2000 sq km in the island of the same name. Meanwhile, Hungary amps up its military, while Poland considers attack Doitsochihou again to expand its coastline. Poland also amps up its military.
  • Naples has now expanded even farther into Cuba, with another 400 sq mi under their control. Slowly, they are converting over the natives in their area, although almost as many natives have died for European diseases as Neapolitans have died of tropical diseases.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth begins to expand its military force, equipping them with new and improved types of cannon and muskets. It is hoped that the army can be fully modernized by 1655. Meanwhile, the process is finally completed of issuing the soldiers with green uniforms. A new Imperial Guard is formed, with bright red uniforms to stand out.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Moroccan colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese send soldiers to aid Jayadeva in his quest to gain control of the Hanthawaddian throne. The Vietnamese-supported Japanese state expands further in their efforts to consolidate control over their designated half of the country. The Mori state is completely annexed to the expanding state, and the Mori Daimyo and his family are executed to prevent any form of resistance from forming in the former Mori territories.
  • Emperor Chanda Tuku of Hanthawaddy expands the military, adding a new wing known as the Shan Regular Army. They are specially trained for high-altitude missions in areas such as Tibet and Yunnan. The traditional army is also expanded. Chanda Tuku's popularity rises during the year, although it remains low in Bengal. The whaling season is the most productive it has been in years, and this catalyzes expansion in whaling-based areas. OTL Murmansk expands east by 600 sq km. OTL Longyearbyen expands east by 100 sq km. Bodhivati expands south 300 sq km. Bi Hloa expands west by 650 sq km. Katimon expands north by 650 sq km.
  • A drought/famine strikes China! The Emperor, having ties to the area, sends aid. Luckily, the area China captured from Mongolia so long ago has more farmland. The area experiences another rebirth. By December, the population of Western China is what it once was. Things are returning back to normal, more or less, for China. The Emperor draws out plans for his reign. He wants the Baja colonies connected in the not-too-distant future and he has plans to expand and restore the Great Wall. Finally, he also hopes to grab some Japanese territory.
  • That farmland is extremely crappy and suited only for grazing except a few river valleys like the Irtysh.
    • I'll take some territory not on the main island, probably. Just one or two of the other islands for navy training.
    • So you'd be willing to accept naval bases on minor islands such as Iwa Jima or Okinawa?
    • Yeah. In fact, it could be a joint Chinese/Vietnamese/Joseon training facility for navies and such.
  • In Tuscany there are the elections for the annexion to the Holy Roman Republic, Lucca Ferrara and other little Duchies decide to became part of the republic in exchange for the service of the Papal army to fight criminals, and for the generous donations and promises of power, Siena and Florence refuse, the Holy Roman Republic take from the newly acquired Duchies 1/3 of the population for the army, that grows, and takes all the orphans to enlarge the Peter's chosen. The Elite secret service army that is operating "incognito" all over northern Italy, fighting criminals, killing violent politicians, raising the consensus for the republic.....
  • Sweden develops its military. Swedish envoys manage to collaborate with the Ottoman builders and get several great bombards. These will be followed by five more each year for at least 20 years with Swedish resources and Ottoman casters building these huge artillery pieces. Sweden expands Thorlaand by 500 sq km.
  • Russian strelets and Cossacks advance into Siberia. The troops are getting real close to Baikal and are excited to reach it so they can have a well deserved break. Alexi revokes all laws chaining peasants to land in any way, making them as free to move as they wish as it was in the days of the Grand Princes. The Tsar makes a decree (ukaz) that all men are equal in front of the law, prompting a review of the russian law code. The Tsar in this one act had just destroyed any remnants left of the feudal society Russia once had. The Church is also conducting reforms because of "false translations" in Russian Orthodox clergical text. Novorossiya expands by 2000 km.
  • Jahangir VII is resuscitated in Pembrokeshire following another bout of dysmenhorroea. During a spate of telepresence, he presents Joachim's ghost with the keys to Delhi. A nuclear strike using hand pedaled non-submersible wooden submarines is anticipated, but instead the newly located Moghul court explores the charming southern English landscape from their base in Torquay. Supply lines are crucial considerations, he informs his cat, Delilah, warily. Otherwise nations would just expand like engorged mollusks.
  • I am just waiting to see Yank's comment on this post - if he comments.
  • We need a way to ban chronically implausible users on this map game. If Janusary had his way he'd transform this map game into as spoof of itself. How many times will he ressurect his Emperor? How many times will he bring far too advanced technology to this map game? This needs to end right here, right now. I mean he's gone way past the "three strike rule" we seemed to have all those turns ago. He's proven that, unlike Lx, he will never learn from his mistakes. So let's ban him now and save ourselves the headaches later.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Moroccan coilony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese-backed Japanese state advances further towards their goal of controlling their portion of the former Empire of Japan. Most experts in bothe Vietnam and Japan predict that the portion of Japan south of the Edo Line will be fully reclaimed in about six years. However, Vietnamese experts predict that it would take at least twice that to fully transform the resulting Japanese state into a willing vassal. The Vietnamese cast hungry eyes towards the weak Aztec Empire. They have no desire to coolonize it, but to make it aother vassal state.
  • When will Jayadeva assassinate Chanda Tuku? I'm kind of disappointed how the potential "War of Hanthawaddian Succession" fizzled and died before it even began.
  • Not much interest. But there are still two candidates who might want to claim the throne. Chances are Binnya Rada will succeed Chanda Tuku and Jayadeva will be exiled to somewhere, maybe Vietnam, which leaves potential for conflict. But I need more people to participate to make this a better conflict.
  • The Kingdom of Naples has begun to repair its road system, in order to improve the communication throughout the kingdom. Meanwhile, New Carbonia expands by another 400 sq mi. No profit has come out of the colony yet, but many natives have converted. In order to pay for the colony and the roads, Benvolio II is forced to tax the nobility of Naples, a decision unpopular among the nobles.
  • The Russian Forces Finally Reach Lake Baikal, seizing all the territory they can and putting it under affirmative control by the Russian Tsar. The Russian strelets are given a five-year break and nearly all the forces, except for cossacks are sent home and are happy to have at least one year's rest. the Cossack forces are making their own little settlements as they advance towards Baikal to replace the Russian Strelets and Cavalry forces leaving the area. Newly Constructed Koch ships are proven very usefull navigating siberian rivers during the winter. Russia can continue to try to rebound economicaly after pooring much money into wars and expansion. The Russians will rely on Cossacks to do the expeditions into the rest of Asia as the Russians do not have to pay as much for cossacks as the Cossacks' main allegiance ios to the Atamans, whom are slowly starting to plege allegience to the tsar(still making payement the responsibility of the Ataman or the client if they are hired as mercs). Meanwhile, New Zealand Colony expands by 200 km. Cossacks become one of the main Russian mercenary forces.
  • The King of Hungary, Béla VI, send troops to Poland to help Lech, King of Poland with the invasion of Doitsochihou. However, when the troops arrive in Warsaw, the Polish troop already are attacking Doitsochihou. No great advance comes from their offensive. Meanwhile, in India, the territory belonging to the sultanate of Bijapur down to the border with the sultanate of Vijayanagar is annexed, along with some territory at the north, totalizing 500 sq km. The southwestern settlement of Újfundlandi ás e Labrador expands 1300 sq km in all directions.
  • You lost the war. The algorithms said you did, and they don't lie. We are all getting sick and tired of your irrational posts.
  • Get out. Just get out. You're driving us crazy and the mods have already considered banning you. If you can't stop acting like this, we will ban you and happily open up the Mughal Empire for another user.
  • Hopefully the new user will treat the Mughal Empire with the respect that you never gave it. You make me sick.
  • Just to clarify, they are talking about the Mughal Empire, not Hungary.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth expands New Lancaster by 25*50 sq km. When colonist meet Russian colonists, there is a short gunfire battle before the Commonwealth forces realize the Russians are allies. However, when news reaches Portsmouth Frederick calls upon the Russians to sign a treaty dividing New Zealand. The Russians can have the north island, while the Commonwealth can have the south.
    • The Russians agree to the partition of the archipelago and forgive the commonwealth for the short exchanges of fire.
  • Hanthawaddy upgrades its military during the year. In November, reforms are cut short by a crisis in Viharapura, when Jayadeva and many close followers storm the palace and kill several nobles, including Chanda Tuku. Despite efforts of Jayadeva to take the throne, members of the house of Wareru chase Jayadeva and brand him an outlaw. He subsequently flees to Vietnam, and Htentukkong, his hometowm, is annexed as a province of Hanthawaddy. The original Japanese government building is burnt to the ground, igniting anger among the Japanese population. Jayadeva escapes to Vientiane, where he is received by local Vietnamese. Meanwhile, Binnya Rada takes the throne of Hanthawaddy. He hires 8888 soldiers of Shan descent to serve as his Royal Guard to prevent his assassination by remaining members of the Sadhuim family. In addition, many people of Shan descent enter Hanthawaddy, fleeing the famine in China and Tibet. Many are deported immediately to mine gold in the Toakow of Katimon. Katimon expands north 2300 sq km.
