This is an archive of all turns and maps in the game Principia Moderni from the year 1570 to 1599. For the current events, see the main game page.


Principia Moderni Map 1570
Principia Moderni Map 1570 Key
  • Two issues with the map. First, by expansion inland for Katimon, I don't mean extending that little doohickey that pokes into the Australian bush. I mean that the colony expands inland as a whole, so you might spread out the pixels when you expand inland. Secondly, I have a settlement at OTL Longyearbyen you may have missed. Otherwise, good map.
  • You said something about extending along the Toakow settlement. i don't know where this is, but i assumed that it must be in that direction.anyway, how many pixels these Svalbard settlement have?You don't add info to the external territories no more.
  • You also haven't added anything about Former Inca in quite a while, even though China has been expanding the colony constantly.
  • I only looks smaller than most colonies. the rule wasn't that 2 px of expansion in a black area would be equivalent to 1 in agrieyed area? That's why it is slowly expanding.and, how many pixels have the Svalbard colony?
  • 'No offence to your English skills, which are very good, but I think you misunderstand what I am trying to tell you about Katimon. Toakow is not a settlement but an inland region equivalent to the Australian bush. Do not expand there, but do expand inland along the entire colony. Make the littoral portion "fatter." Therefore the colony will not be so "thin." Also Svalbard is 1 or 2 px which is a general number for "small trading post."
  • You also ignored the Russian annexation of Pskov during the Estonian independence/Rusco-Swedish war
  • Hanthawaddy concludes its religious revival by ordering a celebration on the day of Vesak. Its main purpose is to celebrate the accomplishments of Hanthawaddy since its foundation, but it is meant to rally the diverse peoples of Hanthawaddy into one nation. The entire Buddhist scripture is inscribed on a massive complex in Pahkarkayn to accompany the construction of the temple. Meanwhile, similar celebrations take place in the colonies. The Spitsbergen settlement expands 200 sq km in all directions due to a productive whaling season. The western Kola settlement of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands 100 sq km west while the eastern settlement expands west by the same amount. Katimon's entire length running north to south expands inland totaling 800 sq km.
  • Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 2000, 1500 and 600 sq km, respectively. Meanwhile, the small resistance in Gomera is crushed.
  • The Germanic Confederation reiterates its desire to stay neutral in any conflict between Russia and China and/or the Mughal Empire, but only if the latter do not antagonize Russia in any way. Meanwhile, in England King John II witnesses a game of Football (more like modern day rugby) and decides to ban it, as he believes Tennis (indoor Tennis, a mixture of OTL Tennis and Squash) and Cricket are more civilized. Simply to spite his son, King-Emperor Joachim II of Germany makes Foosball the national game. Meanwhile, Neue Brandenburg expands by 25*50 sq km and New England expands by 10*50 sq km.
    • The Mughals state: Neutrality in this instance is akin to alignment with an invading and powerful enemy. Perhaps a bit more elan might be expected from the leader of the West. But with all due respect, the Mughals seek peace with all nations that have compatible global views, i.e., non-military interference within the commercial spheres of developing nations.
  • A few French vinters go to Vietnam's European colony and ask to swap secrets about wine. After a year of an internal power struggle, the Regent Count Richard steps down and Nathan I assumes his rightful place as King of France. French missionaries are having little luck in spreading the Catholic religion in the world, and Haiti expands by 500 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 25*50 sq km. Vietnamese vintners accept the Russian and French vintners. They teach the secrets of making wine the Vietnamese way. Which includes, among others, the act of using certain spices that enhance the wine's flavour and body as the wine ages. They have also found that using certain woods in the construction of the barrels also enhances the quality of the wine. The Vietnamese build a school dedicated to the teaching of Vietnamese wine-making secrets to vintners deemed worthy of learning them.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Emperor offers to mediate a peaceful settlement between the Russians and the Mughal-Chinese Alliance. This is to alleviate tensions that could result in an incredibly costly war. The Vietnamese pledge neutrality in the potential conflict in case negotiations are derailed.
  • The Mughals express their appreciation to Vietnam and send their condolences. Will Japan, the Ottomans and Hanthawaddy similarly oppose any potential unprovoked invasion of Mughal and/or Chinese territory? Also, if this is not to develop into a regional confrontation, those European nations that may find cause to question the motives of the Russians in this instance should let their voices be heard. Estonia and France, for instance, and possibly even Joachim might wish to foster stability rather than to remain silent in full recognition of what will likely transpire in the absence of measures to dissuade Russia's trans-continental imperial expansion. The Mughal Left Fleet arrives in Madagascar from Ceylon, and the island and coastal settlements are quickly established. Political autonomy is extended to the pastoral inhabitants of these remote territories. Coffee plantations are established in the mountainous regions of the Ankaratra Mastiff.
    • How do the Mughals have several fleets? Didn't you only gain a border with the seas roughly five years ago? Since that time it would have been impossible to build a major naval arm. Anyway, you haven't mentioned the building of a fleet in any of your posts.
      • I beg to differ. In prior posts, I did announce the development of a merchant fleet [and that's all we got!] and ports in both Dakha and in conjunction with Portuguese Jesuits along the coast of Ottoman held western Indian provinces.] It appears that there is no Portugal, alas. My mistake ... but these Jesuits have colonies along the coast just the same, and I could not begin to determine from which nation they emanated. Our total fleet comprises 140 ships, including junks, fishing trawlers, barges, i.e., bricks of little value except as basic transport.
    • France has little interest in the stability of a region that has almost no impact on French affairs, not to mention it would take weeks to even get troops there. (on a meta side note, this is the Renaissance, not the 20th century. I think my particular nation could care less about geopolitics. I know it's hard to have a game where players who are on opposite sides of the globe never ever communicate or interact, but as for me personally I'm attempting to simulate a some-what real situation. I really don't think any European monarchs cared in the slightest [or even for that fact knew] that there would be a war between two powers in Southeast Asia, nor would the Asians care if some war happened in Europe. So sorry, unless Vietnam or Brandenburg go to war, or someone attacks Russia unprovoked, then France will not be joining any potential war.)
      • Mughals say: European trade with the Orient has remained a commercial priority since Ancient Rome. I'm not sure how it was that France assumed control of its various colonies without caring about external affairs in far away places. The fact is that 'everyone else' was doing it, and so did France. That's just the way things are, but thanks in any case for abstaining from conflict. BUT in theory I kind of agree: how come in reality these conflicts would erupt as wars in most cases, but we're all nice and cozy in our 'safe European homes'. How exactly does a war occur in this scenario?
  • Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1800, 1250 and 600 sq km, respectively. Meanwhile, the already existing road system is improved with the construction of roads to cities like Brassó, Szeged and Nandorfehervár.
  • I would have to say that is quite excessive. -DK.
  • Which part is excessive?
  • The Ottoman Empire asks the Mughals for a militaristic alliance. Sultan Selim says if a war breaks out between the Mughal-Chinese Alliance and the Russians, the Turkish Empire will help their Asian brothers by giving them supplies to fight the Russians, but will not actually fight the Russians unless provoked.
  • China's doesn't have an alliance with the Mughals.
  • The Germanic Confederation reiterates the fact the they are neutral in the conflict and will help mediate a peaceful settlement. Contrary to the opinion of the Mughal Emperor, this does not mean we are allying ourselves with the aggressor. However, the Russian Empire offered Brandenburg an alliance when we first broke away from the Holy Roman Empire, and we are not inclined to break that alliance. As other of Germany's allies (Vietnam, and possibly Japan or France) are prepared to support Russia's enemies, Potsdam feels that neutrality is the best option. However, late in the year, disaster strikes. The untimely death of King-Emperor Joachim II means that the Germanic Confederation is thrown into turmoil. Acting fast, the King-Emperor's brother, the Grand Duke of Bavaria, declares himself King of the Germanic Confederation and Emperor of all the German people. The lawful heir to the throne, King John II of England, calls on his allies in the region to support him as he marches on Germany to claim his rightful land.
  • France, seeing the potential for chaos, and having a natural hatred for disorder after their own Civil War, contact John II and offer their assistance in reclaiming his rightful throne. However, the offer is not for free, and they expect to be rewarded in some way for the potential loss of life that is about to happen. The French army expands, and with the recent adoption of both the three quarter plate for their cavalry and the wheel lock pistol, the French create the Caracole Cavalry formation. It is similar to the current Infantry formation, in that the horsemen advance in a line, and the front line fires its volley and then moves to the rear, allowing the next line to fire, etc. etc. French commanders are itching to use this new tactic in battle.
  • China, despite their ambivalent views of the Mughal empire, is willing to aid the Mughal empire in the case of a Russian invasion. The Russian-Chinese border is tightly closed, with Chinese barricades set up along the roads. Travel to Europe is somewhat endangered and discouraged. China requests that anyone entering China submit a background check and be willing to travel to China under the protection of guards. People leaving China will also be guarded. All trade and contact with Russia is cut and soldiers are stationed on the borders and in border town. One such town has seen the ravages of previous Chinese-Russian border skirmishes. Meanwhile, several Mongolian artifacts are burned.
    • The Mughals feel no apprehension in affirming the Chinese in their good intentions regardless of whether a formal treaty is extended or otherwise. On the domestic front, Akbar rescinds the traditional tax applied to Hindus and welcomes their participation in his court. He adds: 'If a man wishes to change his religion, so be it -- it is strictly a matter for his own conscience.'
  • Hanthawaddy states its refusal to allow Russian invasion of Mughal territory, stating it will void the economic alliance between Russia and Hanthawady. Hanthawaddy's northern border expands markedly into Tibet, while Katimon expands a total of 950 sq km. The two kola settlements expand toward each other 100 sq km each.
  • The Mughals explore along the Andaman Islands coast.
  • Russian Tsar Ivan IV insists that Russia does not want war with Hanthawady, the Mughals (although Ivan is worried that Mughal invade Russia's colony to have full control of India, and only then will they attack) and China. Meanwhile, the first Russian Printing Press is put to use. The Russian Printing Company is founded. Russians admit that their views of china being Successors to the mongol empire was influenced heavily by the geographic location of China and china's small involvement in mongol politics in the time, The Russians apologize for any inconvenience this would have caused and send gold models of Russian weaponry and a sculptor to make a statue of the Chinese Emperor as tribute.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese, in light of recent Russian aggression, approach the Mughals in hopes of creating an alliance and trade agreement between the two countries. They send the traditional tribute including a magnificent new throne (the famous Peacock throne of OTL was not created until the famous Shah Jahan was Emperor decades from now) and a set of crown jewels for Emperor Akbar. They extend the same offer to Chinese Emperor Zhu Yijun, Mon Emperor Smim Htaw and Japanese Emperor Ogimachi. Vietnamese Emperor Lê Thế Tông insists that it is in the best interests of the people of East Asia to band together in the face of Russian Imperialism.
    • Wow, says the Mughal. What a swell set of jewels! The Akbar sends the Vietnamese Emperor 40 cartloads of tea and spices as gestures of appreciation! Establishment of a direct trade route between the two nations is recommended.
  • Who is the current King of Hanthawaddy? I'd check wikipedia, but Hathawaddy has already lasted past it's OTL expiration date of 1539. Can I call him "Wareru II"?
  • Smim Htaw. He is in poor health and will be probably the last real-life person to rule Hanthawaddy for a few hundred years.
  • All Russia is really saying now is that they dislike the Mughal empire's use of Timujin as their emperors predecessor/related to him, it is not aggressing anyone and isn't trying to invade anyone.
    • ​Well, there was this fellow named Ivan who used to hang out in Muscovy who you might recall. In short, I think we all have skeletons in our closets, suggests the Mughal Akbar. By the way, he adds, we have just rescinded all legislation barring the advancement of our Hindu citizens. With all due respect, what has the Tsar done recently except for invading several of his neighbors? Our region is solidified and we do not want war. It would seem that the next move belongs to Russia. Perhaps now might be a good opportunity to explain your interests in the far away Indian subcontinent. You say you fear our encroachment ... and if we were on the doorstep of Borodino you'd have every right to do so. But the tables are turned, are they not? What exactly are your soldiers doing here, Tsar?
  • Japan supports Vietnam in their actions and rebuild their military
    • The Mughals request a formal but non-binding alliance with Japan. Prior political allegiances are commendable, but our respective positions would be benefited by closer commercial and defense treaty arrangements.
  • Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 2000, 1800 and 800 sq km, respectively.
  • After an act of defiance by the Oprichnina the Tsar Executes all of its leaders and disband the oprichnina, to the delight of many people. The Tsar makes the title of the heir to The Russian throne Tsarevich Vserossiyskiy or Velikiy Knyaz Sibiskiy(either one can be used). The Russians can not keep emphasizing that they do not want a war with Asia, unless it is forced, in other words, unless attacked. Meanwhile, the Russian army advances farther into Siberia.
    • Has the drunken bear now shot itself in the foot? The Mughals recommend that the Tsar's soldiers stationed in India scurry to join their brethren attacking Siberia. I suspect that the Tsar does not want war with China, yet he invades further into Siberia? Alas, King John will soon bring Cockney replacements for the Russian youths who will become lost in the snowfields of Asia.


  • The Vietnamese expand their colony in the Philippines by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Parliament approves a tariff on Russian goods, which will continue while Russia continues their territorial ambitions in the area.
  • Smim Htaw continues to focus on expansion of Katimon, leading it to expand a full 1000 sq km during the year, near the northern border. Hanthawaddy continues expanding north into Tibet.
  • The King Stephen VI falls ill and eventually dies months later. The cause of death is ruled as pneumonia. His daughter Krisztina succeeds him as a regent, due to the fact that the only male heir, Zoltán, is three months old and his mother died during birth. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1200, 1450 and 550 sq km, respectively.
  • Receiving no reply, France assumes that King John is running a guerrilla campaign, and sends scouts to find him before acting. The current situation is tense in France, as the nobility still is not quite sure of which side to support. Haiti expands by 500 sq km .
    • Sorry, I was on a hop across the pond (i e, flying over the Atlantic) and thus couldn't post for a couple of days.
    • The Mughal Emperor expresses interest in the English pond jumping technology.
    • The English King expresses interest in the Mughal antagonizing technology.
    • no problem, I had to put SOMETHING down.
      • Good one! The Mughals feel that there is a definite basis for constructive exchange of technologies! If Japan is not averse to the idea, we would like to initiate an 'Institute for Aerial Hijinks' at our new Delhi university; and perhaps Cambridge would be interested in a 'Center for New Asian Sarcasm'.
  • King John II of England offers control of the German colony in West Africa in return for French support. He hopes that will tip the balance in his favor. English troops advance towards Potsdam, forcing the Grand Duke of Bavaria (who calls himself Emperor Leopold the Great) to flee to the ancient capital of Brandenburg-an-der-havel. However, the south including Bavaria is firmly under his control and the English desperately need French assistance to complete the campaign the following year.


  • Hanthawaddy does not join Vietnam in the protectionism on Russia due to the massive investment with each other. Instead, the eastern settlement of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands 250 sq km along the coast to the west. Katimon expands to the inland by 1000 sq km. Hanthawaddy continues expanding north into Tibet, as well as expanding a little west along the Brahmaputra. This is mainly out of wanting to unite Tibetan Buddhism under the banner of Hanthawaddy. The Dalai Lama has shown support for Hanthawaddy's spread of Buddhism in the face of growing western religion but is opposed to the rapid expansion.
  • If you paid more attention to my post, you'd see that I didn't boycott trade with Russia. Russian goods still enter Vietnamese ports. I just placed a tariff on Russian goods.
  • Sorry about that, but they are to the same effect. Mostly that I haven't had too much time in the past few days.
  • We still need to keep an eye on Caucasus. He's spreading much to quickly in too many places.
  • "Titter, titter squeaked the mouse president to the cat's shadow enveloping them." It is an old Mughal saying that we use to urge our children to seek mutual safety when danger is near. But I guess you're right ... surely, the Russians don't mean any harm. So, which of us do you think they are most unlikely to attack first?
  • The Mughals disrupt the regional sale of Christian and Muslim slaves in the Narcondum and Barren Islands of the Andamans. The western province of Golconda is partially settled and further expansion with offers of extensive commercial advantages resultant from trans-peninsula transport are offered to the Ottomans. The Akbar renews his offer to host a gathering of regional delegations in Delhi and invitations are sent to Vietnam, Hanthawaddy, China, Japan and the Ottomans.
  • Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1300, 1200 and 700 sq km, respectively. The troops in Canariae Insulae invade the island of Benahoare (OTL La Palma.)250 sq km are conquered until December.
  • Joseon expands Manchuria more. Meanwhile, the new king, who is one of the worst Joseon has ever seen in history, is killed by one of his generals, who then proceeds to take the throne. This creates much unrest in Joseon.
  • After finally finding King John, the French mobilize their forces in support of him taking back the crown. A very large force won't be ready to attack Brandenburg until the following year due to the lack of an overland route, however a small force can be landed via sea and press south. France sends a diplomat that asks for temporary land access from the Holy Roman Emperor so that they can march their main army to aid Brandenburg. France sends her navy and successfully begins to blockade Brandenburg via sea. Haiti expands 500 sq km.
  • China is still suspicious of Russia, but they accept the apology. Troops are slowly pulled from the border. China decides to join in the Russian tariff. China's hold on former Inca expands by 1300 sq km.
  • English King John II realizes he is in no position to negotiate, but as he trusts French intentions he declares French troops can utilize territory in Bavaria and in the region of Dusseldorf as a temporary base for operations, and throughout Germany French troops will be greeted as liberators. John begins the assault on German colonies controlled by "the German Pretender". As the war goes on England is forced to build up her navy. A renewed German assault on Potsdam is fought off but nearby Berlin is bombarded by the Germans and burned by the retreating English. Only a fortuitous arrival of French support turns the tide, and the Germans are beat back.
    • It sure is a good thing you two have each other to rely upon.
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou by 500 sq km.
  • Vietnam expands their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km.
  • I didn't cheat. I just realized I didn't post this year. I wanted to fill in the gap.


Principia Moderni Map 1575
Principia Moderni Map 1575 Key
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Emperor sends Hanthawaddy a statement saying that "while we do understand Hanthawaddy's interests in recting us, we are disappointed that Hanthawaddy is not taking measures to stop his ally's unprecedented expansion". They give the same offer and tribute to Joseon's Emperor Yi Yeon. There was a faction in the royal court who see fit to take the tribute given to Hanthawaddy. This faction was small and was immediately discredited by the Emperor, who does not wish to damage relations between Vietnam and Hanthawaddy. Most members of the faction promptly lost their positions in the royal court for their part in attempting to cause an international incident.
    • Hanthawaddy responds that Mughal expansion will trigger economic growth in the region of South Asia, and any opulence will result in failure. Smim Htaw is keeping an eye on the Mughals.
    • 'It is as if God himself had at last deigned to recognize our existence,' mutters the Akbar. 'Opulence resulting in failure' is some form of code, perhaps? The Mughals have sent much tribute to Smim Htaw and offered their services in many ways. While the Bear tramples Siberia, they seek closer to home to cast their scorn. Has all regional commerce then been obscured due to prior relationships with more glamorous Western regimes? Who in the world could hope to be more opulent than the Tsar?
  • Japan, with a new Emperor, joins in the tariff of Russian goods, and proposes a summit between Vietnam, Hanthawaddy, Joseon, China, and the Mughals (whom they have agreed with upon the alliance proposed two years ago) to decide what must be done, to be held in the historic capital of Nara.
    • The Akbar sighs with relief and heartily embraces the Japanese Emperor's leadership in the crisis that is rapidly evolving. A delegation is briefed and remains in readiness to heed the Emperor's call.
  • Tsar Ivan is not amused by the Mughals antagonizations, calling Russia a Drunken Bear and so on. The Russian Navy receives a well needed maintenance boost and weapons upgrade (installing newer polupushkas onto ships) in case the Mughals decide to declare war so Russian troops can get to India. Ivan IV sends an emissary to the Ottoman Emperor to ask if in case of war with Mughal empire Russian Troops can use ottoman soil to faster get to India instead of a long trip at sea. The Tsar officially names his son Ivan Ivanovich Tsarevich Vserossiyskiy i (and) Veliki Knyaz Sibirsky, securing his position as heir to the Russian Throne.
    • A small rabbit has annoyed the bear due to the incessant twitching of its ears. So, the bear seeks usage of the leopard's lair in case the rabbit decides to attack him. [Smelling the stench of wodka on the bear's baited breath, the leopard reneges.] From Akbar to Tsar: 'Would you care to negotiate a peaceable removal of your forces from the Indian Peninsula, in addition to other areas of Asia where your military presence has become untenable? Surely your longstanding treaty confederates will be hoping that you are capable of this gesture.'
  • Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1250, 1400 and 800 sq km, respectively. Meanwhile, more 500 sq km of Benahoare are conquered.
  • The Ethiopian Empire establishes its control in North-East Africa. After the death of Emperor Susenyos, his son Fasilides ascends the throne. During this period, the Jesuit Priests were expelled from Ethiopia. This new period is called the Period of Princes. Fasilides orders his Royal Scientists to research Vintage Battleships. Fasilides sends Royal Messengers to the court of the King of Djibouti to establish sea ports next to the Red Sea, and offers a tribute of 950 kg of gold. (Please note that Ethiopia was a chief exporter of Gold and has large tons of it. Africa itself is a gold mine.)
    • How you gonna make a battleship if you don't have a littoral?
    • OK, now I have sent messengers to Djibouti to gain control over sea ports
  • The French army, now having permission to cross into the Holy Roman Empire, sends the majority of its army into Brandenburg to battle the Pretenders. France promises that it has no ill will in Germany, as it is only concerned about maintaining order on the continent. Brandenburg's offer of a West African Colony will do fine as payment. Due to the war, expansion of Haiti stops.
  • Hanthawaddy continues expansion north into Tibet. Katimon expansion slows due to a larger emphasis on missionary activity, at 650 sq km directly inland.
  • After forcing the garrisons of Neue Brandenburg, German Sudafrica, and German West Africa to surrender (New England had never recognized the pretender), England hands over control of German West Africa to his esteemed allies the French in a ceremony. As they are leaving, a minor revolt breaks out from the Mandinka tribesman in the east of the colony, but it is quickly crushed. A large Franco-English force crushes the Germans at Leipzig and Emperor Leopold is confined to Bavaria by the end of the year.
  • The Mamluks continue to expand their colonies with both the Virginia and Florida colony expanding by 25*50 sq km.
  • Mughal colonies in Mozambique are enlarged by 50 sq km and envoys are dispatched to the Ethiopian Emperor in an effort to establish an organized colonization of the northeastern African coast. Large tracts of the new Madagascar territories are consigned for experimental arboreal projects in an effort to expand the range of global trading commodities.


  • Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1300, 1500 and 600 sq km, respectively. Meanwhile, the rest of the island of Benahoare is taken.
  • The Ottomans tell the Russians they will stay neutral so no they cannot travel through Ottoman land. They will, however, abandon their neutrality if either anyone provokes them. Meanwhile, Ottoman scientist began experimenting with muskets, trying to find a way to make them more accurate and easier and quicker to reload.
  • Smim Htaw, emperor of Hanthawaddy, dies in mid-March, and his son takes the throne and names himself Pimpisara II, after an ancient Indian King. This is partially in reference to him being of partial Bengali descent. Tibetan expansion does not continue as a result, but Katimon expansion heightens to about 1750 sq km as the new emperor wishes to make himself known as a contributor to expansion. Pimpisara II makes it known that his goal is to control the entire east coast of Australia. He takes away emphasis on mission activity, and begins enforcing existing missions to the south as far as Kulin.
  • As King John II of England enters Potsdam in triumph, English and French troops get a breakthrough in Bavaria and capture Munich. Leopold and his court flee into the countryside to continue guerrilla operations. John asks if French troops can remain in Germany for a period of two years to help keep order. King John declares himself ruler of the Anglo-German Commonwealth with the title "King of the English and Emperor of the Germanic peoples". He is the first King-Emperor not to be crowned by a bishop. He also declares his support for Russia in a war with the Mughals, as they appear to be threatening the former's Indian colonies. However, the Commonwealth will not enter into a conflict with the AGC (Anglo-German Commonwealth)'s allies Vietnam or Japan, or with the Chinese. Finally, John offers China a treaty of non-aggression.
    • The Mughal Akbar orders the withdrawal of his envoys from the European nations. 'Why does this John seem so intent on fomenting war wherever he goes' asks the Mughal. His Pristine Councilor, Olaragach replies: 'Prior commitments'.
      • The Commonwealth only talked about war because the Mughals talked about the removing of Russian military presence in India, which would amount the Russia losing colonies the had held since before you joined the game.
  • China firmly states that a Russian act of war on any other Asian country is an act of war on China. The Chinese decide to offer the Mughals an official alliance. Meanwhile, China's hold on former Inca expands by 1300 sq km.
    • The Mughals reiterate their prior call for the principal powers of the region to assume their historical roles as peacekeepers within our sphere. The Akbar ceremoniously acknowledges and accepts China's gracious offer. Four thousand war elephants, 1800 horsemen and 12,000 hand-picked foot soldiers are dispatched from Delhi toward the Russian's illicit stronghold within the Mughal region of legitimacy. Akbar assigns principal ministers in his regime to contact trusted representatives of the Asian powers to assure them that the military operations underway are purely defensive and that no hostility is likely unless obliged upon the Indian troops by the Russians.
    • The Tsar interprets this act as an official declaration of war by the Mughals upon the Russian Tsardom. Russian Naval ships are dispatched with troops and the conscription law is again put into affect. The Russians navy is carrying reinforcements to aid their brethren in India. The Troops in Siberia are remobilized onto the Russian-Ottoman border and plea for permission from the Ottoman Emperor to cross. if all is good, hundreds of thousands of Russian Troops will Ransack Delhi destroying the Mughals.
    • The Vietnamese Emperor retorts that the Mughal's movement were purely defensive. You were just too hot-headed to notice. Vietnam will not allow you too carry out your shameful and greedy land-grab. Vietnam's Army and Navy mobilize and head for the Mughal Empire to defend it from the Russians.
  • Japan conducts an embargo of the Russians and begins to shift into military production. Around this time, Doitsuchihou has culturally assimilated into Japan. Large numbers of Ashkenazi Jews migrate to mainland Japan (in order to escape persecution), as well as somewhat smaller numbers of Christians. In order to prevent religious conflicts between the two groups, Japan restricts the number of Christians migrating to the Islands.
  • The Mughals offer to accept unlimited numbers of Christians and Jews in exchange for continued harmonious relations with the Japanese Emperor.
  • Vietnam expands their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. Alarmed at Russia's increasingly belligerent nature, the Emperor places the Vietnamese army in a state of heightened readiness. An envoy to the Tsar explains it as being done out of fear, not just for the safety and security of their Empire, but that of the entire region. They will not attack the Russians unless they are attacked themselves.