  • Chinese citizens fleeing a famine would NOT enter Hanthawaddy.
  • And why not? Political boundaries are of no consequence in these times to humble villagers. Half of them probably don't know who the Chinese or Mon emperor is, let alone where the boundary is. And when farmland fails, it is easy enough to move south into the fertile-rice producing regions. Maybe ethnic Han in the cities would not do so because of an ingrained hate, but rural Shans would be indifferent; in fact, the Wareru dynasty is of partial Shan descent.
  • Because Hanthawaddy is hated by just about everyone in China.
  • Sweden develops its military further. Sweden expands Thorlaand by 500 sq km.


  • Poland and Eastern Doitsuchihou are stricken with a severe famine. All gains made in the area are multiplied by 2 until 1660. The Great Plague of Seville breaks out on Spain's Mediterranean Coast and the Balearic Islands. Due to ineffective quarantining measures and civil disarray, Spain collapses into feudal kingdoms, and folk methods of curing the disease weaken the Catholic religion. Expasion is halved Yellow fever in South America compounds onto the malaria outbreak, cutting expansion to a total of 1/4 until 1650. The combination of diseases causes the loss of each colony's second-largest city. A large, widespread rebellion takes place in Persia against the Ottoman Empire, calling itself the Safavid Dynasty. The rebellion is triggered by the Ottoman sultan's corruption and refusal to provide roads or infrastructure to the area, placing funds into colonization and expansion..
  • Naples finally has made a profit out of New Carbonia, which expands by another 400 miles into the island of Cuba. However, there is still a problem finding people to populate the colony. Luckily, with the profit the tax on the nobles can be decreased. The Nobles, who were almost ready to revolt against Benvolio II, decide to remain loyal to the king, at least for the time being. However, Benvolio, instead of using the profits to reimburse the nobility, uses them to fund more muesems, in an effort to encourage an increased amount of art in Naples. The nobles still are not unhappy enough to revolt. The improved road system is now complete.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Morocco colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese, outraged at events in Hanthawaddy, go on another campaign of military expansion. The quality of the Vietnamese Army and Navy severely outstrips that of their Hanthawaddian equivilents. The Vietnamese military command begins developing plans for an invasion of Hanthawaddy to remove the hostile regime from power. They install a massive network of spies, assasains and saboteurs in Hanthawaddy to disrupt the Hanthawaddian war effort when the war inevitably begins. The Vietnamese are still smarting from the disastrous First Hanthawaddian War, and are eager to reclaim the lands stolen by the Mons.
  • China gives full support to Vietnam. The military is put on alert and trade with Hanthawaddy is cut off. China requests help from any and all nations able to wage war against Hanthawaddy, should the Hanthawaddy forces try for another war of aggression. Deals are offered to Joseon regarding trade (Spices and peppers from Baja for rice and other foods) and a military alliance. Meanwhile, the famine in China subsides a bit, with the growth of Chinese cities on several western lakes, especially a trade city on the Caspian Sea. Farming increases in the southern Baja colonies, feeding China even more.
  • Emperor Binnya Rada begins assembling his massive vassal armies from overseas. Australian aboriginals are found to have the determination to fight in Mon armies, and many are transported to Pegu to act as guards. Binnya Rada sends pleas to Hungary and Russia for aid in the war. Boats are also improved to help import soldiers from faraway locations. The raja of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing refuses to send aid, as he secretly supports the government of Jayadeva, and declares neutrality. Binnya Rada is highly offended but is unable to enforce his request with force due to the faraway location of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing, and the necessity of updating ships. Some Mons flee to Toeh Ngoa Nyoing as a result, especially members of the Sadhuim family, causing OTL Murmansk to expand 800 sq km east along the coast.
  • Sweden expands its military. Sweden grows Thorlaand by 500 sq km.
  • Béla VI receives Binnya Rada's pleas an agrees about supporting him. In Poland, the recent Polish defeats in Doitsochihou and the famine lead to a revolt breaking out in recently-conquered Prussia. The Hungarian troops sent to help the Polish with the conquer of Doitsochihou reteat from Poland. Meanwhile, India expands 650 sq km. The western section of Újfundlandi ás e Labrador expands 1000 sq km in the direction of the central one.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth further modernizes its army and expands its navy. Wolkenland is expanded by 25*50 sq km. The Commonwealth offers support for China and Vietnam should a conflict arise.
  • The Charter Port Princes agree to King Benvolio's conditions, and select an area of northern Cuba to colonise. Though Catholicism is the official religion of the colony, it is hardly forced on Itsaygahan colonists, and a lot of people from Orthagi arrive bringing their Orthodoxy with them. A new hybrid religion begins to form itself in the colony, a merger of Orthodox, Catholic, Islamic, and traditional cults from Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Elsewhere, the Natchez kingdom expands north along the Mixxixxippi. As well as this, Prince Ehkasgahi of the small Charter Port of Chankhas raises a small army from his port, and recruits Alabama and Natchez auxiliaries. He lands his army on the Yucatan Coast, hoping to take advantage of the civil disturbances and add territory from here to his families demesnes.
  • Joseon stays neutral in the seemingly inevitible conflict, amping up their military significantly for what seems to end up as a huge war in East Asia. Since they have an alliance with ALL the beligerents, they decide to stay netural until they very last.
  • The Russians continue to recover their economy and the soldiers begin their well deserved rest. Cossack mercenaries are hired to send expeditions to Kamchatka (note: these are expeditions to make annexing easier, not annexing itself). Certain Cossack forces(not on break) advance into Siberian Territory along the Chinese border. The Russian Patriarch continues his religious reforms, making a small schism in the Russian orthodox Church, although 85% of all Russsian orthodox priests commit to the reforms, the remaing 15% (20% from orthagian priests) begin calling themselves "Old Believers". The Russians expand the new Zealand colony by 400 km, and novorossiya by 1600 km. The Russians remain neutral in the mon conflict, at least until 1652, as many soldiers that were in Siberia have gone home to rest. The Don Cossack Ataman orders all his troops to go to the persian side as he supports them rather than the ottomans. The Cossacks Atamans not loyal to the Tsar send 2000 of their finest trained mercenary troops to Bina Raya as he is considered a great ally in return for payement of 20 of their finest whales.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Morocco colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese deploy large amounts of soldiers into newly-constructed fortifications on the Vietnam-Hanthawaddy border. The Vietnamese are determined to not be caught off-guard like the in the First Hanthawaddian War. The quality of the Vietnamese military equipment now solidly outstrips that of the Hanthawaddians, so they will no longer have that atvantage when the Second Hanthawaddian War begins. The Vietnamese have no intention, however, of providing the "spark" to light the powderkeg. The Vietnamese-backed Japanese regime expands their territory further towards the Edo line. They pledge the Vietnamese support in the former of their finest soldiers. They are intent on giving their finest field experience in a major conflict.
  • The Chinese amp up their military presence in its colony and along the Hanthawaddy border. Most of China returns back to its pre-revolutionary state.
  • I've been looking up lists of notable Chinese famines and the closest famine happened in 1639, causing the Ming Dynastly to collapse (Or it was at least ONE of the causes). The famine is over and done by 1649, or even when the Song Dynasty took over.
  • Naples: Finally, with the diseases being all but conquered, and profits being made for the first time in the colony's history, does New Carbonia begin to prosper. It is expanded by 800 sq mi this time. Many of the natives in the area are converted. Converts are made into full colonial citizens, and by order of Benvolio II, all Christians in the colony are to be treated equally. Potential converts, natives who have not yet converted but are somewhat interested are not given the same rights as others, and are often discriminated against, however, they retain their freedom. Those who refuse to follow the Catholic faith are enslaved. Benvolio is concerned about the religion of the Charter Port Princes' Colony; however, he does not stop it yet. He feels that being somewhat Christian will make converting later on easier. He uses the profits from the colony to begin to improve the Neapolitan economy. Naples states that Hanthawaddy should back down because Vietnam is in the right.
  • Dissatisfaction with the King Lech grows on Poland, and the revolt spreads through northern Poland. The Hungarian army invades Poland to end the uprising. Meanwhile, the southern portion of India expands 1150 sq km north, finally connecting with Govem.
  • In preparation for a possible war, the Commonwealth continues to build up its military. The Navy is greatly expanded and now consists of smaller but faster ships which, although second to China in size, make them more maneuverable. A revolt among the Hoopa tribe of northern California is beaten back, and 25*50 sq km of territory is added to Wolkenland. Finally, a network of roads is begun in the colony.
  • Joseon considerably amps up their military, creating fortifications on the Sin-Joseon border and also reinforcing the Yellow Sea against any Hanthawaddian or Chinese aggression. A draft if put in place, and all able bodied men 18-45 are recruited into the army, and trained for the upcoming war. They will not be the first shots in the war, and hope that there will be no war. The Joseon economy becomes geared towards the military, producing hundreds of ships, hwachas, swords, spears, etc. They also send ambassadors to try to defuse the situation, with little luck.