  • Hungary declares war on Poland-Lithuania. Colonial expansion in Canariae Insulae comes to a halt, as some troops in Benahoare are relocated to the régió of Diocleia (OTL Montenegro). Meanwhile, Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 1250 sq km each and Öböl expand 900 sq km.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth forces the surrender of the last remaining rebelling castle. Leopold the Pretender flees into Hungarian controlled Moravia (by the way, Austria needs to be added to the Commonwealth on the map). King-Emperor John asks if Hungarian authorities can assist in hunting down the traitor. Meanwhile, as active fighting has stopped, the Commonwealth thanks France for assisting and asks if they can remain in southern Germany until 1578. Meanwhile, John establishes a permanent court in the newly built Imperial Palace in Potsdam. Finally, he orders what will be known as the "Great Purge". Anyone with even the slightest connection with the Leopold regime is executed, including 67 of the 100 richest lords in Germany.
  • 1 - Hungary can assist with Brandenburg in the intent of capturing/killing the pretender.
  • 2 - What composes the commonwealth? I need to merge all the Holy Roman Empire, Bohemia and Austria with Brandenburg?
    • ​You can add all of it except for Moravia, which is obviously yours. (Hungary's)
  • China declares neutrality in the Polish/Hungarian War. A 1300 sq km area is annexed in former Inca. Meanwhile, China decides to expand westward in the Tibet area.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. Vietnamese Architects begin a partnership with Vietnamese scientists to develop ways for Vietnamese buildings to grow taller than what current methods of building allow. The Vietnamese Emperor, intrigued at the prospects of buildings tall enough to "scrape the sky", allows the project extensive funds and a portion of an undeveloped town named "Kuala Lampur" to develop their experimental methods of architecture.
  • Mughal settlement continues at the southern tip of the lower Andamans. A discovery party to the northern Sentinel Island is attacked by stone age men with crude spears. Several of the latter are captured and brought to Delhi. Akbar insists that he would like to 'talk with them.' Meanwhile, Mughal scientists have detected a method for igniting naturally occurring bitumen to power circular mills.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese honor their alliance with the Mughals and declare war on Russia. They will only attack the Russians (or their allies) after they attack first.
  • Russia asks all of its allies to aid in the Russo-Mughal War. Russians continue war efforts in southern india and still wait for permission to cross the Ottoman Border. Russian Naval ships fire weapons on the coastal settlements of the Mughals.
  • the Hungarian armies continue to advance, conquering the city of Sanok in the process. other parts of Poland-Lithuania are conquered as well, with the Hungarian forces getting close to Kraków. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1200, 1250 and 700 sq km, respectively.
  • China honors their alliance with the Mughals. They ask the Ottomans to declare war on the Russians or at least deny Russia's permission to cross the Ottoman Border. China asks its allies to go to war with Russia. The Chinese donate some troops to the Mughals for the time being. China has troops stationed outside the Russian border. The Russians are informed that they have a year to stand down or China will invade. The Incan colony expands by only 700 sq km this year, due to increased military spending.
  • The Ottomans refuse to allow the Russians to move through their territory and send aid to the Mughals through OTL Pakistan.
  • Hanthawaddy is torn by its economic alliances with the two countries, and declares neutrality, sending aid to both sides to ensure none of its investments are destroyed. Some merchants manage to make a fortune funnelling supplies to each side, and many become mercenaries. Attempting to wave off the conflict, Pimpisara II ordains that money be invested into increasing the size of Katimon by 1850 sq km, as well as having a productive whaling season.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth declares that it will remain faithful to its ally Russia as it believes that the Mughals instigated the conflict by acting in a warlike manner (i e, calling Russia a great lumbering bear, etc) after the Russians had agreed to stand down in the confrontation. Returning to his original demands, King-Emperor John said that he had only guaranteed neutrality if Russia was the aggressor, and in this case he believed the Mughals had begun the conflict. In a message to his court he informs them the the Commonwealth is once again at war. However, he refuses to declare war on China, hoping that either the war will end quickly or the Chinese will only pursue a limited campaign. As the Commonwealth Army is still guarding against revolution in the south (the last French troops have by now returned home) John turns to his navy. The Commonwealth Navy (which was built up over the Civil War) is mobilized to launch raids on Mughal Coastal settlements. Meanwhile, John sends a token force to assist Hungary in their conquest of Poland-Lithuania. The Commonwealth wants no monetary or territorial compensation, but simply to reaffirm the Commonwealth-Hungarian alliance in uncertain times. The Great Purge continues, as many nobles are executed. Finally, in the first major expansion since the civil war, New England expands south down the coast by 25*50 sq km.
  • What about the your older alliance with Vietnam? Are you really going to abandon Vietnam in favor of the Russians?
    • ​Firstly, I believe I had an alliance with Russia before Vietnam. Secondly, I thought you weren't going to declare war on Russia unless you were attacked yourselves. Finally, as I said before I didn't want war with China, Vietnam, Japan, etc. I only supported Russia because the Mughals had been repeatedly calling Russia 'a drunken bear' and the like. If you hadn't noticed, Russia apologized in 1574 but the Mughals restarted it.
      • ​Ha ha, remarks Akbar. Ha ha ha ha. At a national emergency conference, Chief Council Elwartha quotes the Prophet King: 'Why can't we all just learn to get along with each other?'
    • ​The Mughals withdraw their naval forces from Ceylon to organize defensive measures with Vietnam, China and the Ottomans. Japan and Hanthawaddy are welcomed to join the regional brotherhood in the name of common decency. Had the bear not wandered into sovereign territories, there would have been no need to insinuate its drunkenness. Is there no morality in Europe? Does not France and the other powers of the region react when their brother nations draw them closer toward pointless war? When the Ottomans refuse Russian entry into their territory, it will require our combined efforts to thwart them. Akbar requests assistance from Japan and Hanthawaddy immediately upon the invasion of Ottoman, Indian, Chinese and/or Josean territories since there seems little point in waiting until they attack you as well.


  • In response to the King of the German Commonwealth, the Queen-regent Krisztina says that she only wants to conquer mainly the region of Galicia. The Hungarian troops advance by all sides of the border, taking over Kraków in the process, along with other less important cities. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1250, 1250 and 750 sq km, respectively.
  • France's army and navy finally return home, and take a break from the war in which they just waged. An envoy is sent to Vietnam giving their steadfast support for them if they decide to declare war on the Russian aggressors. Haiti expands by 25*50 sq km. (also, my modem died due to a recent storm so I have no internet, hopefully it will be fixed by Friday, but there is a possibility it may be until Monday. Please be kind mods!)
  • Vietnam expands their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese are outraged at Brandenburg's duplicity, and so officially end any alliance with the Brandenburgians. Brandenburgian merchants ar either lynched or forced to flee Vietnam by angry mobs. In Vietnamese the word "Brandenburgian" becomes a popular synonym for "traitor".
    • As far as I'm concerned this discussion is over.
      • ​I apologize for my outburst yesterday. I was just a little frustrated at being called a traitor when, from my point of view, I hadn't betrayed anyone. However, I am sure that almost everyone wants peace, and although I will support Russia if Vietnam, the Mughals, or China decide to fight, I will support mediation from Japan, Hanthawaddy and/or Hungary if these nations remain neutral.-Zagoria
    • The Mughals: What exactly did you expect to happen? You should choose your friends a bit more carefully in the future.
  • The Ango-German Commonwealth expands Commonwealth Sudafrica 25*50 sq km, as it fears it will become a battleground in the war to come. Commonwealth troops land in Mughal Mozambique, raiding the colony and destroying military forts. King-Emperor John decrees that unless attacked, no Commonwealth troops are going to assault any Chinese, Vietnamese, or French territory or soldiers.
    • What forts are you talking about? We have only established trade missions everywhere we have been able to. You've managed to conquer 'experimental agricultural installations', if you had bothered to read the prior posts. Anyway, I object to Commonwealth troops landing in Mozambique since I might just as likely suggest that Mughal elephants have been airlifted into London.
      • ​How does that work? I can easily land in Mozambique. I have a large colony in South Africa.
      • Sure thing. Help yourself. Gonna pick up a few boatloads of slaves, perhaps? Not much else going on there ...
  • By the way, I think the algorithm should be extended on a yearly basis. A conflict can only be won once a year passes with one sides total points being a certain amount larger than the other sides. This would give nations the opportunity to withdraw from the war or make peace, and other nations the opportunity to join in. Any treaty negotiations could be held on the talk page.
  • I like the idea but the problem is it would take excessive work. Maybe if someone on the site knows PHP or Javascript it would be easier …
  • We still need to create the algorithm for this war.
  • How about: 'the meek shall inherit the earth?'


Principia Moderni Map 1580
Principia Moderni Map 1580 Key
  • the Queen-regent Krisztina declares neutrality in the Brandenburgian-Vietnamese war. Meanwhile, inspired by the fact of Poland-Lithuania having a royal banner, a flag is created for the kingdom of Hungary, which combines the Árpad stripes with the coat of arms. The Hungarian armies continue to advance. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1250, 1250 and 900 sq km, respectively.
    • Could you change my name on the map to "Anglo-German Commonwealth" or just "Commonwealth" as that is my official name.
  • Ethiopian messengers reaches Djibouti and presents the King with 950 kg of gold in return for the rights to control a small coastal city. Builders start constructing sea ports and homes for living. In Ethiopia, the Sultan of Sudan sends an army to attack the Western side of the country. Ethiopia puts up a good fight, but is no match for the mighty Sudanese army. The Ethiopian King begs for mercy, and offers 1/2 of the Empire and 7,000 slaves to the Sultan for freedom, to which he accepts. The rest of the Empire of Ethiopia is still struggling to stand up after this devastating battle.
  • There is no Sudan. The closest country to you, at west, is Sennar.
  • Nor is there a king in Djibouti. It's basically nomads at this point. Please be more historically accurate and do your research.
  • Ouch. Nomads often have a king. We had a guy named Temujin. Anyway, I guess this isn't my issue, and our ancestors never called him King. The Akbar expresses satisfaction that King John's assault on Madagascar was predicted in advance by Mughal spies. The coastal African commercial settlements are promptly abandoned to the nomads and English (to fight over most likely)!
  • France declares war on Russia and its allies and mobilizes its military. It sends a Field Marshal to the Mughal empire in order to coordinate grand strategy, and asks that all allies that are currently on the "defensive" and waiting for the enemy to strike to instead switch to a more offensive minded strategy, as this war is very quickly developing into a "1500's Phony War." France asks Vietnam for permission to use the Vietnamese garrison in Furansuchuo in the upcoming land campaign. The French navy is sent to blockade England and to cut off the North Sea and English Channel from Russian and Commonwealth use. An envoy is sent to King John to discuss switching sides in the war, or at least becoming neutral. France reminds them of their long friendship, and asks them to remember their help in the recent civil war that ravaged their nation. They remind them that there is much land in the east to be taken if they decide to switch sides, and if they decide to be neutral then France will guarantee no harm will come to them. He asks that King John not throw his crown away so soon after he had received it, with French support. (BTW, my modem came in like 30 mins after I typed that ... ridiculous ...)
  • The French Field Marshal is welcomed to Delhi and the entirety of the Sepoy force at the Akbar's command is placed under his leadership. Elephants are brought to the coast to lay sheet-spikes in the Bay of Bengal in case Russian naval fleets appear along the coasts of Hindustan [by the way, could our friends please try not to refer to us as India, please?] and/or Hanthawaddy. Recently arrived Chinese soldiers on loan from the Emperor are stationed around Delhi. [They will not be needlessly placed in danger.] Will the Japanese consider joining our enlarging alliance, or perhaps at least arming the resistance against Russia? And would Joseon and Vietnam allow 'loan soldiers' to be placed under French command in Mughal territory?
  • China invades Eastern Russia and urges the Ottomans to invade as well. Meanwhile, China's defensive navy is prepared for any attack by Russia.
  • The Mughals reinvigorate sections of the Old Silk Route in preparation for transport of troops to and/or from China. The southern kingdoms of Hindustan react quickly to the encroaching Russian presence and seek alliance with the Mughals.
  • Mon explorers land at Socotra and set up a small trading post of about 50 sq km near OTL Qalansiyah, claiming it for the Emperor. Although inaccessible during the monsoon season, it provided a strategic point for access to the Red Sea and the Middle East. They call the land Raikmoh, stone field hut. Disagreements with Sultan of Ternate, Babu'llah Datu Shah, over economic matters cause a degree of tension between the two countries.
  • King-Emperor John of the Anglo-German Commonwealth urges his ally Russia to stay on the defensive on land (as it is apparent that his enemies are planning to do the same) and allow possible peace talks to continue. He lists Edo (or Kyoto, whichever is the Japanese capital in TTL), Pegu, or Buda as possible sites for negotiations, in the mean time asking these nations to remain neutral. He asks these possible host nations to respond as quickly as possible, so that negotiations may be carried out expeditiously. However, he will not back down, and orders his ships to engage the French that are attempting to blockade Commonwealth coasts as well as continuing raids on Mughal "agricultural stations" in Mozambique. In response to the proposal by the French King, he issues a firm negative, declaring that he will not pull a "Brandenburg" (nice new meaning, by the way) on one of his closest allies. However, he extends the same offer (that is, switching sides) to his opponents. (By the way, why is it that when I join a war on the side of one of my allies, my other allies all join the opposing side almost immediately?)
    • The Mughals: The answer to that riddle is written in the pages of history. You might just as well ask how England lost to Sri Lanka in the NatWest by 69 runs.
  • Emperor Pimpisara II agrees to allow a negotiation in Pegu by the next year on the condition that it is held in secret, so as not to incite the Mon population.
  • I propose postponing the algorithm for negotiations unless most nations are absolutely bent on war.
  • I've cooled down somewhat. I would be perfectly fine with ending the war.
  • About the Japanese capital, it is probably Kyoto or Azuchi.
    • ​We gotta have a war now. After the algorithm is amalgamated, war is theoretically impossible to prevent. Like stopping an avalanche. Unless King John switches sides.