  • Is it really plausible to have a full on draft in 1650?
  • Binnya Rada orders a reinforcement of its borders. By this time, entire Shan communities are relocated to the coastline to prevent further attack. Meanwhile, Jayadeva in Vientaine takes similar measures, employing Shan mercenaries as well. In Bhutan and Ahom, both governments remain out of the conflict, having given up hope for ruling Hanthawaddy. Bi Hloa expands south by 800 sq km along the west coast. Katimon expands north 1100 sq km. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands 400 sq km west at OTL Ostrovnoy, which by this time has become the second most populated city in Toeh Ngoa Nyoing, at 7000 residents, mainly of Mon descent.
  • Russian Tsar Alexi I announces that if any action whatsoever is taken to forcefully convert(or de facto forcefully convert) Any Christians of the Russian Orthodox Church will be a fromal declaration of Holy War against the Russian Tsardom. This makes many old believer priests and bishops to take the reforms of last year as canon, and by the end of the year only 1% of priests of Orthagian Descent are old believer. The Russian Cossack troops sset up a very light occupation zone in Siberia, expeditions are sent to the Manchurian border and Chukotka respectively. Soldiers slowly come from break, and the Tsar apoligises if any holy war results in the shortening of their promised break. Meanwhile, Novorossiya Expands by 1500 km and The Archipelago of the Maldivies (Maldivea) having an area of approx 250 sq km is made a protectorate and later officialy annexed as part of the Indeokeanskie Zemli. More to Come...
  • Venice is declared independent again after a popular uprising led by the crime family Furioso after having gained support from the general populace through several acts of defiance commited against the Holy Roman Republic and the support of merchants to fund such a rising through offers of influencial positions in the ex-republican government and through offers of protection from the Republic. The uprising is brutal and the residing Republican politicians and military forces are brutally killed in combat or hung, drawn and quartered if they surrendered. The Furioso family establish their current leader, Constantino as the doge of Venice.
  • Naples does not want to go to war in Italy again, fighting against other Catholics. Benvolio II states that he will not intervene if the city-state of Venice wishes to become independent from the Holy Roman Republic. However, any attempt by Venice to sever religious ties to the Pope will be met with war. He states that, barring that occurence, Naples will be Venice's ally due to the Treaty of Italy from 1638.
  • Sweden continues to upgrade its military. Thorlaand expands by 500 sq km.


Principia Moderni Map 1650
Principia Moderni Map 1650 Key
  • Almost as rapidly as they appeared, the malaria and yellow fever outbreaks in South America disappear. The last strands of the disease are tracked to the Three Jewels Islands in New Hanthawaddy. By the end of the year, many leaders begin to show interest in profiting from the vast resources of South Americ. Despite its consequences, the outbreaks brought unity and helped the rise of a new middle class in the colonies and the Inca Empire. Spirits are high and many leaders, notably the king of the forested Kingdom of Manoa, have a newfound interest in conquest.
  • Led by Jayadeva himself, supporters of Jayadeva's succession to the Mon throne make a risky but successful attack on Ayuthaya via a mountain pass in the Sankamphaeng range in February. Binnya Rada, however, delivers a crushing counterattack which damages both armies. However, the armies of Jayadeva are still strong, and, recruiting several thousand mercenaries along the way, and gathering military support. By December, the armies reach Pegu, although the Emperor is not in his palace, for he is at the winter capital of Viharapura… During the year, Katimon expands inland by 400 sq km around New Bassein, mainly by the efforts of the few not involved in the war.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Morocco colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese declare war on the Rada government of Hanthawaddy, and mount a massive offensive to support the forces of Jayadeva. The Vietnamese army goes on a massive march westward from mainland Vietnam, recaturing the territory stolen by Hanthawaddy after the last war. They begin seizing the easternmost territories of the Hanthawaddian Empire, as they want to cushion their mainland territories from any further invasion.
  • If Binnya Rada isn't killed in four to five years I'm killing him myself.
  • Darn. I was going to have him exiled to Tibet.
  • As long as he isn't a threat I don't care.
  • Naples briefly ceases to expand New Carbonia, instead injecting the profits into its own economy and infrastructure.. Many new trade and exploration ships are created, as well as conversion ships. Many small groups of priests escorted by soliders and adventurers are voluntarily dropped off along the various coasts of Africa, and then left there with the vague hope they will be able to convert some natives. Most fail, but a few create small Christian cults in Africa, although lack of communication makes it so they can't turn into colonies. Neapolitan ships arrive at the ports of Vietnam and China, offering to increase overseas trade with these powerful Asian nations.
  • expansion on the Southern American colonies resumes, with Uruguay expanding 750 sq km. The central part of Labrador expands 1550 sq km towards the eastern. Meanwhile, the uprising in Poland grows, although the joint loyalist Polish-Hungarian forces inflict defeats on the rebels.
  • Sweden expands its military. Thorlaand expands by 500 sq km.
  • The Commonwealth decides to bide their time and wait to join the war. Instead, the Army is increased in size and prepared for war. For the first time, colonists in Commonwealth India are issued arms to join the conflict should they be required.
  • China offers to help Vietnam, should the need arise. In the meantime, China prepares to go to war against the Aztecs, increasing the militia in Baja.
  • The Venetian Government offers to bring the northern Italian states under a single government so they may be protected from conquest by the Holy Roman Republic, while this happens several major Mantovani political leaders are murdered or go missing. Meanwhile The Venetian government also updates its new military force with more practical weapons and a larger infantry and cannon count overall.
  • The Rusians send more cossack expeditions into Siberia. More soldiers begin to return to their posts because of The Distance from their regular Home. The Russian Tsar makes a gesture of support for venice and also wants to have a northern nation against the Holy Roman Republic. Russian India Expands by 1000 km and Canada by 500 km. More to come. (P.S. Why aren't Russia's Gains in Siberia updated on the map? By this time in OTL they already controlled all of SIberia and some Pacific coast. This was only delayed in ATL because of Wars that Russia more actively participated in, so it's perfectly plausible that they reached Baikal, also I have been expanding for most of my turns-thats how I lost against Mughalistan)
  • Joseon amp up their military, in preparations for the war. Meanwhile, ambassadors from Joseon continue to try to get peace talks between Hantahwaddy and Vietnam. Infiltration of Japan also continues.
  • Joseon has Vietnam's blessing if they stay true to the plan.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Morocco colony by 28*50 sq km. This is the last time the Vietnamese expand their colonies during the the War of Ramanian Succession. The Vietnamese advance into Ramania continues, as the Vietnamese Army is keen to get a shot at Ramania after the last war. They officially establish the Burman Province in part of occupied Ramania. The portion found to be occupied by the Thai people is annexed to the Thai Province, the capital of which is moved to Krung Thep. The capital of the new Burman province is Pegu, and the Vietnamese have decided to change the social situation of the new Province. The Mons lose their status as the so-called "supreme culture". The Vietnamese do not go as far as turn them into second class citizens, but they do make the local Burman and Karen inhabitants their equals. This gives them much support from these groups, as they have been resenting the Mon-centric policies of Hanthawaddy for a long time.
  • Naples expands New Carbonia 800 more sq mi into the Cuban island. Large amounts of sugarcane and coffee are exported from the now-successful farms, both to Naples as well to the trading partners of that nation. Benvolio, however, makes sure that very little of the money actually reaches the everyday people (or even the nobles). He primarily uses it to improve the military of Naples, as well as donating enormous amounts to the Catholic Church. The New Carbonians are divided into two groups: Slaves and Citizens. Citizens include not only the white settlers, but also any natives who have converted. Most native converts remain low, but some are steadily working their way up the social ladder.
  • China declares war on, and invades, the Aztec empire. The powerful navy lays waste to coastal cities and captures potentially profitavle settlements.
  • Sweden continues military development. Thorlaand expands by 500 sq km.
  • Hanthawaddy suffers massive loss of territory during the year, but the well-defended forteress of Dvararastra outside Viharajaya is left unscratched after major Vietnamese and pro-Jayadeva attempts to attack via the mountains of the Meghna River. Binnya Rada secretly leads troops through the mountains of Laos, capturing the city of Viangchan, an important center of Jayadeva's resistance. However, its proximity Hanoi makes defense difficult. Hundreds of ethnic Mons flee to Bengal, where it is believed they will retain their cultural privileges. In order to gain high privileges, many create false documents listing them as members of one of Hanthawaddy's great families. This indirectly causes many Ramanians/citizens of Hanthawaddy to begin using family names before their given names, as is traditional practice in Hungary, Japan, and China. Katimon near the northern settlement expands inland by 300 sq km, and Bi Hloa expands south along the west coast by 350 sq km.
  • The former Vietnamese-Hanthawaddian/Ramanian border is heavily fortified. you must know that any such mission is a suicide mission. And you're using the wrong name for the city. I've decided to refer to it by the native Lao name.
  • Viangchan? As you wish. You do realize this is close to 1000 miles of border. You can't build the Great Wall of Indochina in three years, no matter how many funds you put into it, especially through the dense forestation, rough terrain, and poor soils of Southeast Asia. Not to mention that at this time, the borders were not well-defined. If anything, you should have fortified your major cities. -DK
  • You do understand that, with your false Emperor in Vietnamese territory, you just made it incredibly easy to finish this war? All I would need is to recapture Viangchan and I have Binnya Rada in my grasp. And why do you think that the Vietnamese wouldn't have garrisons protecting their important cities, like Viangchan?
  • The rebels lose territory and by the middle of the year, only control the territory of former Prussia. Meanwhile, Béla VI declares war on Venice, worried that the Venetians might want to regain their lost territory on the Adriatic. The rest of the army (the part which is not in Poland) moves directly to the border with Venice. Újfundlandi ás e Labrador expands 2300 sq km, 2100 in the western and central parts, which finally connect, and 200 on the western part on the direction of the southwestern settlement.
  • Do you mean Újfundlandi és a Labrador?
  • Yes. sorry, I got confused in where put the "a" and the "e".
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth officially enters the War of Ramanian Succession on the side of Vietnam. Their troops are put at Vietnam's disposal, as the army is expanded.
  • How can you be on my side and yet put your troops to Hanthawaddy's disposal?
  • Sorry, I was half asleep while writing that.
  • The Venetians call upon their allies of Naples to assist them in the war against Hungary. They also continue to improve their military by increasing the number of heavy cannon in the artillery compagnia's and equiping soldiers with more padding to defend against musket fire. Meanwhile, the petition for a colony in the new world is approved and a small fleet is being readied to be sent to establish the Cinque Isole colony. The Venetians also send an offering of an alliance to the Russians.
  • Naples announces that they will aid Venice in the War. They ask their allies, Anglo-Germany, Sweden, and Vietnam, to support them.
    • The Vietnamese declare neutrality in the Venetian-Hungarian War, as they are too busy with the War of Ramanian Succession. They have more pressing matters, like liberating Viangchan form the Ramanians to give any meaningful kind of support to the Neapolitan-Venetian coalition. The Emperor also expresses doubt that the Neapolitans and Venetians are powerful enough to defeat the Hungarians.
    • The Anglo-German Commonwealth declares neutrality, as they already had a much older alliance with Hungary.
  • The algorthm for that war (Second Venetian-Hungarian War) just has been made. And, Kunarian, I left a message in your talk page regarding a peace treaty.
  • I slightly changed the offers you gave and made my demands based on what I am allowed to claim.
    • Sweden agrees to help the Venetians as they feel it is unfair for a small power to be taken advantage of by a larger one.
  • THe Russians continue to send more Cossacks into Siberia. The Russians amp up their navy and submarine corps. The Russians agree to help Venice against the Holy Romans and if such a conflict will arise promise troops to help. The Russian military is slowly filling up with troops in deployments. The Russian Tsar stated that it is his first and uttermost goal to control all of SIberia, Kamchatka and Chukotka. Meanwhile, Afrikanskaya Zemlya expands by 1000 sq km and so does Novorossiya.


  • The Vietnamese mount a counter-attack on Viangchan, recapturing the city from the Ramanians. The Vietnamese fortify important Vietnamese cities near Ramanian territory, including the occupied city of Pegu. They station soldiers within these cities so that the Ramanians cannot repeat the attack. The Vietnamese Army continues on their interupted offensive, and is once again taking territory from the Ramanians. The Vietnamese unleash the sathu, including agents who remained in Ramania after the War of Ramanian Aggression. They go on a massive campaign of sabotage with the intent of destroying Ramania's war effort. They assassinate Ramania's greatest military leaders in order to deny the Ramanians leadership.
  • The Chinese pour into Aztec lands, capturing what is important and destroying what isn't. Records are taken back to Asia for translation, along with slaves. The Chinese war effort in Aztec is one of the biggest in colonial history; the powerful navy carries a gigantic, well trained army into the Aztec territory. An Aztec noble historian named Mahktezuma records the powerful Chinese army as, "An unstoppable red tide, washing along the beaches and drowning all who opposes it in a sea of people." The red tide title sticks, and the Chinese invaders of the Aztecs are later dubbed 'Red Tide'.
  • The Venetian Government applauds the quick actions of the Navy at occupying the Hungarian coast and causing major victory allowing for the annexion of the Adriatic coast and the take over of a Hungarian colony. After such a success the Venetian Government orders the invasion of the Roman Catholic nation of Milan (once feared by the Venetian Republic) on the grounds that they are a potential ally of the Holy Roman Republic due to their much stronger religious opinions.
  • The Holy Roman Empire was annexed by Brandenburg years ago. I think that you may be confusing that with the Papal States, which now call themselves "Holy Roman Republic"
  • At Öböl, resistance is small on the northern part of the colony, due to the low number of Hungarian settlers there.However, southern Öböl, especially the cities of Tupi and Öbölbenváros resist the Venetian attacks. Meanwhile, in the mainland, the coastline up to Montenegro is re-captured in October. In Poland, Lech dies without a successor, and Béla VI places his younger son, Szabolcs, on the Polish throne, who is crowned as Lech II. The uprising has been put down, except on Prussia. The attacks have ceased on both sides, and attempts to make a peace treaty with the Prussians are made.Újfundlandi és a Labrador expands 1450 sq km southeast, in its southwestern settlement. Jégföld expands 800 sq km. Meanwhile, the Crown Prince András, who was in charge of the troops attacking Venice surrenders, and a peace treaty is signed by the end of the year, with Hungary having to cede most of its coastline on the Adriatic and 6200 sq km in northern Öböl.
  • Sweden attacks Poland through the Baltic Sea. The submarines place thousands of soldiers on the coast and they advance south rapidly.
  • Poland lost its coastline to the Prussian could try to ally with them.
  • The Commonwealth increases their troops in Hanthawaddy, and gain victory along with Jayadeva. Meanwhile, gold is discovered in Wolkenland, sparking a kind of 'Gold Rush', until the government cracks down and declares it belongs to the nation.
  • The Russians finally have their full military force up and running. the Russians for the first time in 5 years send soldiers into Siberia along with Cossacks. The Russians continue to amp up their military and start training their spetsnaz on how to better tacticaly insert into enemy cities. The Russians have announced that the economy has fully recovered and that expansion at a high rate is feasable once more. The Russians send some more troops and submarines to Ramania.
  • Having put down the Milanese in a short war, hostilities are stopped and territory is taken however the war shows weakness in the Venetian peoples willingness to fight and the strength of the Milanese army.
  • Hanthawaddy continues fighting over Viangchan. Hanthawaddy manages to repel some of the sathu and take them as prisoners of war. Katimon expands north by 200 sq km.


  • Russia officially creates the Duchy of Baikal. Russian Troops advance farther into southern Siberia. Canada expands 2000 km. (continuation of post around the end).
  • Chinese forces stab farther into Aztec lands. A chokepoint in Panama is created at around March, and quickly 'strangles' upwards into Central America. Another chokepoint is formed in northern Aztec lands, which expands eastward until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean in mid-November. By the time the year is over, both chokeholds are moving toward each other.
  • Panama belongs to the Maya. From what you said, you are attacking only the Aztecs.
  • You'll see the reason for that next turn. Basically, China had no idea what was what. Only AFTER the war will they discover the distinction between Aztec and Mayan.
  • Naples has recovered from the brief war with Hungary, mostly due to the profits from their colony on the island of Cuba, which is expanded by another 800 sq mi. Meanwhile, Benvolio has ordered even more missionary units sent into the hearts of Africa and South America, despite few signs of success. He continues to donate large amounts of money to the church, and many among the Nobility are becoming frustrated with him. However, no one dares to raise a rebellion...
  • The Vietnamese expel the Hanthawaddians from Viangchan. They send a peace offer to Jayadeva, and ask to keep the portion of Hanthawaddy currently occupied. They officially disband the sathu, as they were more of a hindrance than a help. They give a huge bunga mas tribute to Jayadeva, in honor of their alliance. They agree to restore Mon cultural benefits and to make the Mon language an official language, at least in the new Burman Province.
  • The armies are moved away from the now-Venetian border, even though the king does not acknowledge the peace treaty.eventually, Béla VI declares war on Sweden. Meanwhile, his popularity decreases. Meanwhile, András, coming back from Venice, allies himself with various nobles from the former Hungarian possessions on the Adriatic, specially from Ragusa, who were expelled from there after the Venetian conquest of these territories, with a plan to overthrow the king, they set up a operation base in Zagráb and recruit sections of the army stationed there. By December, After strategically moving the Polish capital from Kraków (too close to the Hungarian border) to Warsaw, Szabolcs joins the conspiracy and send envoys to Russia to warn them to stay out of the upcoming war, since that is Hungary and Poland's business. By the same time, the Polish troops prepare themselve for a attack. Öböl expands 500 sq km south, and Újfundlandi expands 1500 sq km on its main island.