  • Hanthawaddy, using colonial expansion to cover up the growing conflict, expands Raikmoh, west Kola settlement, and Dunquk Dung each expand 200 sq km east along the coast. A small whaling industry appears off the coast of Raikmoh. Katimon expands by 1450 sq km inland along its entirety. Hanthawaddy lifts some of its isolation to welcome foreign negotiatiors into Pegu.
    • With all due respect, is eternal expansion and colonization really a civilizing factor in and of itself? Surely there must be some additional purpose beyond land attainment.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Emperor announces that he would be willing to pursue a diplomatic end to the war. He extends a personal apology to Anglo-German King-Emperor John for the slandering the Anglo-Germans as "traitors". The Vietnamese Emperor travels to Pegu to negotiate a peaceful solution to the war.
  • The Hungarian armies continue to advance in Polish-Lithuanian territory. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1250, 1250 and 850 sq km, respectively.
  • That's insanely excessive. You do realize that adds up to 3350?
    • '​'All snow. And a lot of downhill.
  • The Russian Tsar himself deems the matter so important that he himself is willing to travel to Pegu to talk about the War and an end to it (under the banner of course that it is a royal visit by the Russians to discuss matters of the Kola Peninsula to quell the Mon Population). While he is away the Tsar will leave his son to rule as regent Meanwhile, Chinese forces are expelled from Russia and are standoffs and Skirmishes on both sides near the border. The Tsar says that France's actions (declaring war on Russia and allies (including Joeson (never officialy ended alliance), Ottoman (same) and Estonia (also ally of Mughals, BTW) are now at war with France). The Tsar suggests all banding together and the Mughals turn theirn face from the Russian Bear's Cave and towards the Gallic Rooster's Fence as the French are being hostile to Estonia as a Russian ally. (Further peace terms in case I can't edit: Right to the Island of Sri Lanka and east indian coast ajacent to Sri Lanka (for easier transportation to Sri Lanka from Ivangrad and convenience) Free Trade with Indians and preferably Asian powers, and finally a right to have a small military force for protection of people and the keeping of law and order).Russians saw Mughal Troops marching towards Ivangrad, some even set foot on Russian Soil (act of war), if it may have been by mistake, The Russians will agree to end pointless fighting as long as troopsdo not go close to Russian land and not threaten Russian Sovereignty of indian Possessions. The Statements before were part iof Ivan the Terrible's extremely bad temper, he has since cooled down after five years (outsider perspective). (All things stated the Tsar will say in Pegu). The Tsar will be in Pegu until the end of 1582 (therefore does not have the time to kill his son in a fight and Rsarevich Ivan's son Alexi will be born). (I can check progress on my phone but don't have enough memory to edit. I might be in town tomorrow but I don't know for sure).
    • Are you listening, King John? The Tsar states that his busy schedule does not allow for the immediate termination of his own son's life. And apparently the Tsar has once more mistaken a Cossack for a Mughal. [The Mughal's successful infiltration of the Russian court has rendered irrelevant any discussion relating to the White Russian Bear's acumen.] The Mughal reminds the Tsar through 'intermediaries' in Pegu that the removal of all 'unwanted' foreign troops and members of the Russian clergy from HINDUSTAN remains a priori to any peace negotiations. The Tsar is further reminded that in light of the assistance of the French towards modernization of regional defense forces, an invasion of ANY of our territories would likely lead to more problems for the Tsar than his inability to massacre his children on a regular schedule.
  • I am going on vacation for the week. Please don't attack China (I should have planned my entering a war better) -CrimsonAssassin
  • The Commonwealth King-Emperor John accepts the apology of the Vietnamese Emperor, and demands no war reparations whatsoever (as he wasn't exactly winning the war beforehand.) He allows the French to keep control of their west African colony that he just gave them in return for them making peace. He declares that all naval raids against enemy nations are to cease and also that he wants the French to join in negotiations as well. However, all French ships attacking Commonwealth cargo are to be attacked. (I figure our fleets are about equal, since I have been building mine up recently). King-Emperor John sends the crown prince (already in India at the Japanese university) to go to Pegu and act in his name.
  • France, due to Vietnam's wishes for peace, order an immediate halt to all offensive operations and send diplomats to the peace conferences to help discuss a settlement. France in the meantime begins building up her invasion fleet and army for an attack on England if peace negotiations fail. French negotiators urge Vietnam and her allies to pursue some sort of reparations, in hopes that Russia will not take such an aggressive stance again.
    • The Akbar urges England and France to come to peace under any circumstances. The East has always known the Slavonic expansion throughout generations of weary onslaughts. If John is able to remove the fire from beneath the bear's britches, that is well; but France and English should remain in union since the wavering needle of peace must remain in place regardless of whether the Tsar chooses wisely to draw back within his monumental Empire, or whether he will hold fast in his unfocused, widespread and unwary aggression.


  • Japan modernizes, as the Shogun loses some of his power and influence -- but instead of a new Shogunate rising, the Emperor creates an absolute monarchy to centralize administration and lead Japan out of a feudal era.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Emperor makes a statement opposing reparations, as the property damage and loss of life in what the Vietnamese have been calling the "False War" was null. The Vietnamese will accept any reparations specifed in the treaty, as the entire country wants the ill-considered war to end. And, given that neither side officially mounted offensives or defended territory, no territorial concessions need to be made for either side. That said, it would be best for the world if we kept it at the status quo ante bellum.
  • Re-establishment of the ancient maritime silk route between Bengala and Canton is reinitiated. The Mughal reminds all of the nations in the region that improved commercial relations will provide the best possible buffer against further potential Russian/English expansion in the region.
    • Please refrain from posting in regards to other peoples' countries. That trade route was here since the beginning of the game. How else could there be trade between Hanthawaddy/India and East Asia?
    • In light of the re-establishment of good relations with China, Mughal access through Kashmir has been re-enabled. Not sure what the 'argument' point here is. I agree my comment wasn't very specific.
  • Hungary advances in Polish-Lithuanian territory. Meanwhile, the Queen appoints a governor for Labrador. By the end of the year, she receives the report of the situation in Öböl;(piece of text translated from Hungarian;" (...) However, the colony has a vast size, but no cities. Only there are villages spread by the entirety of the colony, and most are the same size (...) Meanwhile, the city of Tupi (first Hungarian settlement in the colony of Öböl) is turned into the capital of Öböl. Also, Újfundlandi expands 600 sq km.
  • France continues to wait out diplomatic talks during this "Phony War." They acquiesce to the Mughals desires, although they remind the Mughals that they declared war on Russia and her allies in the war, which included the Commonwealth. France has no ill-will towards the country that helped France herself avoid a religious crisis, and one that France just helped restore back from Civil War. The only complaint France had was the declaration of war against her ally, Vietnam. If the war continues, and somehow the Commonwealth remains on the other side, then war between France and the Commonwealth will continue. France suggests that while negotiations are continuing between the major belligerents, the allies against Russia should form an alliance against any further aggression. France suggests the alliance should be called the Pacific League.
    • By the way, I never declared war on Vietnam. When I declared war on the Mughals, Vietnam was still neutral.
    • Vietnam declared war on Russia, therefore I declared war on Russia and her allies. Things in the 1500's were confusing with messengers giving inaccurate reports all the time. If there is a confusion, then just blame the imaginary messenger.
    • For the record, the Mughals have certainly never declared war on anyone since it is in direct opposition to the Islamic mandate. If our nation is invaded, there will be a Jihad. But that is hardly a political issue. The Mughals request the Tsar to remove his encroaching forces from Hindustan, but clearly our efforts have otherwise been extended to promote peace (in spite of the frequent allusions that have been otherwise posited). We are aware that the former Mughal leadership were a perfidious lot, but it behooves the worlds' leaders to acknowledge the current state of our Empire. As for France, you will always be welcomed as friends of our nation and we would foremost be desirous to establish mutually beneficial trade relations.
  • Castile experiences a massive coup, Leaving the esteemed General Fiuroz in charge of the country. The country is named the Iberian Empire, with Fiuroz as the emperor. The country is divided into 15 providences, each ruled by a "lord", and each "lord" taking orders from the Emperor. Emperor Fiuroz assures the people of Iberia that they will have a say in government affairs once the Empire is stable. he immedialty enacts the Expansionist Plan, 5 years in the making. A massive two-pronged attack on Portugal, from the north and the south, attempts to capture the country and unite the whole Iberian Peninsula. The northern prong makes significant gains, but the southern prong is met with heavy resistance and is only able to advance about 50 km at most, with some elements even pushed back into Iberia. Some of Fiuroz's best advisors are worried with the campaign, but Fiuroz assures them that it has been carefully planned and coordinated.
    • If you just got out of civil disorder, and are creating a new internal structure of government, you should probably wait a couple of years before attempting foreign adventures.
    • Emperor Fuiroz is a bit ... uhhhh ... impulsive and ... uhh ... impatient. This war will probably last many years (at least seven or eight), tax the economy greatly, and become quite unpopular. It will take many years to recover.
  • Hanthawaddy expands the entire length of Katimon by 2000 sq km inland, and creates a new Kola settlement of 100 sq km at OTL Ostrovnoy, to allow more diversity in whaling sites. Raikmoh expands 150 sq km east along the coast. Although finding difficulty with the natives, the Mons are able to overwhelm Socotra's small population and capture the towns.
  • The Commonwealth joins Vietnam in calling for no reparations, as there was next to no loss of life (apart from Commonwealth citizens lynched in Vietnam) and neither side was victorious or had the advantage. King-Emperor John declares that if war ends, he will offer an alliance with China, Vietnam, and France. However, he will not abandon Russia and will not join a so-called "Pacific League". Neue Brandenburg expands by 25*50 sq km inland, as forests begin to be cleared. A fourth colony of the Commonwealth is set up when a trader, venturing towards New England, goes south and lands in OTL Nelson, New Zealand. This colony is called New Lancaster because the captain of the ship grew up there. The captain and half his crew die before the year is up (as the natives are less friendly than those of New England) and the colony is in a shaky position.
  • The Mughals continue to expand south along the eastern coast by incorporating weakening kingships in the southern region. Many citizens complain about the increase of piracy and warships impacting traditional fishing activities. Meanwhile, large scale Christian missionary activities are declared illegal and Church properties are seized regardless of the nationality. Reparations are offered to European nations, however further prosletyzing will no longer be permitted. Akbar consults with the Japanese Emperor, as well as the French who are excepted from the prohibition. The Mughals have observed the penitence and respectfulness of French monks, while Jesuit and Anglican activities have largely resulted in the procurement of vast wealth. Both the Muslim and Hindu leadership of Delhi concur. Major building projects are initiated in Delhi to provide labor for outcast classes. Untouchable status is rescinded unilaterally and a meritocracy is established at the College of Delhi.


  • Iberia continues to advance in Portugal with the northern attack, but the southern attack is still at a stalemate. Emperor Fuiroz says that the setback will not affect Iberia in the long run. About one-quarter of Portugal is now under Iberian control. Emperor Fuiroz finalizes the government of the Empire of Iberia, laying down the new boundries of the providences and electing the lords of the providences. A new plan, the Iberian Superiority plan, is accepted by Fuiroz. It details a successful worldwide Iberian Empire, stretching from Asia to the Americas. Fuiroz issues a declaration stating, that after the war against Portugal is won, Iberia will expand oversees. .
  • Another governor is appointed, this time for Öböl. At the end of the year, another village (located in OTL Ilhéus), due to its central position (Tupi is basically the northernmost village in the colony), and the fact of having a littoral, is appointed as capital of the colony, and renamed as Öbölbenváros. Meanwhile, the Hungarian armies continue to advance in Polish-Lithuanian territory. Újfundlandi expands 500 sq km, and Hungary asks for an alliance with Hanthawaddy.
  • France officially bows out of the recent "Phony War" due to the new threat of a belligerent Spain. Peace envoys are sent to Russia and her allies asking for a return to the status quo. France accepts the Commonwealth's offer of both peace and an alliance, in hopes of repairing their old relations. France demobilizes but sends a portion of the army to Spain's border in case of a provocation. Haiti expands by 25*50 sq km since many people have been waiting to go to the colony but haven't been able to since the "Phony War" was being "waged."
    • The Mughals commend France and hope matters progress well on the 'home-front'. The 'phony war' would not be regarded as such were the Russians to have established colonies within France's frontier, nor if they were gradually consuming Lombard territory would the eminent French King regard these actions as 'phony'. We all hope for the best and quite likely the Tsar will find his forces disseminated too widely in locations where his troops will find few supplies available. Or perhaps he may simply relent and the Bear's Lair will once more become a land of philosophers and merchants.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. Vietnamese forces officially end their involvement in the "Phony War", and declare neutrality in any further conflict. The Vietnamese officially build the first experimental high-rise building in the city of Kuala Lampur. It only reaches a height of five storys, but experts believe that they can build them higher.
  • Believe it or not, but there have been high-rise structures built centuries before the modern skyscraper. By no means am I introducing the method of building said skyscrapers in this 16th Century world.
  • I see your irony, but Kuala Lumpur did not exist then.
  • The Ottomans expand into Central Asia by invading OTL Turkmenistan. The Imperial Ottoman Army grows, and the economy continues to prosper.
  • In fact, you are expanding into Shaybanid territory.
  • Hanthawaddy expands into Tibet significantly to the north. Quinoa is imported and along with potatoes, begin forming a unique Mon-Tibetan cuisine. This is also due in part to the migration of several Mon people to Tibet, which Pimpisara has advertised as a way to gain enlightenment. Dunquk Dung expands eastward along the coast at 800 sq km, while Katimon expands 550 sq km directly inland. Both the OTL Murmansk and OTL Ostrovnoy settlements expand east by 100 sq km.
  • Commonwealth accepts the alliance of France and calls for the major powers of the world to accept the status quo and try to avoid war in which there were no real grieviences. He, however, formally warns Iberia that embarking on wars on conquest will not be tolerated. He refrains from sending troops to support Portugal but says that an invasion of any other nation in Europe (including France) will result in war. King-Emperor John revamps the Commonwealth Navy with new types of cannon. It also becomes known that, with Hungarian help, the Pretender Leopold has finally been captured. The King-Emperor decides against executing him, prefering rather to send him to exile in Sudafrica. This marks that colony's beginnings a penal colony. When the Keltic Union (I believe they are inactive, right?) refuses to acknowledge an alliance with the Commonwealth, relations worsen.


  • Vietnam expands their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. After the success of the first high-rise in Kuala Lampur, the Vietnamese government funds the construction of simmilar projects in cities all across Vietnam. However, a law is passed stating that no building in Hanoi may be taller than the Imperial Palace. The East Asian Church decides to move its headquarters to the old Angkor Wat temple in Angkor. It had been renovated to function as an East Asian cathedral a long time ago. It is further renovated to serve as a residence of the Patriarch, the leading Archbishops and their families. The East Asian Church purchased the small area around the cathedral, and has effectively ruled it ever since. The Vietnamese government has officially declared Angkor Wat to be effectively a city-state run by the East Asian Church, and that any potential residents must follow the laws of the Church as well as the laws of Vietnam.
  • As an admin, you are expected to be more creative with your posts. Just letting you know. -DK
  • I'm going to fill it out when I get back on tomorrow.
  • A port is built in Tupi. By this point, some villages in Labrador, especially in the western part, are being expanded. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi expands 650 sq km. Hungary also advance in Polish-Lithuanian territory.
  • In Iberia, the attacks on Portugal continue, but the war is now at a stalemate. The people of Iberia begin to ask for an end to the war, but Emperor Fuiroz declines, stating that "I can see a light at the end of the tunnel". Question, does Iberia own Spanish Morocco currently, or is that another country?
    • I will be gone for the next week, so please don't attack Iberia. It's only actions will be the war against Portugal (Iberia will finally win after I get back). Iberia is neutral in ALL other conflicts. Roguejedi 16:54, July 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • Ceuta and Madeira belong to Portugal. Otherwise Spain's only possessions are in Europe assuming your king is a Habsburg. The former owner gave up claims to south Italy and Sicily but you could easily gain them back becaude they were likely reduced to satellite states.
  • Matter of fact, Spain's king is not a habsburg, and i doubt that the habsburg are in power with anything now, with the end of the Holy Roman Empire and the annexation of Austria by Hungary and then Brandenburg/Germany.
  • Hanthawaddy expands further north into Tibet. Expansion becomes more and more difficult with the lack of an effective transportation system in the highlands. Tensions continue to rise with the Ternate Sultanate over the use of a trade route, and Hanthawaddy sends its first Buddhist missionaries to the area, angering the Sultan. Katimon expands 1100 sq km straight inland, and Dunquk Dung expands 400 km west along the coast. The OTL Longyearbyen settlement expands west 100 sq km west.
  • France is ever more so beginning to become weary of Iberian expansion in the south and alerts the Marche's on the Spanish border to be ready in case Iberia decides to ever take hostile action against France or its allies. Political envoys are sent to Iberia in an effort to stop the war with Portugal. Haiti expands by 18*50 sq km.
    • Vietnam offers their support in any potential conflict with Iberia to France, as any conflict could endanger the Vietnamese enclave of Furansuchou.
    • Iberian generals assure France that Iberia will not attack France. However, they secretly tell France that Emperor Fuiroz is planning to invade France but promise that they will not allow this to happen. The war with Portugal will not be stopped, but any other invasion of a European country will not take place even if Emperor Fuiroz orders it. The Iberian generals ask for a secret non-aggression pact with France. All of the Iberian lords also support the pact.
    • France declines the non-aggression pact of the generals and states that the only way to get France to not invade Spain is to remove Emperor Fuiroz and to halt the war in Portugal to show their good intentions. Otherwise, France will remove the Emperor themselves. France passes on the intentions of Emperor Fuiroz to both Vietnam and the Commonwealth.
    • The Commonwealth declares its support to any French move to dethrone Emperor Fiuroz. The King-Emperor resents this upstart trying to expand into other nations with no reasons other than expanding the power of Iberia. He declares that Emperor Fiuroz must be stopped, by a foreign power if not by the Iberian people.
    • The Iberian lords and generals declare that it is their intension to overthrow Fiuroz, but they cannot do it yet, as the people of Iberia are still entranced by Fuiroz and his ability to twist his words. As I already stated, I will be gone for a week as of tomorrow and will be unable to write any posts.
    • I hate to say it, but I wouldn't have invaded if the generals hadn't told me that Iberia plans on invading France. It sucks you are leaving for a week, but the French Monarch isn't going to wait around for seven years with the knowledge that Iberia plans on invading France and is really just going to wait around and hope that the generals will dethrone the emperor instead of invading a nation who they'll have an upper hand on attacking by themselves, much less with the support two other nations, and especially one that they've had an awful relationship with in the past. In fact, France revolted from Spanish rule less than 100 years ago, and now they have reliable information that they plan on attempting to retake their old territory. After all of that, you expect France to just sit around for seven years and not do anything?? Sorry, that's just too implausible.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth sails it fleet to the Portuguese coast, to intervene if it is deemed necessary. Meanwhile, relations are rapidly deteriorating between the Kelts and the Commonwealth. Re-inforcements arrive in New Lancaster from New England, to fight off the local Moaris. They are amazed by the ferocity of the natives, as the other Atlantian natives are quite docile by comparison. However, the colony is in a better position than it was a few years previously. Neue Brandenburg is also expanded by 25*50 sq km. Colonists begin to clear areas of the local rainforest in order to create area suitable for agriculture. Finally, a revolt breaks out in Bavaria, by the brother of the Pretender after the latter's death in Sudafrica. The King-Emperor is accused of poisoning the Pretender, although he denies it. Either way, the rebellion is crushed, and its leaders are executed. This is the last act in "The Great Purge."
  • If you're planning what I think you are, I am going to say that is a little excessive considering the amount of expansion you've undergone in the past few decades. If I'm wrong, don't worry about it, just letting you know. -DK
  • In fact, I was just going to start a revolt by the Scotts to form a new puppet government. I guess even a puppet government is a little much at this stage, though. I'll repair relations between the Kelts and the Commonwealth in my next turn.
  • Mughal colonies are extended to the southern tip of the peninsula and Sri Lanka is absorbed.
  • You should probably be more detailed if it's going to be added to the map.
  • Tsar Ivan IV "the Terrible (grozniy)" dies of stroke while playing a game of chess whith the German ambassador after celebrating his grandson's first birthday early in the year.


Principia Moderni Map 1585
Principia Moderni Map 1585 Key
  • Estonia enters a period of civil disarray, as various officials compete for power.
  • This was a mod post?
  • Yes.
  • Look, I had to put my own key and map provisionally. You see, you warned about that you would do the 1585 map, but I need your map to add the changes of 1585. When you upload your map, upload a new version of the maps above.
  • I had it done yesterday on time, it's just that I am having trouble uploading it. Sorry about that.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. East Asian Church officials offer the Japanese help in establishing a native Christian Church, to eliminate the Japanese Christian's dependance on foreign leadership. They suggest that the proposed church be named either the "Church of Nihon" or the "Church of Nippon".
  • By the way, "Nihon" and "Nippon" are the names the Japanese call their country. "Japan" is a corruption of an old Malay name for Japan, which is in itself a corruption of a Chinese name for Japan.
  • Hungary continues to advance in Polish-Lithuanian territory, taking Lviv and getting close to Zamosc and Ternopil. Meanwhile, the villages in Labrador continue to be expanded. A volcano erupts in the island of Benahoare. Not much damage is caused, but some settlers flee to Achinet. Újfundlandi expands 500 sq km. Meanwhile, the Queen Krisztina asks again for an alliance with Hanthawaddy, due to the fact that she did not receive a response yet.
    • Hanthawaddy accepts the alliance.
  • France expands its navy, introducing the small Frigate into her fleet, which is hoped to replace the Barques which were never really designed for war. Carrying 20 cannon on the top deck, the Frigate will mainly be used as a colonial protection and scout vessel, and is assigned to all three of the French Navies. France during this year publicly denounces Emperor Fuiroz and reveals the information that he has received from the Iberian Generals publicly, specifically that Emperor Fuiroz is planning on invading France after Portugal is occupied. France gives Emperor Fuiroz an ultimatum, step down and halt the war on Portugal or Iberia will find itself fighting a two front war!
  • Hanthawaddy states it will back up Iberia in its war against Portugal on the condition that Iberia does not invade France. In return, Hanthawaddy asks permission to set up port facilities near Gibraltar. Hanthawaddy increases the size of its military, and deports some overseas to the colonies. Katimon expands inland along its entirety by 1650 sq km.
  • The Commonwealth carries out negotiations with the Keltic Alliance. Relations are repaired, but the Kelts are forced to give an annual tribute to Potsdam. The Commonwealth announces that it will support France in a war against Iberia (although the French are encouraged to desist if this means coming into conflict with Hanthawaddy). King-Emperor John allows members of the Portuguese Royal Family into the Commonwealth. He appoints a Chief Minister, and imports the English idea of limited monarchy (still alien to many Brandenburgians). He decides to increase the size of the Commonwealth Army. The Navy is already a force to be reckoned with, but he wants to increase the army to a number worthy of the nation with the largest population in Europe (other than Russia).
    • The French respond that there will be peace with Iberia only if the ultimatum given to it is met. Since Hanthawaddy is allying itself with Iberia in its war with Portugal and not necessarily with a potential war with France, then it is Hanthawaddy that will have to choose to declare war on France or not. Again, this is a preemptive war, and France has already shown the world the evidence of Emperor Fuiroz's plans. Surely if the Commonwealth theoretically found out that Sweden was going to attack it after it finished a war with Denmark that it would go ahead and take action as well, wouldn't it? And same to Hanthawaddy, would not it do the same if a close neighbor threatened it's sovereignty as well? Emperor Fuiroz has already made the first move in this potential war, and the time for diplomacy is rapidly dwindling. All care will be taken to not upset or harm Hanthawaddy or its troops in anyway if they wind up in Iberia, but they must understand that a state of war may soon exist between Iberia and France.
    • Hanthawaddy secretly asserts to France that while it will support Castile in conflict against Portugal, it sees very little purpose in a war against France, and will remain neutral. Declaring war against France would prompt Vietnamese involvement and destroy the fragile structure of the Mon-Vietnamese border and Singburi. Hanthawaddy advises Fuiroz not invade France, and instead focus on expanding south into Morocco.
  • Ivan IV's son Ivan Ivanovich is crowned Ivan V, Tsar of all Russias and their Dominions, Ruler of Siberia. The new Tsar creates the OVVR (orgonizatsiya vneshniy i vnutreniy razvetki- Organisation of inner and foreign espionage)/
  • In recognition of the Mughal's inability to interfere in the overt colonization of Berber-Muslim territories that have survived countless invaders for many thousands of years, the Muwahiddun assert military supremacy among the western Sepoys and Akbar is obliged to accept the co-rule of a military dictatorship. Madras and Pondicherry are absorbed, along with Kakinada further to the north. Bengal ship builders are brought to Paradip and a modern ship construction facility is finally initiated with the full support of the new quasi-militant regime. At this point, a strip of territory extending 50 km. inland has been established along the entire eastern coast of Hindustan and extending to Sri Lanka, which has recently been relieved of stray Russian cruisers that had APPARENTLY not yet heeded the call to return to their bases.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese send soldiers to Furansuchou, where a series of fortifications are being built to prepare for Iberia's planned invasion of France. They promise the French that they have no aggressive intentions of their own, as they only want to preserve the territorial integrity of Furansuchou. They offer to assist the French when, and if, the Iberians choose to attack.
  • The Ottomans expand further into Central Asia. They have initial success fighting off and conquering the natives of OTL Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, but as winter sets in, progress slows and the commander of the Ottoman Army, Hadim Mesih Pasha orders the construction of a large fort to house his troops for the winter.
  • Hungary continues to advance, taking Warshaw, Ternopil and Zamosc from Poland-Lithuania.The Queen Krizstina declares herself Queen of Hungary and Poland, after the creation of a Polish vassal state. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi expands 600 sq km.
  • France begins to mobilize its forces in case the Iberians decline their ultimatum. Diplomats are sent to Vietnam and Brandenburg to ensure their support, and tells Hanthawaddy and Hungary that no aggression is meant towards them, and that they should either remove themselves from Iberia, or at least make sure that their flags on their ships are both clearly marked. France's Navy moves into blockading positions in Iberia, but sticks to "international" waters in order to avoid provoking the Iberians.
    • Hungary never had any involvement in the Portuguese-Iberian War, since it is occupied fighting with Poland-Lithuania.if a Hungarian ship is passing through Iberian waters, it is because it is trying to reach the Baltic to launch an attack in Poland-Lithuania.
    • I know, it was simply a diplomatic formality since you are now allied with Hanthawaddy. I was attempting to prevent a "powder keg" in Western Europe.
    • Al-Nasir, the new Mughal strongman, offers support to the French and Ottomans, and recommends a strategic triumvirate alliance. No specific terms are enumerated.
  • According to the wishes of the French, Mon ships along the Aragonese and Navarran coasts are evacuated, while the remaining ships in Iberia are clearly marked with the ensign of Hanthawaddy. The ships that were evacuated were sent to Dunquk Dung, adding a new settlement on the eastern edge that was a mix between Arawak, Iberian, and Mon culture. The new settlement and military means from the ships result in a major expansion of 2300 sq km east along the coast.
  • China amps up its military and expands its holdings in former Inca by 2300 sq km.
  • … Can you at least please try to read the rules? You have only three colonies, you are expanding in a grey area, and you are using a full turn in your main country. Thus, the maximum is 400 sq km.
  • The Commonwealth assures France that they will support the latter against Iberia. More ships are sent to the Portuguese coast. The Army prepares to land on the Navarran Coast to assist France. Meanwhile, a rebellion breaks out in the Scottish Lowlands of the Keltic Alliance. The Commonwealth declares neutrallity. The first London Tennis Championships are held, with King-Emperor John in attendance. Parliament has found its coffers empty from all of the wars, and now decrees that a book based on the Domesday Book should be made for England and Germany in order to facilitate tax collection and possibly institute the idea of a draft (which would be in a limited fashion, only including men in the area of a conflict for whom working on the harvest wasn't necessary.) Finally, Neue Brandenburg expands by 25*50 sq km.
    • London tennis championships? What about cricket?