  • The Venetians restart the improvement of their military with the invention of the Venetian flintlock musket, a replacable parts, mass producable musket. While not yet in full production the richer nobles begin replacing their old muskets with the new flintlocks. Meanwhile several small Milanese groups organise to try to throw off the Venetian yolk, most numbering 100 at best, the Doge sends the Furioso footmen to put down the small rebellions and ensure the lands stay Venetian. After several days of fighting the Venetians come out on top and most of the Milanese rebels are killed and those captured are brutally tortured in public before being left to bleed to death.
  • Sweden's army marches along the Anglo-German and Polish border. Thorlaand expands by 500 sq km.
  • King Chanrak IV is eager to grab parts of Maya before the Chinese turn towards that country. He officially grants Prince Ehkasgahi a Legion of Janissaries, and declares war on the Mayans. For preety much the first time, the Itsaygahan army is marshalled against a foreign power. The Caribbean coast is set aside as land for new Charter Ports, while the interior is earmarked to become 'Mayamarck', more provinces within the Kingdom of Itsaygahi. The one exception is Prince Ehkasgahi who is given the title of Marcher Prince, and is allowed to keep what he can conquer as his own demesnes under the King.
  • Russia allows the Swedish to march inside Russian land to aid in fighting the Hungarians and send two divisions of their finest Don Cossacks, but no more. the Russians offer the Swedes to hire their mercenaries.
  • Just to clarify, Sweden is not against Poland and Hungary. It's with Poland against Hungary.
  • Fixed that
  • The Ango-German Commonwealth declares that Poland and Sweden are aggressors against their ally Hungary. Although Sweden is also a Commonwealth ally, they call for it to withdraw troops from Hungary, who has been an ally for longer. Although the Commonwealth will not enter the war, they will allow Hungarian troops to go through their territory.
  • Hanthawaddy continues in the war. However, Binnya Rada finds his fortunes are beginning to drop as Hungary, its sole ally, is focused more on internal affairs and averting a civil war of its own. Meanwhile, Jayadeva becomes severely at odds with his Vietnamese supporters,turning down their offer to take over Lower Burma. He states he is unhappy that the Vietnamese entered the war only for territorial gain, and to weaken the Mon people to take over all of Southeast Asia. However, he continues to accept shipments of supplies, as well as the bunga mas. Fighting during the year is limited to a few battles in Viangchan, Pegu, and Ava. Powerful resistance led by local leaders causes the Vietnamese to be driven back as far as Singburi. Military leaders reinforce the cities of Pegu, Martaban and Bassein, the core provinces of Hanthawaddy, as well as the port of Chauhhpiu, which serves the importance of shipping important military items. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing, staying neutral in the conflict, provides aid to Hungary in the Hungarian-Polish War. The Murmansk government expands east by 500 sq km. More efforts are made to explore the continent of Spitsbergen or Toeh Hnong Tang (Land of the North Star) as it is known to the Mons. Mon explorers under Kupoh Moi reach as far as OTL Wijdefjorden, which they name New Bi Hloa due to its geographic similarity to Bi Hloa. A small outpost is created at OTL Engelsbukta.
    • The Vietnamese send another peace offer to Jayadeva. They agree to renounce all claims to Lower Burma in exchange for the former Vietnamese territories taken by Hanthawaddy after the First Hanthawaddian War. They announce that the warmongering faction of the Vietnamese Imperial Legislature has been defeated, and public sentiment in Vietnam is against the war. Most of the Vietnamese soldiers in Hanthawaddy are either withdrawn to the pre-First Hanthawaddian War border or ordered to support Jayadeva.
    • Jayadeva, offers the following conditions to the cession. Hoping to create a large and prosperous power bloc in Southeast Asia, he allows Vietnam to occupy expanses of territory inhabited mainly by Malays, Tais, Hmongs, and Laos. Hanthawaddy will keep the assimilated Mon-populated territories of Kra as far south as Tulong (Phuket), and inland approximately ten kosa (about eight miles) inland, plus the city of Tavoy and its vicinity, thus giving Hanthawaddy control of its Mon population while allowing Vietnam land access from Hanoi to Johor. Jayadeva offers his daughter to his wife Mi Hnong Torako, to the Crown Prince of Vietnam, Le Huynh Tong, as a gift, along with the dissident Burmese kingdom of Taungoo. While Jayadeva gives up any claim to the throne of the Kingdom of Viangchan, he asks the Vietnamese rulers to allow several small kingdoms with Mon rulers to remain so, namely, the Kingdom of Ayuthaya, the Kingdom of Singburi, the Kingdom of Nakhon Si Thammarat, the Kingdom of Pattaya, and the Karen and Toungoo states. Thus, there would be a figurative Greater Mon Empire which Hanthawaddy would look to for military recruitment, with the permission of Vietnam in all cases. In return for these conditions, Jayadeva hopes to promote a new era of trade in Southeast Asia.
  • Make sure I have the right name for the Crown Prince. You haven't said much about your royal affairs.
  • Honestly I find it's too much work to make up Emperor names. After Le Huynh Tong's reign is over I'm going to go back to using OTL names.
  • Russia sends agents into New Carbonia to make Sure no orthodox Christians are Enslaved. Missionairies are sent to Cuba to convert them peacefuly into orthodox christians. The Orthodox in New Carbonia are told not to follow the false faith of the Corupt pope in Rome.
  • Benvolio II demands that the Eastern Christians cease to interfere in his colony, citing that there were few Orthodox Christians to begin with, and they were not enslaved as they were still Christian. Therefore, he declares that Russia has no reason to send missionaries to Cuba.
    • There were never missionairies in New Camboria to begin with, only in different parts of Cuba. so I'll ignore that
    • Sorry, I re-read it and you are right. I'll delete that part


  • With the stubbornness of Béla VI leading to the recent Venetian attacks on Albania (the perception of the Hungarian public is this), dissatisfaction with Béla VI grows more, and more of the army stationed near the Balkans joins András.In June, they stage a uprising in Jajce. The Polish-Swedish army near the Hungarian border attacks the regiments stationed in Eperjes (OTL Prešov) soon after, even though the plan was attack a bit earlier that year. The attack is successful. While by October, András' forces defeat the army sent by Béla to defeat them at Onogošt (OTL Nikšić). At this point, most of the tactical decisions of the Béla VI's army are made by his sons István, Géza and Béla, respectively, second, third and fourth on the line of succession. Other territories north of the currently-held territory are also captured, as well as a strip of land in the littoral. Colonial expansion basically ceases, except for the efforts of the colonists in Uruguay and Újfundlandi, which expand 600 sq km north and 500 sq km inland, respectively.
  • After a long debate the Duchy of Mantua surrenders central government to Venice (due to the lack of strong opposition politicians) and becomes an autonomous state in the Venetian Republic. Celebrations are organised in Venice and Mantua, however celebrations are more lively in Venice. Meanwhile the Venetian armoury is upgraded with better smelting technology continuing the improvement of the Venetian military.
  • The Swedish army attacks many small defensive positions in Hungary and together with the Polish move toward the Hungarian capital. Negotiations succeed with the Prussians who join the Swedes as part of the Swedish empire. In return the Prussians get much autonomy as a special province of Sweden and protection from the Poles who are Sweden's allies. They also receive food supplies to combat their famine. The Prussian leader is given a whole Norwegian fyord as a gift from the Swedish crown and major nobles are given small tracts of Swedish crown land. Sweden also breaks down the main West Doitsuchouan faction and many of its minor allies diplomatically and they agree to annexation in return for an end to the violence of war and steady supplies of food to feed the starving Doitsuchouans (they were in civil disarray). Sweden takes control of the northern and western and central part of Doitsuchou through this deal, with only a small part of Southern West Doitsuchou still rebelling.
    • The Vietnamese suggest to the Swedes that they make Doitsuchou a semi-independent vassal state of Sweden. It would allow the Doitsuchouans to keep a portion of their sovereignty whilst effectively giving the Swedes access to their resources. It would allow the unique Japanese-Dutch fusion culture of western Doitsuchou to flourish under Swedish protection.
  • China takes more of Aztec lands. During a coordination between the two fleets, they discover that they may be attacking two tribes at once, though the admiral gives the order to attack both tribes. The choke hold on the lands begins to take some coast along the Caribbean.
  • The Russians Advance Father into southern Siberia, nearly reaching the Manchurian Border. The Russian Colony of Canada expands by 1000 km and the new Zealand Colony is renamed Novaya Skandinavia (New Scandinavia) for its mountainous terrain and expands 1000 km. More Rebellious feeling arises in east Changitistan. The Russian Government Wants to Seek more land and Sends Cossack expeditions to Chukotka and Start using the River Koch (slightly different from the sea Kich used by the Mon States and The NE passage) to better navigate frozen Siberian rivers in Winter. The Russians plan to lay claim to all Northern Asia once they reach the Pacific And Kamchatka, although this si not told to anyone yet.