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese follow Hanthawaddy's example, and withdraw most trading vessels to either Furansuchou or Vietnam proper. The remaining mechant vessels still on the Furanschou-Vietnam route carry essential goods and fly oversized Vietnamese flags to denote their nationality. The Vietnamese approach their allies in with the possibility to mount a coup to topple Emperor Fiuroz. They need to defeat Fiuroz for "threatening the peace of West Europe and, by extension, the world".
    • France agrees that a coup would be the best (and fastest) way to defeat Fuiroz until the war with Brittany is over. France sends Écuyer Gaulle de Normandy, who is France's leading royal spymaster, to Furansuchou to plot with the Vietnamese on how to remove the Emperor.
    • the Tsar secretly sends a messenger to france saying that the OVVR will help organize a coup d'etat in spain as the Emperor is threatening the Tsardom with his "Iberian Supperiority plan". the new tsar prclaims that an offensive move on any other European nation will be a declaration of war on Russia itself.
  • The Galician War ends, with Hungary receiving the Polish part of Poland-Lithuania in the peace treaty. Újfundlandi expands 500 sq km. Meanwhile, the Navy starts to be upgraded. Öböl expands 200 sq km southward.
  • Things in France become chaotic as Brittany begins marching towards Paris. The Duke of Brittany is taking advantage of the chaos caused by Iberia as an attempt to remove French influence from Brittany. Fortunately, Savoy and Burgundy do not bite at this opportunity. French forces sufficiently delay the Bretons as they wait for an Army from the south to wheel around from the preparations of the invasion of Iberia to attack Brittany itself. Breton forces are driven out of France by the end of the year. Unfortunately for France, they will be able to do little about the situation in Iberia until the war in Brittany is over. They are however able to keep a respectable force in southern France in hopes that if Iberia does invade that they will at least be able to delay their advance.
    • Welp, this is the best way I can prevent France from starting a war with Spain until the owner gets back. You better thank me RogueJedi!!
  • Hanthawaddy upgrades its military and navy, outfitting them with the newest muskets and artillery. Dunquk Dung annexes the ABC islands, at 1550 sq km. However, the annexation is not complete, because of lack of resources, and the northern part of Bonaire is left unconquered. Hanthawaddy calls the islands Kroa, Duma, and Seng, after the three jewels of Buddhism. In addition, Pimpisara II asks the Mughals for sovereignty over the city of Bodh Gaya, which is extremely close to the border of Hanthawaddy and carries religious significance.
    • Might this be an opportunity to pursue wider relations? The Mughal-Muwahaddun Empire is anxious to solidify relations with our eastern neighbor. Certainly, the request is granted and the Akbar indicates that emissaries will participate in a pilgrimage upon an annual basis to Bodh Gaya to pay homage. 20 riderless white elephants are sent as gifts to Hanthawaddy.
  • The Commonwealth offers to support France in it attempts to pacify Brittany. New Lancaster and New England expand by 5*50 sq km each. (I am quite busy and I don't have time to post more).
    • France replies that the best thing that England can do is to help at the Iberian border and to continue patrols. France is tired of the Breton state, and intends on pacifying it once and for all.
  • The OVVR secretly organize a coup d'etat in Warsaw which they have been planning for years (1585-1587). It was most likely successful because of great anger in the people and the military for a lost war against hungary. The Polish "civil war" erupts: Sigismund II's supporters against the rebels supported by Russian troops and supporting a Russian government that is "more reliable to protect the slavic motherland". Certain Pan-slavic movements start.
  • Al-Nassir orders the reduction of Christian outposts in Hindustan territory and declares a 'jihad'. However, all Christians are provided with opportunities to depart peaceably. The wasteful Mughal government is revamped upon traditional lines of military spheres. Delhi is largely exempted from the 'Trojanization' of the Hindu and Muslim youth. Military fighting styles merge and the Mughal military forces begin to expand with increasing confidence through Sri Lanka. Resettlement of Madagascar is accomplished with a surprise attack by the 'commercial fleet' upon lightly armed and poorly prepared sailors stationed in this region. Most of them have in fact succumbed fairly quickly to tropical heat and disease. The Mughals take over English redoubts and provide transport for the English to return to South Africa.
  • If you read my post, there are no English in Madagascar. Conducting raids on a colony isn't the same as establishing redoubts there. Anyway, after the treaty of Pegu all raids stopped anyway.


  • Vietnam sends soldiers to asist in France's annexation of Brittany. Skilled Vietnamese assassins are sent behind Breton lines to kill Breton commanding officers, and cause disorder in their ranks. The Vietnamese feel an obligation to aid their French allies, as their alliance with the French is seen as "a pact of honor". The Vietnamese are as committed to honor as the Japanese, which is natural considering the heavy influence Japan has had historically on Vietnam's culture.
  • The Rebels in Poland, with the support of and armed by the Russian army proclaim victory in the civil war as Sigimund II Agustus is captured and banished to Sri Lanka, unofficially making it a penal colony. Ivan, with the "Request" of the "Revolution's master" (really an OVVR member) "unwillingly" Proclaims himself Ivan V, Tsar of all Russias and Poland, of Lithuania Grand Duke, Ruler of Siberia and their Dominions. This act unofficially marks the personal union of the two nations, although fighting is only predicted to end by the end of the year when the remainder of the Polish army led by Sigismund's son Henry(who also proclaimed himself Henry III King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania after his father's "Death") will "be destroyed by the winter". On the aniversary of his coronation Ivan V triumphantly enters Warsaw, although fighting is still going on. Ivan announces that nobody will be forced to convert from Catholicism to Orthodoxy and that Catholicism, if the people command will be the official religion of the Polish-Lithuanian state. The Predictions are not made to the end of the war as fighting between the two claimants to the Polish throne remain at a stalemate well into next year.
  • I have already conquered Warshaw from Poland-Lithuania, didn't you looked up 1586 to see that?
  • By nobles' pressure, Zoltán Corvinus is crowned King of Hungary, even though he was supposed to be crowned between 1589 and 1590. However, Krisztina remains being Queen of the Polish state. Most of the Polish Army is upgraded and positioned in the borders of Poland, to avoid a possible Russian invasion. Újfundlandi expands 700 sq km. Most are directed to the northern end of Ujfundlandi, but some reach OTL Magdalen Islands, and 200 sq km are conquered (equivalent to most of OTL Grosse Île). Meanwhile, Hungarian army and navy continue to be upgraded.
  • France accepts Vietnamese support in the war with Brittany and appreciates the Commonweath's offer as well. French forces invade Brittany due to the arrival of significant reinforcements from the south, coupled with the actions of Vietnam. Losses are light, as quite a few lords see a war with France futile since the offensive towards Paris has failed. A major battle is fought at Nantes earlier in the year, and with the aid of the Vietnamese the Breton army is routed.
  • Hanthawaddy annexes the rest of OTL Bonaire, at 100 sq km. In addition, Dunquk Dung expands 1500 sq km eastward along the coast. The OTL Ostrovnoy settlement expands west 150 sq km, and the OTL Murmansk settlement expands north 250 sq km. Raikmoh expands 250 sq km south. Katimon is introduced with the crop of cotton. Mons begin to employ local aborigines in growing the crop. Some of the military reforms from the previous year are continued on the mainland.
  • The Mughals petition the Ottomans for the establishment of a mutual settlement and expansion sphere along the West Hindustan coast. In advance of acceptance, the Mughals establish a trading settlement in Trivandrum. Also, the Maldives are established as the Mughals southernmost territory after brief skirmishing with the largely 'native' population.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Emperor establishes the Dai danh. They are an elite unit of Vietnam's finest soldiers. It is considered a great honor to a Vietnamese soldier to be selected to join their ranks. They can complete missions that ordinary soldiers cannot. In effect they are the first modern "Special Forces" unit in world history. Their armor shows aspects of the Japanese Samurai's armor and the the armor of the Ming Warrior, as well as aspects from local Vietnamese armor.
  • Won't that encourage lords to invent causes for disloyalty?
  • Bad idea in general. The samurai competed for power, keeping Japan in a constant state of war, and the state was very decentralized. The samurai became much more powerful than the emperor. Feudalism is never a preferable system. Read up on the Tokugawa Shogunate.
  • I made them a Renaissance equivilent to the SAS or the Navy SEALs. The cream of the crop of the Vietnamese Army. On another note, what would be a good Vietnamese name to call them?
  • Đại danh. It's a direct transliteration of Japanese "daimyo" and "dà míng" (great name) in Chinese.
  • Is that what I should call the warriors or the lords?
  • If there's a difference, you probably shouldn't compare either to samurai, but it's up to you, just suggesting.
  • Hanthawaddy expands its whaling industry, landing at the OTL Andaman Islands. Although the natives are overall unfriendly, fishermen and Buddhist missionaries begin landing on the coast. The first dictionaries of Andaman languages are documented, in order to make peace with the local tribes. Some Australian aboriginals are transported to the area to serve as a work force. During the year, Dunquk Dung expands east along the coast 950 sq km (19*50 sq km). Katimon expands 400 sq km south along the coast. The OTL Longyearbyen settlement expands west along the coast 200 sq km.
  • The Commonwealth officially declares that, in lieu of the fact two of their allies (Hungary and Russia) are possibly coming into conflict, they will remain neutral in any struggle. However, King-Emperor John orders the expanding of the standing army to 50,000 men, with more to be called up when necessary. Meanwhile, in the Keltic Alliance Scotland declares independence (as Pictland). The remaining Kelts adopt a new, theocratic, deeply anti-British style of government. The Commonwealth declares a pact of mutual alliance with the Picts against the Kelts. Also, disease ravishes the penal colonies at Sudafrica, causing many prisoners to die. Those who are left are forced to serve their sentences as an army garisson, defending against possible Mughal incursions. New England and Neue Brandenburg are expanded by 10*50 sq km each. Also, Commonwealth sailors finally chart Atlantis and New Lancaster's coasts. Finally, with the New Domesday Book completed, the five largest cities in the increasingly urban Commonwealth are: Potsdam, London, Neue Brandenburg, Brandenburg-an-der-Havel, and Atlantis.
  • Újfundlandi expands 600 sq km in the OTL Magdalene Islands. Meanwhile, another settlement of 100 sq km is created at OTL Montevideo. Meanwhile, The King Zoltán tries to avoid conflict, recommending that the Tsar takes the "of Poland" out of his title, since all of the Polish part of Poland-Lithuania is ruled by the Corvinus dynasty ,except by some small chunks of land, and great part of what used to be Mazovia, and that the Polish Queen understood that as a confirmation that Russia plans to invade Poland. Meanwhile, Hungarian army and navy are upgraded.
  • As French troops push deepr and deeper into Brittany, a coup takes place and removes the Breton Duke. The new Duke reaches out to France and Vietnam asking for peace, and by the end of the year negotations are finally agreed to and the fighting in Brittany is halted. Brittany will be annexed by france, and the Duke of Brittany will swear fealty to the King of France and shall become the Duke of Normandy. The Duke of Normandy will also pay Vietnam 1/5 of what is in his personal treasury. Troops are expected to return to the border of Iberia quickly, but it will be next year before any significant forces can march south.

Thanks for not attacking Iberia, I appreciate it ........... Now to start a civil war. Roguejedi 22:14, July 9, 2011 (UTC)

  • In Iberia, Portugal is now completely "conquered" by Emperor Fuiroz and the Iberian forces. Emperor Fuiroz decides upon making a national holiday comemerating the moment of victory, and says that: "This is the first step for worldwide Iberian dominance". Meanwhile, the lords have a secret meeting while the emperor is at the festivities. Also present are Portugueese representatives, as their leadership has been killed in the war. The meeting discusses the best removal of Emperor Fuiroz and his assosiates. As the meeting commences, it is obvious that the representatives are divided into three distinct groups, and after the meeting, each group meets together and plans war. Of the 15 lords and the Portuguesse representatives, 6 lords and half of the Portugueese decide to form a single nation to fight together to remove Fuiroz. They calledc themselves the Unity. three lords and the rest of portugal, called the Nationalists, decide to fight Fuiroz but remain separate countries. The other six lords, lured by the words of Fuiroz, decide to fight for the Empire, the Imperialists. The groups prepare for war as it draws closer. the Unity decides to launch its first attack in 1590, the next year. All of the various factions demand other countries to not intervine, as this is an internal war. I will get a map of the war in the next couple days.
  • China expands its holdings in former Inca by 1200 sq km.
  • Still excessive. See rules.
  • I've been expanding like this for decades and now you call it out?


Principia Moderni Map 1590
Principia Moderni Map 1590 Key
  • Hanthawaddy creates its first major dock facility in the Andaman Islands at OTL Landfall Island. Pimpisara II appoints dozens of his finest patriarchs to travel to the Andaman Islands as missionaries. They introduce improved hunting technology in hopes of appeasing the natives, despite warnings by Pimpisara II that this might backfire should the natives become angered. Meanwhile, Katimon expands north 900 sq km. Dunquk Dung creates a new 150 sq km harbour at OTL Higuerote, in addition to expanding 150 sq km east along the coast. Jamaicamon, Dunquk Dung, and the Three Jewels Islands into Kumoeh Hongsuwatoe, New Hanthawaddy. Each would be administered from the port of Jamaicamon. Raikmoh adds 150 sq km of territory to the south.
    • The Mughals have had extensive colonies throughout the Andaman Islands for a half dozen years. Several postings refer specifically to these developments. Representatives of Hanthawaddy are politely informed of that fact and peaceful co-population of these island domains is sought through diplomatic channels.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. Their soldiers are sent back to Furansuchou, where they prepare for the Iberian invasion. The experimental high-rises are becoming a more and more common sight in Vietnam. The Vietnamese make preparations to annex the island of Sumatra into their nation.
  • I'm going to add more tomorrow.
  • the settlement at OTL Montevideo is named as Új Zagráb, and expanded by 250 sq km.Újfundlandi also expands 250 sq km,completing its conquest of the OTL Magdalene Islands, and Labrador expands 300 sq km.
  • You should include your country's name in every post.
  • France positions most of its army on the border of Iberia. A diplomat is sent to the generals who France was in contact before to see if there will be any acceptance to their ultimatum. France asks Vietnam and the Commonwealth to ready their forces.
  • The Commonwealth immediately begins mobilization of men in southwest Germany and southwest England. The navy is ready to transfer forces into Spain. The King-Emperor officially declares he supports the nationalists in the civil war. He hopes Portugal, upon independance, could become a reliable ally of France, Vietnam, and the Commonwealth. He also begins work on a glider, which he wishes can enable man to fly. (By the way, this will not be self-propelled, only be able to fly over short distances, only be used for entertainment purposes, and be easily within the technological capabilities of the era). This leads to several flying accidents from inventors eager to please. Finally, Neue Brandenburg is expanded by 25*50 sq km.
  • In Iberia, the civil war begins.
    Civil war 1
    In barcelona, Kingdom of Spain soldiers advance greatly, but are pushed back in Logrono. The UIR launches over 200,000 soldiers with a massive attack on Madrid, making moderate advances. advances are also made along the coastlines and on Imperial Portugal. Forces in Zaragoza begin to fall back and set up defensive lines afgter an Imperial assault. All the factions release versions of the same message: do not interfere in the civil war. The soldiers in these countries wish to win for themselves, and their pride
    Civil war 2

    the war after the end of the year

    prevents them from wanting to have foreign help.Only a few skirmishes between the nationalits and the UIR occur, but tensions increase.
  • The Mughals continue to absorb territories to the south and west coast of Hindustan in the absence of confirmation from the Ottomans and the withdrawal of European naval forces from the region. Mughal territory now includes the entire eastern coast, the southern tip and southwestern coastline, including the city of Calicut. A European style road is constructed from Madras to Mangalore solidifying Mogul unity among the tributary Kings of these territories.


  • Új Zagráb and Újfundlandi expand 500 sq km each. Hungary and Poland's army and navy (only in the Hungarian case) are upgraded.
  • In Iberia, the war continues as the UIR starts to gain momentum. UIR forces are now laying siege to Madrid, and Emperor Fuiroz is forced to relocate to deeper within Imperial territory. Zaragozan forces have kept the Imperials to minimal advances, but their supply lines are long and they are weakening. Nationalists in Portugal gain influence in norhtenr Portugal but lose it in southern Portugal, and Spanish Imperialists advance on Barcelona, but continue to fall back in many other sectors. The UIR offers alliances to France, Hungary, and the Commonwealth, saying that, if they win this war, they will bring about a new era of peace and prosperity in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe as a whole. As a gesture of friendship, the UIR promises to cut active troops by 25% and lower military spending by 25% after the civil war.
    Civil war 3
  • After years of not being able to do anything about the threat of Fuiroz in the south, and now that the moment is more ripe than ever with the impending civil war, France declares war on and invades Iberia. They declare their neutrality between the UIR, the Kingdom of Spain, and Portugal, and will only assist those forces when they are fighting the Iberian Empire. Barcelona is being attacked and is under siege. Envoys are sent to the Kingdom of Spain asking for access through their lands in order to attack the rest of the Iberian Empire.
  • The Kingdom of Spain and the UIR both allow French troops to move through their territory. Portugal does not, however, and relations with the UIR deteriorate further. Te UIR and Kingdom of Spain begin negotiations on how to divide the Peninsula once the war is over.
  • Incan Empire: The Incan military begins modernization, and offers of alliance are sent to France and Anglo-Germany. Incan troops begin to pus out the Chinese after the Battle of 3 Days, which ends te major option of China taking Cuzco any time soon. Immigration is encouraged from all over the globe, and te Incan Government adds the High Council (a Parliament), to help keep its peoples happy. The Incan Navy is begun with the launching of the HES (His Emperors Ship), Cuzco, the first modern Incan Man-o-War.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth sends troops into Spain to assist France. They land in the Iberian Empire by see and drive to connect with the French going west. The Commonwealth also accepts a 'conditional' alliance with the Incans, but only if remaining Chinese territory in former Inca lands is respected. If they agree to this, however, the Commonwealth will assist the Incas in the event of Chinese attacks into their lands. The Commonwealth urges France to do the same. Meanwhile, chess is becoming a popular board game in the Commonwealth. Neue Brandenburg is expanded by 25*50 sq km. Finally, a glider is developed which can fly for nearly 40 meters. It becomes used as a form of entertainment for court officials (though it is deemed to dangerous for use by the King-Emperor). Unfortunately, within 10 years it will become nothing more than a curiosity. (By the way Mughals, there is my pond-jumping technology).
    • ​Astonishing, replies Akbar. One wonders what wonders we will behold in a decade. - Janusary
  • I will be gone for two days. My troops in Iberia are under the command of France.-Zagoria
  • The Inca accept te conditional alliance and thank Anglo-Germany and France
  • The Incans are under Chinese occupation
  • Not all of it, right?
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. They offer their support to the Kingdom of Spain, as they are the only faction in the civil war with an inate claim to Potugal. They insist that they renounce their claims to the territory of Portugal, but allow them to install a member of the Spanish royal family as a friendly government. Elite Vietnamese assassins target high-ranking commanders of both the Iberian Empire and the United Iberian Republic for elimination. On September 21, 1591 the unthinkable happened. A Vietnamese assassin managed to poison Emperor Fuiroz's meal with aconite. The despised Emperor within minutes.


  • In Iberia, with Emperor Fuiroz dead, the civil war draws to a close within months. A council is declared between the UIC, Portugal, and Spain on what to do now that the war is over. The UIC heals relations with Portugal by promising the entire area that previously was Portugal will still be Portugal. with a 13-7 vote, the council decides to form the United Iberian Confederation, or UIC. The three countries within it will have semi-automancy, but all will be in a single "collective". The rulers will be the three kings, one from each of the nations, and they will decide the important decisions. The UIC offers alliances to France, Hungary and the Commonwealth, promising great wealth from trade between the nations.
    Civil war 4

    The divisions of the new UIC

  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Emperor agrees to extend the diplomatic relations to the UIC, but he is nonetheless disappointed that the Kingdom of Spain failed to become the dominant faction in Iberia. This was caused by the assassin assigned to the leader of the UIR being caught and quietly executed. They still offer an alliance and lucrative trade agreement to the UIC, as they are relieved that the conflict in Iberia is over. They waive their traditional gift of a throne and set of crown jewels as there are not one, but three royal families in Iberia. The Emperor has been heard half-jokingly lamenting the hard-to-follow state of Iberian politics.
  • Iberia (when I say Iberia I mean the state, not the UIC), wishes not to accept the alliance with Vietnam, due to the assassination attempt, but the other two overrule him, and accept the alliance with Vietnam. They hope the alliance with prove prosporus in the years to come.

By the way, where exactly are the Portuguese colonies? Are they in North Africa or somewhere else?

  • No, they don't exist. There are only Ceuta, Azores and Madeira.
  • Thanks.
  • Hungary continues to upgrade its navy. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi and Új Zagráb expand 500 and 550 sq km, respectively. The king accepts the alliance offered by Spain.
  • France accepts the alliance offers from both the Inca and Spain, although they are quite wary of Iberia still being involved in Andalusian politics. Both the French and Commonwealth troops withdrawal back to their respective nations when it is clear that civil order will be maintained. Since little expansion has taken place in Haiti in years, the crown takes the colony over and it is deemed a Royal Colony. A viceroy is sent to begin governing the colony. As a result, Haiti expands 1550 sq km.
  • Mughal expansion continues into western Hindustan in the absence of Ottoman reaction. Calicut is invested by Muhal forces, although resistance by the local population persists.


  • Vietnam expands their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. Vietnamese soldiers in Furansuchou stand down after the Iberian Civil War ends. The Vietnamese trade flow into the area returns to levels seen before the war. They are also able to sell the oversized flags previously needed to identify Vietnamese shipping. Most of the flags are purchased by patriotic citizens, and the money raised is farmed into weapons research. They also put more funding into training their burgeoning force of "Sáthủ" (derived from sát thủ which is Vietnamese for "assassin") in using weapons and fighting techniques suitable for their purpose of delivering clandestine eliminations of top enemy officials. In this respect they become as notorius as the infamous ninja of Japan. Their reputation for effectiveness and ruthlessness makes representatives of most countries more receptive to diplomacy with the Vietnamese out of fear. The Sáthủ eventually become the cornerstone of the Vietnamese spy service, and many poems, ballads and songs are written about their heroic actions in Vietnam.
  • Újfundlandi and Új Zagráb are expanded 500 sq km each. The Hungarian navy is upgraded.
  • Joseon expands into the Russian East, while also improving trade relations with Japan, China, Vietnam, and Hanthawaddy. They also offer trade deals to France.
    • France gladly accepts.
    • Vietnam welcomes the Joseon Ambassador, and hopes to have a very productive relationship with Joseon in the future. They hope this is the end of Joseon's self-imposed period of isolation.
  • Mathys II is tragically assassinated by a radical and crazed Breton East Asian Church monk. There is an immediate inquiry done to see if Vietnam had any involvement in this assassination, seeing that they so succesfully demonstrated their skills in the Brittanian War and the Iberian Civil War. However, no link is found between Vietnam and the assassin, as the styles were very different, not to mention Vietnam had no ill will towards France. There is also an investigation that is taking place in Brittany in all of the East Asian Churches, in order to root out any radicalism at these institutions. Since Mathys II had no child, his Uncle, who is hereby named Mathys III takes the throne. Haiti expands by 800 sq km.
    • The Vietnamese respond that the European branch of the East Asian Church was, until recently, enjoying an unreasonable amount of freedom from the authorities in Vietnam. The local Bishops have been discovered to be corrupt and power-hungry individuals who refused to either follow Angkor's commands or control their more radical members. It was his corruption and lack of oversight that caused the tragic murder of King Mathys II. The assassin, a disturbed monk named René de Launay, blamed the French King for the death of his country and had believed him to be an agent of Satan. The Vietnamese promise to put their European branch on a shorter leash, and institute a mandatory mental health test for all prospective applicants.
  • The Russian Tsar updates its military by adding Voiska Spetsalnogo Naznacheniya to the army. Meanwhile, a trade ship got lost while traveling to England in a storm and landed near OTL montreal and named the mountain Mount Royal in honor of the English (giving it an english name). Colony was henceforth given the same name


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese, in an effort to create healthier relations with the Russians, offer to help train their new Spetznaz operatives. They build an academy somewhere in Vietnam for this exact purpose. The exact location of this academy will stay a closely-guarded secret for centuries to come. The fighting techniques taught there are a constantly-evolving mix of various influences known as Vovinam. It is the newest branch of Vo Thuat (Vietnamese Martial Arts), and is related to the martial arts taught to the other branches of the military, and for civilian self defence. It has an emphasis on stealth and quick kills, much like the Japanese art of ninjutsu. It only further emphasizes Japan's heavy influence on Vietnam.
    • Russia accepts the offer and in exchange will give the vietnamese Russian rifling methods. Ivan V agrees that he too would like to repair relations with Asia that his father had nearly destroyed.
  • The Commonwealth agrees to establish an alliance with the UIC. In addition, they are happy that relations between their allies Vietnam and Russia are better. Finally, New England expanded by 25*50 sq km.
  • Újfundlandi and Új Zagráb expand 350 and 600 sq km each.
  • Russians accept the Hungarians`proposal for OTL Canada but says that he would like rights to territory up until OTL sept illes. The Revolution in Lithuania is officially over as Henri III is brought and executed in Moscow and Ivan V Declared Tsar of Lithuania, starting their personal union. Ivan Abandons his title of Tsar Of Poland in favor of Grand Duke of Warsaw, and asks the Hungarians if they would acknowledge Russian possesions of the land (Warsaw and surrounding territories until Lithuania go to Russia) in exchange for bordering land in Lithuania (to Hungary). The Tsar soon reveals he plans of conquering the St Lawrence Valley. Mount royal expands 1250km towards the Atlantic as the English Rapids (New name for Lachine Rapids as the ship was looking for England and not China). were blocking the ships form crossing further closer to the great lakes. Missionaries are sent to try to convert the mohawk population to Orthodoxy. The Colony is renamed Canada as the traders thought they heard the natives call it Kanata (it was later corrupted) that so Ivan gave the order to rename it.
  • The Ottomans advance further north, taking over much of OTL Kazakhstan. The Ottomans began to use a new kind of rifle called the Flintlock Rifle. The Ottoman navy also grows in size.
  • The UIC continues to recover from the civil war at a decent pace, with new economic stimulus plans in place. The UIC creates a colony on the other side of the Straits of Gibraltar, 100 sq km large, giving the UIC control over the Straits of Gibraltar and the entryway into the Mediterranean. The UIC assures its allies that they will always be permitted into the Mediterranean without having to pay any money, the colony is only a precautionary measure. The UIC is able to partially pacify the natives by promising them theat Granada will become an official Muslim state in the UIC.
  • You can't do this. I mean, a colony, you can establish, but you can't make your colony have 400 sq km without having expanded before. The size of an initial settlement must be 50 or 100 sq km and, since you have one colony, you were supposed to expand just 50 sq km in one turn (assuming that your turn was a full one, if not, you could expand up to 800 sq km at this state, but since you are expanding in a grey area, you could expand only up to 400 sq km in a half turn.) It would be more accurate to establish your colony and expand the other 300/350 sq km next turn. and please, add your country to the external territories list.
  • You would be correct, but I have three colonies. Notice my question above a couple of years on what colonies Portugal had. Now that Portugal is part of the UIC, those two colonies count.
  • Never mind I actually have FOUR.
  • Okay, but the initial settlement only can be 50 or 100 sq km, as I said before. You can expand the rest the next turns, but not now. 8 px just starting the colony is already exaggerating and would be more accurate to an invasion, not colonization.
  • Fixed it. sorry.
  • France sends an envoy to the Mughals to ask if they could obtain better trade relations. Haiti expands by 800 sq km.
    • Akbar accepts and requests French archaeological assistance to train specialists at the Delhi college. An exchange of ambassadors is additionally suggested.