  • In a violent climax, Jayadeva's forces take Pegu. Binnya Rada is killed while on his elephant and many of his supporters scatter, throughout Hanthawaddy and into Tibet, north of Bhutan. OTL Murmansk expands east 200 sq km. Jayadeva declares himself the Emperor of Hanthawaddy, and sends emissaries to vast reaches of the empire. Victory is celebrated, and deals are settled with Vietnam to settle the fate of a new era of prosperity.
  • Joseon, happy to see the probable end to the short but bloody two year war between Hanthawaddy and Vietnam, send in their representatives to help sort out the issues of land. Joseon becomes known in Asia as the peacekeepers of the area, helping nations devastated by war and (for the most part), staying neutral in wars. Aid is sent to Vietnam and Hanthawaddy to help restore their nations. Their Philippines colony is expanded by 2500 sq km.


Principia Moderni Map 1655
Principia Moderni Map 1655 Key
  • Sorry for the huge delay in posting a map, but I thought that this turn was 1655, not 1654. By the way, the light variation of Hungary's color in the map represents the territories controlled by the rebels.
  • Argh! What happened to Milan? why is it in two? and what about the two Italian states I have under my governments control (Holy Roman Empire like it is but I didn't want to be one country but several joined together). Why are my advances now different? what about my colony! damn map changes.
  • Milan was split in two because I just noticed that the Swiss confederacy is listed in the nations, but is not in the map. its territory is exactly in the northern Milan. Since it was not conquered by anyone in this map game and in OTL, I just corrected a error. Second: the map from one year covers the change from the year in the previous map was posted to the previous turn to the new map's posting. like 1655 coresponds to 1650-1654 changes. Mantova was annexed in 1654, but Modena was in 1655, so, Modena doesn't enter the map as part of Venice until 1660, but Mantova entered the map already in 1655. Third: exactly by this fact, I added your 89 px in other parts non-Swiss correspondent, and your other 89 px in the 1660 map, which I'm already making. Fourth: your colony exists. The problem is the distance from the coast to its inland. It's too little, and the colony is almost too thin to be can fix this expanding your colony inland in the next turns. It will be better seen.
  • OK I see now, much better.
  • Collie: It is physically impossible for the Ottoman Empire to be set up like that. Either create a coastline on the Red Sea/Persian Gulf of just annex the Arabian territory into Persia or the Mamluks. Also, I researched into the problem, and you can take off the Swiss Confederation. It was a short-lived attempt by someone to create a country, and it was reverted as part of the Holy Roman Empire, so I suppose Zagoria can claim it, or you can carve Switzerland out of there but not necessarily Milan. Also, you again undid my edit for Russia. Look back at the 1660 map. You are good at mapmaking but you need to be aware that other people are making changes besides you.
  • Also Sweden has annexed West and East Doitsuchou.
  • The Vietnamese resume colonial expansion by expanding their Guiana colony by 28*50 sq km. They expand the colony northward with the intent of joining up with the Puerto Rico colony. A new national holiday called Peace Day is declared on June 8. Another national holiday called Jayadeva Day is declared on the new Ramanian Emperor's birthday of October 25. Peace Day becomes known as a day of wild celebration (like a Vietnamese Mardi Gras), and Jayadeva Day becomes known as an annual celebration of Vietnamese-Mon cooperation. This year also stands out in another way, as it is the first to celebrate Christmas though not on the date venerated by Roman Catholics as the day of his birth. Various studies funded by the East Asian Church determine that the real birthday of Jesus was March 11th, officially repudiating the pagan-inspired date of December 25th.
  • China sends aid to Vietnam to help them rebuild. Meanwhile, the destruction of the Central American Powers continues. Chinese forces take land to the north and south of Aztec/Mayan lands. The Yucatan Peninsula is explored a bit during the raid there.
  • The Russians advance farther into Siberia reaching the Manchurian Border. Upon seeing Joeson Soldiers, A brief exchange of looks took place and the Russians settled for the night. An emmisary is sent to the Koreans stating that Russia has no intention whatsoever of invading Manchuria. Novaya Skandinavia expands by 2000 km
  • Naples expands New Carbonia by another 800 sq mi, for Benvolio II is desperate to take all of Cuba and squash the Muslim, Native, and Eastern Orthodox religions there. Many Neapolitans have begun to become interested in the Vietnamese Christmas calculations, and the Archbishop sends a message to Vietnam asking how they determined this new date.
  • In another movement the Doge manages to negotiate for Modena to become under the rule of Venetian government while still holding an amount of autonomous control. Meanwhile the Terra di Calore territory expands by 1250 km after several craftsmen arrive to boost production allowing to expand Venetian colonial control.
  • In the northern front, the swedish-Polish troops led by Szabolcs advance west through Hungaria Superior, while András' forces inflict a major defeat on the loyalists near Nandorfehervár. István is killed on this battle, and by the end of 1655, most of the province of Albania is captured, along with all the Hungarian-ruled Balkans up to Petérvarád (OTL part of Novi Sad).Small revolts against Béla's rule break out in parts of Moravia.Uruguay expands 500 sq km south.
  • Sweden sends more troops to Poland to help. Their journey is helped by the harsh winters of the Little Ice Age where Sweden and Poland agree to build a seasonal roal on the sea ice. It lasts for 6 months and has wooden cabins bulit every 50 to 100 km. Sweden reorganizes its provinces accepting Thorlaand and Asgard as provinces and spliting Doitsuchou into three provinces as well as a reshuffle in Scandinavia. Sweden finally persudes the last of West Doisuchou to join.
  • Yucatan and the remainder of Panama is conquered by Itsaygahi, and Chinese claims to the remainder of the Mayan and Aztec lands are recognised by King Chanrak IV. Efforts to unite Itsaygahi recharge the acient Mixxixxippian Culture, and an effort is made to retake control of all land formerly under the Mixxixxipians.
  • Joseon continues to send aid to the Vietnamese and Ramanians to help rebuild. Meanwhile, they begin their expansion in Japan, enticing a civil war Hokkiado, in which the Korean military is sent to intervene. Parts of Hokkiado is captured, although civil disarray in the nation slows expansion down. Their Philippines colony is expanded by 1500 sq km.
  • Note: expansion always counts as a major turn.
  • Fixed
  • Jayadeva sets up a new government, dissolving the hluttaw and placing new members in certain positions. The Wareru house maintains 40% of the seats in the hluttaw. Despite rainy and hot conditions in the summer, Viharapura is announced as the new capital of Hanthawaddy. Meanwhile, Tibet is divided into several banners. Hundreds of Mons loyal to Binnya Rada settle the area near OTL Jiruxiang. However, many begin roaming the area as bandits, attracted by the lifestyle it could bring. Hanthawaddy sends traders northward into the Himalayas, where they encounter Russian Changitistan. Hanthawaddy begins making an effort to open up the trade route. Mon traders in New Hanthawaddy settle the OTL Mosquito Coast at OTL Puerto Cabeza at 100 sq km, hoping it will lessen transport times to New Hanthawaddy, and to reduce Chinese influence in the region. Dunquk Dung expands east 1000 sq km. Katimon expands north 500 sq km.


  • Naples had decided to honor Giovanni Ricasoli, the discoverer of Cuba who recently died in a boat crash while sailing throuth the Mediterranean Sea, by renaming New Carbonia Ricasolia. New Carbonia itself remains, but it is a sub-colony now, and as Ricasolia grows, new sub-colonies will be added. Benvolio orders Ricasolia to be expanded another 800 sq mi, with more and more of Cuba now being part of the Neapolitan Empire. He also has economic and supplying support sent to the Hungarian rebels, hoping to destabilize his former enemy. Many churches in Naples have begun to adopt the Vietnamese Christmas date, due to many Neapolitan intellectuals believing that it is closer. The Archbishop refuses to officially change the date until the Vietnamese send him the proof.
    • The Vietnamese respond that most of their proof comes from the Bible itself. The parts involving Jesus's birth mention Shepards tending their flocks in the fields, and it is only common knowledge that the shepards would not do this in the middle of winter. They also point to the fact that the specific date of December 25th was chosen to incorporate the pagan Roman Winter Solstice celebration of Brumalia. The primary reason for doing so was to help expedite Pagan conversions to the embriotic Roman Catholic Church. The changing of the official Christmas date is part of the East Asian Church's efforts to purge the Pagan cultural elements that had been incorporated in Church doctrine for centuries. The traditional idea of Christmas as a joyous day of kindness and gift-giving is continued, as it started with the very much Christian Saint Nicholas.
    • Needless to say, Christmas in Vietnam is going to (mostly) stick to its roots as a solidly Christian Holliday. It will not become the overly commericallized pagan-influenced mess that it has become in modern days. But it won't be banned, as that kind of puritanical thinking hasn't risen in Vietnam.