Principia Moderni Map 1595
Principia Moderni Map 1595 Key
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese, as part of the normalization of relations with Russia, increase imports of traditionally Russian products. Vietnamese citizens start drinking more Russian vodka as a result of these increase imports. Vodka briefly replaces Vietnamese Wine and Anglo-German Beer as the Vietnamese liquor of choice. Vietnamese businessmen begin emulating the Russian spirit, as they have with wine and beer. They succeed, and Vietnamese vodka gains a modest share of the market. A uniquely Vietnamese version is also brewed from fermented rice, and is called "Rượu đế". As the years pass the similarities between Rượu đế and Vodka decrease until around 1656 when Rượu đế is officially declared a unique spirit, and not just a Vodka derivitive.
  • Labrador and Új Zagráb expand 100 and 900 sq km, respectively.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth sends its commiserations for the death of the King of France. A new form of war-clothing develops for the army, in which chain mail and heavy metal armour is replaced by more mobile leather garments which can protect from a sword-slash but not a bullet (of course, neither could chain-mail.) This (emblazoned with the Hohenzollern crest) becomes the first uniform which every soldier wears and can distinguish them from other armies. A local Maori warlord in New Lancaster declares war on the local Commonwealth garison and even with reinforcements from New England, the war is fought to a stalemate. Finally, plans begin for a Commonwealth sailor to travel around the world.
  • France gratefully accepts the Commonwealth's condolences. The University of Paris is expanded and is beginning to allow more and more Classical Greek studies and is beginning to slowly phase out a purely Theological course load. Haiti expands by 800 sq km.
  • After a few years of economic stability Hanthawaddy resumes colonial expansion and expands Katimon by 2000 sq km.
  • With the establishment of commercial relations between France and the Mughals, in conjunction with widespread regional efforts to avoid conflict with Europe, it is hoped that additional intercontinental relationships may evolve. Might the Commonwealth and/or Russia be interested in pursuing more harmonious relations? Akbar has obtained samples of wodka from Vietnamese envoys and found it decidedly refreshing, while the English flying machine remains an object of foremost admiration. Hindustan regards it as an historical imperative to improve cultural ties with the West. An Institute for Global Peace is established in Delhi and foreign representatives are invited. The occasion however is somewhat marred by the mutilation of 28 sepoys captured by rebels in a Calicut suburb.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese offer the Lithuanians their Philippine colony as a new homeland for their nation, as their territory had been gobbled up by Hungary and Russia. They offer a chance for the Lithuanians to rebuild their nation under Vietnamese protection, as an alliance and a very lucrative trade agreement are in store if the Lithuanians accept. The Vietnamese go above their usual gift of a throne and a set of crown jewels, offer to build the Lithuanians a new royal palace in the largest city of the colony. They allow the Lithuanians to choose the name of their new capitol. They allow any Lithuanian refugee free passage to their new homeland, and politely ask that they treat the native population and Vietnamese colonists with as much respect as they do their own citizens.
    • Wouldn't the native Philippinos cause some troubles? It would be possible if they could live in the cities, but if a large percentage of Lithuanians enter the Philippines genocide will be the only solution ...
    • I requested that they treat the native Philippinos with respect, in any case they are a vassal state of Vietnam.
      • Is DeanSimms even playing anymore? If he isn't could I have the Lithuanians be a Vietnamese vassal state?
      • Co-management of Russian settlements in Hindustan is offered by Akbar as a means to end longstanding differences with the new Tsar. Expanded commercial relations with the Mughal interior is offered in exchange for technical support. One prerequisite is specific information about the locations of all remaining Russian settlements within Hindustan. This information is required for the Mughal census.
        • ​Akbar inquires: Why haven't any of our territorial gains in Hindustan been included? What exactly is the point of playing if none of the actions are being recorded? PLEASE allow the map to reflect the current possession of the entire east coast, Goa, and southern tip, in addition to the western coast up to Calcutta. These coastal expansions have been going on for 15 years, so PLEASE acknowledge them.
        • Dean Sims probably isn't playing , and he left Poland-Lithuania for the Inca, but he forgot to erase his name from Poland-Lithuania and done and, is western coast up to Calicut but your progress only will be here in the 1600 map (the last part is for the Mughals).
        • The Mughals say 'thanks!'
        • Then is okay if I establish a Lithuanian Vassal State in the Philippines?
  • Új Zagráb and Újfundlandi expand 500 sq km each.
  • The Commonwealth offers an alliance to the Mughal Empire (which will be immediately rescinded if the latter insult or incite conflict with the Commonwealth or any of its allies). In addition, the Commonwealth offers an alliance with Joseon (I think there already was one, but you have been gone for a while.) Meanwhile, Germany has begun to follow England's example and create a distinctly European culture (it had a hybrid Euro-Oriental culture since the Japanese occupation of the mid-15th century). Neue Brandenburg expands by 25*50 sq km.
    • The Mughals would of course be honored to accept the offer of the illustrious Commonwealth. All efforts will be extended to avoid rescission. Hopefully, none of our regional partners will take offense concerning either the offer or acceptance of alliance.
  • Incan Empire: The Armed Forces continue to be strengtened and modernized as does the economy. An alliance is offered to Vietnam The Inca ask China to withdraw and in return the Inca will continue to supply you with resources for the next 50 years.
  • Could someone make a map of the Incan Empire and what parts are occupied by China?
  • The map of the Inca is already in the world map. that can be used as a base.
  • Inca was already conquered. When I conquered it, there was no algorithm, so I had to follow the rules of expansion. This is why I keep saying China expands in FORMER Inca.
  • Algorithm? There was a player controlling the Inca before him?
  • France agrees that there should be an exchange of ambassadors with the Mughals, and sends one immediately, along with a few Catholic missionaries. France also agrees to send two archaelogical professors to the Mughals, however they will not be sent until the following year due to a proposed redesigning of a fort system in France, thus moving away from the castle model. All of this is just discussing, and the debate continues on whether it is better for Lords to continue to operate out of their own castles, or if they should convert them into forts and live elsewhere in palaces. Haiti expands by 800 sq km.
    • The Mughals graciously accept the ambassadorial exchange and the offer of archaeological expertise! The first European diplomatic expedition from Mughal territories is feverishly anticipated with great ceremony. Construction of a suitable naval vessel is undertaken in Dhaka. The elderly architect, Lahauri [whose grandson will later be esteemed as primary designer of the Taj Mahal], is selected to accompany the mission to France and England in the following year. Akbar relays to French officials that they may wish to postpone their decision regarding the forts until they consult with Lahauri and view the plans that he will provide. In short, the Mughals may be able to offer experience and expertise in this area since Mughal palaces and forts have remained essentially monolithic structures of a dual nature. Also, the Akbar wishes to improve several strategic locations to the west of Delhi where mounted insurgencies from Afghanistan periodically continue and in this context French citadelle construction is deemed of significant interest.
  • China expands by 700 sq km in former Inca.


  • Új Zagráb and Öböl expand 450 and 550 sq km, respectively.
  • The debate about the Nation's defences has come to a standstill in France, and two archaeologists who would may have been drafted in the defence effort are instead sent to the Mughals. Haiti expands by 800 sq km.
    • Upon disembarking in Kerala, the French archaeologists are informed of the specific reason for their having been requested. In an extremely isolated location 38 km inland from Cochin a vault has been disinterred. The tomb within is marked with Aryan characters indicating the corpse is that of Alexander of Macedonia.
  • The Commonwealth declares that further expansion by China into Incan lands will not be tolerated. However, any attempt by the Incans to force China out of its territory already held will result in the ending of the Commonwealth-Incan alliance. The war effort in New Lancaster is draining supplies and recources so King-Emperor John orders an increase in troops sent to fight the Maoris. John is finding himself on his last legs, so he begins to groom his son Prince Joachim for the throne.
  • I'm tired of this. INCA IS GONE! I took it over before the algorithm was developed, so I am expanding according to these stupid colonization rules. Whoever is controlling Inca needs to pick a nation that still exists.
  • Incan Empire: The Incan Government moves to the eastern coast of South America and re-establishes the Incan Empire, refusing to admit defeat, it still keeps claim to the Cuzco Region, stating that if just that, should remain part of independant the independent Incan Empire, ans soon the Incan Armed Forces and there families begin the Great Migration toward the East Coast, while the remaining Incan citizens in the occupied homeland try to make as much trouble as possibke for the Chinese occupiers. The Map of the new Incan Empire is below:
  • I will be gone for about a week, I've got to go back to my father's house, where I don't get to use the computer very much. DeanSims 18:04, July 17, 2011 (UTC)
  • The UIC expands the South Granada colony by 900 sq km, expanding solely (for now) along the coast to both the west and the east. The UIC has now fully recovered from the civil war and revolution. The UIC makes plans for a colony to be founded in the Americas, and begins training a group of hundreds of explorers to set sail in a few years.
  • The Akbar of the Mughals sends emissaries along the Old Silk Route to Muscovy. From there, gifts of lapiz azul are dispatched to the new Tsar. The Mughals continue to look towards Europe for cultivation and social advancements, and with new alliances established among the Mughals, France and the Commonwealth, it behooves Akbar to attempt to resolve any outstanding issues preventing the Russians from entering into more affable relations. Meanwhile, the College of Delhi receives a royal stipend that allows professors to travel into isolated regions in order to provide free lectures. However, the Mujahaddin continue to harass border outposts and the Mughals consider an invasion of Kashmir to expel the rebels. A diplomatic resolution is sought in advance of any militarization, however further encroachment by Muslim rebels from neutral nations' soil will not be permitted.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese officially declare the existance of the New Lithuania vassal state. Scores of pro-independence Lithuanians immigrate to the new state, which eases tensions in their former European homeland. The New Lithuanians expand quickly through the Philippines because of the incredible flow of immigrants. They promise to treat the native population with as much respect as their former Vietnamese leaders.


  • Some Új Zagráb settlers found a new settlement in the other side of the OTL Río de La Plata, in what is OTL Buenos Aires.1000 sq km are conquered.
  • The Mughals establish trading colonies in Yemen, and re-establish abandoned agricultural installations in Madagascar.
  • The Pope sends an emissary to the King of France requesting that colonization efforts have a greater focus on converting the natives of the New World. The King of France agrees, and decides to send a group of colonists to OTL Nova Scotia with a religious charter and mandate to spread the Catholic religion in the New World amongst the natives. Preparations for their voyage begin in earnest, which include recruiting the most persuasive apologists, the finest missionaries, and the most religious individuals who would like to go with the others to the colony.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. Stephen Báthory, former ruler of Poland-Lithuania, arrives in New Lithuania and is almost immediately crowned the new Grand Duke of New Lithuania. He had smuggled the crown jewels of Poland-Lithuania to New Lithuania, as he was unwilling to let them fall into the hands of Hungary's puppet regime. The Vietnamese allow him to marry the daughter of a prominent Vietnamese lord to replace his old wife Ann, who died two years ago. He, himself, only lives long enough to see his new Grand Duchess give birth to his son. The Grand Duchess serves as Regent until her son is old enough to ascend to the throne.
  • In the Commonwealth, the death of King-Emperor John causes consternation among the nobles. During his long reign, John had been a force which held the nation together. He had created a strong monarchy, and decreased the power of the nobles. He had also instituted a policy in which every religion and ethnicity was tolerated. At his death, however, he was succeeded by his son Joachim, who was born and bred in Potsdam, and regarded the English with contempt. John's grandson (named Sigismund), however, had spent more time with his grandfather, and had picked up some of his pro-Englishness. Sigismund entered London, while his father was being crowned in Potsdam. Luckily for the nation, the two agree to make up, and civil war is averted. Meanwhile, the conquest of the local Maoris is completed, so New Lancaster expands by 25*50 sq km.
  • The Russian Tsar Graciousely Accepts the Akbar's Gifts and Sends back novgorodian furs, Russian Vodka and Caviar To the Mughals in return. More constructions are made in the Grand Embassy to accommodate more emissaries. Ivan offers great condolences to Anglo-Germany and then Invites Emissaries from all asia to come to the Great city of Moscow and marvel at the beuty of the Russian Land but more importantly act as ambassadors. Canada Expands 1250 sq km (and BTW, the location on the map is more like Quebec city than Montreal Island), Settlements are made on the Native village of Stadacone (OTL Quebec). the Natives, being less friendly than the Ones in Novorossiya begin to battle with the settlers. More supplies are sent to America to aid the settlers. after little skirmishes the Russians win and the Tsar orders the colonists not to punish the nativees in any more ways than the deaths of peopple in war. Horror strikes the Russian Tsardom as Ivan V dies from an unknown desease in winter. The Tsar's son Dimitri is crowned Dimitri II, Tsar and Grand Duke of all Russias and Lithuania, Prince of Warshava, Ruler of Siberia and all their dominions soon after. Dimitri promises to usher an age of understanding and tolerance in his domains and proclaims all races equal and all equal under the law. Dimitri starts planning a royal visit to Delhi and during dinner with the Akbar have him drink a shot out of the same bottle of vodka (to symbolize tolerance along with it being a Russian tradition) to end any outstanding grudges between the Mughals and Russia. Meanwhile, dried Tobacco from America and smoking pipes becomes a greatly exported product. (sorry if it's a bit excessive, I've been planning this for a while and will be gone and won't be able to edit at all until probably Friday or Saturday depending on your time zone. Mods, feel free to move part of this post to 1599).


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The New Lithuanians expand until every major island OTL Philippines is settled, though some islands are quite sparsely populated. Grand Duchess Anna Sophia (the adopted name of the Vietnamese princess) establishes the New Lithuanian Seimas in the capitol of New Vilnius (OTL Manila), and establishes a new currency called the Litas. In recognition of the contributions made by the flood of Lithuanian immigrants from Europe, the New Lithuanian Grand Duchess declares that every immigrant to set foot on New Lithuanian territory gets a modest parcel of land to settle on. This only increases the flood of immigrants from Russian-held Lithuania, as many move to New Lithuania hoping for a better life. In order to prevent native rebellion, the local tribes are given land claims themselves. Most of them soldify their claims, founding ethnic communities in New Lithuania. The New Lithuanian economy is booming, as they are heavily supported by Vietnam. Vietnamese merchants have a lucrative trade deal with New Lithuanian merchants. The Vietnamese give the New Lithuanians discounts on essential supplies for the establishment of various industries in New Lithuania, in exchange for discounts on the products of these industries. They agree to leave Joseon's territory in the OTL Philippines alone.
  • Öböl and Új Zagráb expand 600 and 550 sq km, respectively. Meanwhile, in Poland, the Queen Krisztina dies, and is succeeded by her husband, Gustav.
  • King-Emperor Joachim II of the Commonwealth sends his condolences to Poland and Russia. He sends his ambassador to Moscow to officially declare the Commonwealth-Russian alliance is a strong as ever. Relations between King-Emperor Joachim and Crown Prince Sigismund are as difficult as ever. New, explosive growth of the city of Portsmouth has made it the largest city in England. This is most likely due to its position as a port (and an island) which means most commerce in the Commonwealth passes through here. It soon becomes the business capital of the nation.
  • The UIC expands their South Granada colony by 950 sq km again along the coast, this time into the Mediterranean. They continue to train the new colonists that will go to the Americas, making sure that they are ready for anything and will be able to grow into a large colony. The date of the voyage is still unknown.
  • France sends a small colonial expedition to North America. The small group, made mostly of priests and a few soldiers and their wives, reach OTL Halifax, Nova Scotia early in the year. Upon arriving in their large ship, a group of Native Americans surround the ship and send a warm welcome. The natives allow the French to settle in the area peacefully and commence trading almost immediately. Since the colonists are mostly French Priests, they decide to name the colony in Latin to distinguish it from other French colonies. They therefore decide to name it Nova Francia, or New France. The priests set off immediately attempting to convert many of the natives of the surrounding area as well as learning their language and teaching French, and an Algonquin chief is especially interested in what the French priests tell him about this new Catholic God. The Royal Colony of Haiti is reorganized and the leader of the colony is now known as the Mayor of Haiti. It is expected that the rest of the French colonies will soon be reorganized.
  • The Russians already made a colony in Montreal.
  • Whoops!! Sorry, I missed that on the map ... apologies. (seriously, I've been looking at the map for days trying to figure out where to put this thing. I think I may be retarded.) I'm just about to step out for an hour or two, so I when I return I'll change it to Nova Scotia.)

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