    • Upon hearing the stated above the Russian patriarch defends the russian date of 7 January by saying that in Palestine there are only two seasons: wet and dry.
  • China sends a huge army to capture the area around OTL Lago de Nicaragua. Though many nobles push for deals with Hanthawaddy, the Chinese Emperor and many nobles choose to ignore the new colony made by Hanthawaddy, as it is likely a 'grudge' colony (a colony set up for the sheer use of getting in the way of another colony's progress). Perhaps they'll see that China is not actively out to get them.
    • The Vietnamese Emperor responds to Chinese tension by stating that the Aztec and Mayan Empires had ammassed massive amounts of territory before they dissolved into anarchy. "There is more than enough land to accommodate the Chinese, Ramanians and Itsagashi". The Emperor ends his speech pleading to the Chinese Emperor and Jayadeva to not use this tension as an excuse to declare yet another war.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese move Epiphany to March 23rd in accordance of the new date chosen for Christmas. East Asian Church officials promise that this is the last time they will adjust the dates of major Christian hollidays. However, they will continue to reevaluate other, lesser holidays for a few years to come. The Vietnamese accept Chinese aid, as they are glad that the burden of rebuilding the wartorn parts of the country isn't going to fall solely on their soldiers. A significant portion of Vietnam is somewhat unhappy that the Chinese chose to pursue their own venture in Central America instead of assisting their ally. Fortunately the complaints of this section of the population are mostly silenced when news of the Chinese aid arrives in Vietnam.
  • With the Hungarian resistance crumbling, Sweden and Poland blast through the rest of OTL Albania and rush through OTL Serbia before crushing Hungarian forces in Rumania. Meanwhile, troops from the north rush south and seize most of the remaining Hungarian lands as the citizens revolt in support of the Poles. At the end of the year Sweden and Poland are knocking on Budapest's doors and preparing for an assault. Sweden's cannons are moved to Budapest.
  • András and Szabolcs's forces keep gaining territory. The main offensive in the southern part of the province of Hungaria culminates on the battle of Szegéd, in which Béla VI is killed. However, the government refuses to surrender, with Géza being hurriedly crowned as Géza III at Szekesfehervár. Meanwhile, the rest of the Hungarian coastline is taken. Other portions of the Hungarian territory are captured by Szabolcs's forces, mainly most of Hungaria Superior. The uprisings in Moravia expand. András send offers to their leaders to join Hungary once the war ends. Szabolcs advices that an attack in Buda must be synchronized with András' armies, to not give the citizens the impression of a foreign attack, since the common impression is this. Szabolcs, knowing of the Moravian revolts, moves the bulk of his armies to east, in the direction of Maramáros. An ofensive is planned in the end of the year. Uruguay expands 800 sq km south.
  • Venice again offers the other states of northern Italy to join with Venice before the Holy Roman Republic takes action. Venice helps further its military by constructing a school of war in Venice allowing other technologies to develop faster and helps produce better generals.
  • Joseon further expands their Japanese colony, taking over much of Hokkaido and sending their infiltration units ahead of them to spread mayhem and destruction. This works very well as many leaders are killed, creating a power vacuum as well as civil wars. Their Philippines colony is expanded by 1500 sq km.
  • Japan is close enough that it doesn't have to be a vassal.
  • Jayadeva, Emperor of Hanthawaddy, states to China it wishes to restore peaceful trade between the two countries. Opening up to the new Song emperor, he offers to unite the Shan province of Hanthawaddy with the Yunnan province of China, to create the Kingdom of Nanzhao, which would be officially part of China but keep the traditional Shan rulers in place. Hanthawaddy explores the Andaman Islands, finding the remains of abandoned settlements left by the Mughals. Hanthawaddy annexes about 1/3 of the OTL Great Andaman Island, with the assistance of struggling local Mughals and Tamils. Hanthawaddy states it will support China in the war on the Aztecs and Mayans in exchange for 1/4 of gained territory. Dunquk Dung connects with New Pegu at 800 sq km, which is re-established from the famine. Katimon creates a new settlement at OTL Port Douglas, which by now has become a popular stop-off before reaching Hanthawaddy. The few huts on location are united to form Thihapura (same etymology as Singapore), as a tribute to Nai Thiha who landed there in the 15th century. The settlement is created at 50 sq km. The main part of Katimon expands north 500 sq km.
  • Russian Troops advance farther along the Manchu border towards the pacific. Novaya Skandinavia expands 2000 km


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese declare their support for China's colonial venture in the former Aztec and Mayan Empires. Most of the good Vietnamese Christians look upon their practice of ritual human sacrifice and cannibalism with horror and disgust. They send massive amounts of financial and military aid, and large amounts of the veterans from the last two wars are re-enlisting to join their ally in what they believe to be a justified war. East Asian missionaries, once forbidden by the Buddhist-centric Ramanian government, are now able to enter the country and seek converts. They find a receptive audience in the common citizens of the Empire, who have been found to possess a growing disdain for the Buddhist elite. The other ethnic groups of the Empire, especially the Burmans, flock to the religion as they have resented the superiority complex of the Buddhist Mon ruling class.
  • Joseon expands their Philippines colony by 1500 sq km, while also expanding their Japanese front. Hokkaido is completely taken, and the Joseon army expands towards the Edo line, landing troops at multiple points in Japan. More colonists are sent to Oregon, where trade deals are made with the natives.
  • Naples expands Ricasolia (former New Carbonia) another 800 sq mi constantly increasing the size of their colony. Unfortunately, this constant growth has required enormous amounts of money. This, combined with Benvolio's large donations to the Catholic Church, results in the Neapolitan government going almost bankrupt. An economic crash follows this event, with rampant inflation and an enormous loss of jobs. The government of Naples enacts massive reforms in an attempt to save the economy. Because they need to save money, Naples withdraws all of its support for the Hungarian rebels.
  • Russian Troops reach the pacific coast and advance north. The Russian colony of canada expands 2000 km. The Russian Tsar makes a personal visit to the Pacific and orders a city to be erected there in honor of Russia's arrival at a new pacific frontier: Novotihonovsk. The Russians take interest in the island they call sahalin and the Kuril archipelago.
  • Sweden and Poland blast the walls of Budapest and capture the city, ending the civil war. Swedish troops return to Scandinavia by the end of the year.
  • The war only will end in 1659 and Buda captured doesn't mean the end. But your troops can return to Scandinavia, since the effort of the loyalists is almost lost, so Poland and the rebels can handle that.
  • András' amies advance through Hungaria, and, along with various cities of western Hungaria, Pozsony and Szekesfehervár are captured with small resistance, and András' armies move closer to Buda. By the end of the year, the Archbishop of Veszprém recognizes András as King of Hungary. Uruguay expands 850 sq km north.
  • The Chinese emperor gets the letter from Hanthawaddy. He get so angry that he suffers a heart attack and dies. A poet writes a famous poem called Chóuhèn de fùchóu, or the Vengeance of Hate. His only son, a more sympathetic emperor, opens up trade with Hanthawaddy and accepts the deal involving Central America. Kangxi sends more troops to Central America, choking down more on the Aztecs and Mayans.
  • Venice continues to improve its military by adding an extra two armouries to the Venetian Arsenal allowing for more weapon production. They also expand the colony of "Terra di Calore" by 800 sq km after a successful trade with major tribes who grant Venice sovereignty over a parts of their territories in return for weapons, food and technology.
  • Depends. Have you already made that union of Modena and Mantova in the HRE-fashion? Because if yes, your maximum rate of expansion is 800 sq km (in a half turn).
  • 800? they aren't countries still? will change, however


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony farther north by 28*50 sq km. The first Vietnamese soldiers make landfall in the Aztec Empire, where they link up with local Chinese forces in an offensive on the unoccupied Mayan and Aztec cities. They make massive territorial gains for the benefit of their Chinese allies. The East Asian Church builds their first official cathedral in Ramanian with Emperor Jayadeva's blessing. The Vietnamese-backed Nipponese state makes gains towards consolidating control over the area of former Japan south of the Edo line. The Vietnamese build schools in Nippon to teach the Nipponese by Vietnamese educational standards. However, they are mostly used to program the Nipponese to become a loyal Vietnamese vassal state. Their purpose has been, for the most part, achieved, as the seventeen years under Vietnamese protection have made much of the population of Nippon immensely loyal to their good friends the Vietnamese.
  • The Russians continue to advance at the pacific coast. The troops nearly reach the Kamchatka. The Pacific is a new frontier for Russia and they are now proud to call themselves the largest nation of the World, Their Empire stretching from The mountains of Novaya Skandinavia, the Caucassus and the Urals, to the Pacific, to the Americas, and beyond. The Russian Tsar Officialy Makes June 15 (the day the Russians stepped on the shores of the Pacific) a national holiday. The Tsar signes an ukaz stating that Vassals have control over their Inner policy but Russia controls their foreign policy. Russian Troops land on Sahalin Island to explore it and Cossacks make expeditions. The Russians declare neutrality over the Aztec war. Russia makes a new law code replacing the old one (OTL 1649 Russian law except for laws regarding peasants). The Russian Tsar officially Frees agricultural holops and gives them the same status as peasants.
  • The economic situation fo Naples has reached a low point. There is civil unrest from the lack of work and money, and the traders, unable to fund merchant ships across the Atlantic, are unable to supply people with the rich resources of Ricasolia. This shortage further damages the economy. Many expect King Benvolio II to do something, but the aging monarch seems to think that the best solution is to give more money to the church and hope God can aid the situation. However, no one dares to challenge the King, who is still incredibly popular. Luckily, by the end of the year the economy begins to improve slightly.
    • The Vietnamese send a massive amount of financial aid to Naples. They also lend Vietnamese merchant ships to Naples for free, which are to be returned when the Neapolitan economy makes a full recovery. They are dismayed at the elderly Benvolio's actions, as many in Vietnam believe that his mind may be deteriorating.
  • Other offensives are made on Hungaria, and in April, Buda is captured. later that year, Géza is captured while fleeing to Debrecen, and eventually surrenders. Meanwhile, Béla places the temporary capital of the Kingdom in Dicsőszentmárton (OTL Târnăveni), where he is at the time.he is also unofficially crowned as Béla VII there. A small reconstruction effort is made in the cities of the province of Albania. Újfundlandi expands 800 sq km in its main island.
  • China, thanks to the support from Vietnam and Hanthawaddy, is able to capture the bottom part of the Yucatan.
  • Venice improves its military with a new compulsory training doctrine, which requires troops to learn the Furioso brawling and close quarters fighting style, allowing for a more efficient close combat force. Venice also sends a handful of soldiers to wipe out the tribes to which it sold weapons after their violent infighting caused major trade problems, allowing even more territory to be taken, at least another 800 sq km.
  • Sweden delicates the turn to expanding its military.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese recognize the new Hungarian regime, and send wishes to the new Hungarian King that his reign be one of peace and prosperity for Hungary. The Vietnamese introduce lucrative trading concessions to the Neapolitans to help foster their economic recovery. The Vietnamese express worries over the increasingly xenophobic and hostile Keltic regime in Ireland. They have received news that the crew of a shipwrecked Vietnamese merchant vessel was summarily executed when they washed up on Irish territory. The Nipponese state has completely secured the former Japanese territory south of the Edo line. The new Nipponese Emperor, Nagahito, ascends to the long-vacant Chrysanthemum Throne. The new Emperor had been raised by a Vietnamese nanny, and is an enthusiastic ally to Vietnam. This reaffirms Nippon's role as a vassal state to Vietnam on the world stage.
    • The Venetian Doge asks the Vietnamese what their interests are in Ireland, as it is a trading partner with Venice and supplies several major mercenary forces, such as the 'Baile Átha Cliath Aimsitheora' who helped push the Hungarian flank in several major battles during the war of 1653.
    • The Vietnamese Emperor responds by stating "we cannot ignore the fact that good Vietnamese sailors are being executed by the backward Kelts. If the Kelts continue their barbaric butchering of innocent Vietnamese merchants we will not hesitate to punish them." The Vietnamese Emperor also states that the Keltic Irish have taken to executing any shipwrecked foreigners they find, even Venetians. They point out the fact that the Venetians are the only nation allowed to trade with the Kelts, and that Venetian merchants are confined to the port of Belfast.
    • The Venetian Doge argues that this is a unfair depiction of the Irish, saying that they are simply aggressively defensive of their lands and would have viewed the Vietnamese as either easy plunder or invaders and further argued that in either case, the Irish who killed them probably didn't even know what or where Vietnam is. He also says that the Venetians have traded through Dublin as much through Belfast and that Venetians have gone into both cities and come out unharmed.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth expands its military, as well as increasing the size of the Neue Brandenburg colony by 25*50 sq km. Meanwhile, as more gold is discovered in both Sudafrica and Wolkenland, all of the precious metals are appropriated by the King-Emperor.
  • Naples' economy has began to improve, with Vietnam's contributions helping them a great deal. Benvolio's increased religiousness and senility with old age results in the official word on the reason for the improvement being that God saved Naples. However, most of the people recognize Vietnam's aid as the primary factor, resulting in a higher public opinion of their ally.. The Neo-Classical period in Naples has ended, with a new period of design, modeled after Vietnamese styles, beginning to arise. Crown Prince Angelo sends a message to the Hungarians, stating that they recognize the new ruler of Hungary and hope relations will improve.
  • The drastic rebuilding of Hanthawaddy and new ways of thinking influence art and science of the time. Jayadeva invites scholars from India and China to Viharapura to transfer knowledge. As a result, he intends to create a powerful Indo-Sinic civilization to control trade with both countries. A newfound interest in both Indian and Chinese ancient culture is found with a translation of Chinese stories into Mon as a collection known as Bengkucoa. Meanwhile, architecture attempts to emulate Indian and Chinese aesthetic qualities, leading to strange construction styles in and around Viharapura. Katimon expands the new Katimon settlement 300 sq km north, and 200 sq km inland, while the main settlement expands north 300 sq km. Bi Hloa expands south along the west coast by 400 sq km.
  • Sweden continues military development and offers the Anglo-Germans three million pounds for their territories in Southern Scandinavia. Sweden believes that the Scandinavian peninsula should be ruled by Scandinavians only. Sweden sends money to help the Neapolitan economy.
  • The rest of Hungaria is captured, and the rebels of Moravia accept the Hungarian offer. The forces led by András and Szabolcs enclose on the remainder of the loyalist forces, which now have their last resistance pockets on the cities of Dicsőszentmárton, Fogaras and their surroundings. In September, Dicsőszentmárton is captured after a fierce battle.However, Béla is not found. Later will be discovered that he exiled himself in Wallachia. Fogaras also surrenders in November, putting the war to a end, officially.
  • Peace is restored to Itsaygahi, and the kingdom settles down to enjoy its new conquests. The Neapolitan Port, is named Benvoligahu, in honour of the king of Naples. The city has transformed into a centre of Catholicism, albeit slightly adapted, and is growing rich due to its position of being sandwiched between the trade routes in the Yucatan and on the Mixxixxippi Coast. Elsewhere, nobles begin building estates on top of, or near to the old Barrow-Cities of the Mixxixxippian Civilisation.
  • After several internal negotiations, Genoa decides to join with Venice submitting central governance to them. Part of the request is that Venice assist with the construction of a Genovesi Arsenal, so a large fleet of ships is sent over with resources to construct an Arsenal in Genoa, which is estimated to be completed in late 1662. Meanwhile the first group of Mantovani and Modenesi settlers arrive in South America expanding the colony there by 800 sq km.
  • I thought I said no new arsenals. And that's still a bit implausible for a country to simply turn over power. -DK
  • This is a much smaller one, more like a collection of armouries and shipyards than the grand complex the Venetian one is. It will NOT have the manufacturing power of the Venetian arsenal, it will simply boost their economy and allow for greater trade. And on the country handing over power, yes I was a bit brash with this one, could have spread it out, however I used the idea that Genoa is already in a bad state and probably hates Naples conquest of their land and could relate to the Venetians defending from the HRR, another logical idea was that we have been trying to persuade them for almost ten years and if they saw Mantua and Modena suddenly join us and profit and also see us majorly defeat what was supposed to be the most militaristically elite state in Italy, they might just join. In the future I will detail events much more, so that it's more understandable for people looking in and more plausible.
  • Russia advances farther north until they reach Kamchatka, then after taking the territory surrounding the land entrance begin to move south, taking a large chunk of the Peninsula. Expeditions are sent into Chukotka and the sparsely populated Kuril archipelago and Sakhalin are claimed from the tsar (this is just claim - not annex). More ships are constructed in Russia for the already aging navy, but not much (the Full overhaul will be left to Peter I the Great). More Koches are constructed top navigate Siberian rivers and some begin to be annexed by Russia. Russia expands Novaya Skandinavia by 2000 km. It is predicted that Kamchatka will be fully Russia's by the end of 1660. The Russian Tsar renames Novotihonovsk Nikolaevsk and officially names it Russia's First port on the Pacific. Peasants are offered work and land in the newly conquered areas. Russia Officially condemns slavery (kholopstvo) except for the purpose of indebted servitude, but can only be carried over a maximum of three generations. Russia offers that the Jutland Strait be jointly administered by Russia, Anglogermany and Sweden and subsequently offers a mutual "Baltic Alliance" between the aforementioned Nations (this shouldn't be much of a change because I believe that Sweden and Russia and AGC and Russia and AGC and Sweden are already allied, This will just make the alliances one instead of separate ones...make them more official).

*I don't think Sweden and Russia have an alliance...

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