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Principality of Wales
Tywysogaeth Cymru
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Pembrokeshire, Coastal areas of Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion
Flag of Wales Welshcoa1983dd
Flag Coat of Arms
Principality of Wales in Green

"Cymru am byth" ()
(""Wales for ever"")

Anthem ""Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau""
Capital Pembroke
Largest city Pembroke
Other cities Carmarthen, Aberaeron, Llanelli and Aberystwyth
Demonym Welsh
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional Principality
  legislature Welsh Parliament
Prince Charles I
  Royal house: Windsor
Prime Minister Janet Ryder
Area 5768 km²
Independence 1983
Annexation to Celtic Alliance
  date 1995
Currency British Pound, Welsh Pound
The Principality of Wales, or simply West Wales, was a Welsh survivor state, mainly based in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, in the South-West of Wales. In 1990 it voted to become part of the Celtic Alliance .



Before Doomsday Wales was a Constituent Country of the United Kingdom. While retaining a unique language and culture, the vast majority of the population spoke English and was officialy bilingual.

Post Doomsday

Isolation While West Wales itself was unscathed by the effects of Doomsday, there were to be large effects within it. Due to the large tourist industry in Pembrokeshire and the surrounding areas, there were several thousand tourists staying in various towns at the time, and by late October many hundreds of thousands of refugees started arriving from the East.

As the area was able to deal with large numbers of visitors, many of these people were rehoused in hotels and hostels. Wales, however, faced a problem: while it had a sizeable fishing and agriculture industry, many supplies were shipped in. With food slowly running out, it was decided that, alongside with the existing unemployed, the refugees should be put on a rota system in which they would help out at a farm, fishery, or go on a hunting party, the food produced from which would be equally distributed. At the same time, able-bodied men of 16-40 were asked to volunteer for either a militia, or to engage in Scouting parties to gather supplies and find out any information as to what had happened.

Arrival of a Prince

Prince Charles 2012

Prince Charles in 2015

As heir to the British Throne, Charles, Prince of Wales, was evacuated by helicopter from his home before the bombs struck. However, while the plan was to fly Charles to the Isle of Wight, with the Queen and the remaining British Government, high wind speeds, presumably caused by the nuclear-fueled fires of London and other areas, caused the helicopter to turn back. With fuel running low, it was decided to fly to the remote Aberystwyth, where the pilot believed either Ireland could be contacted, or a boat contracted to sail to the Isle of Wight. However, upon arrival, news had just reached the town of the surviving government based in Pembrokeshire. Incidentally, with Charles' failure to arrive in the Isle of Wight, he was assumed dead, and so the role of heir passed to his younger brother Andrew.

On arrival, Charles confirmed that London had been destroyed and there was no legitimate functioning government. On the 17th November, Charles was invited to a meeting between the local councilors, MP and Civil Servants, and it was decided the best way for the area to survive would be to officially restore Wales as an independent nation, with Charles as it's leader. On Christmas day, the Principality of Wales and its Constitution was declared, with Charles as the constitutional Prince of Wales.


West Wales 2

Administrative Regions of Direct Control

As the new nation started to settle, expeditions proved to be successful. In 1985 Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion joined the Principality, and influence extended beyond even these borders. Agriculture started to yield greater crops, and wool produced in the area was traded for food and other supplies. By this time the refugees from other areas started to assimilate into to culture, though with improving safety in traveling, many risked the passage to the parts of Britain they had originated from, and some few moved to New Britain and Australia with renewed contact. While at first this contact raised the question from some whether Andrew should continue to be King, as Charles' younger brother, but Charles insisted on dropping all claims on the British Monarchy other than in Wales.

By 1992 Wales had gathered a relatively strong economy through trading, and in 1993 it was announced that extensive repairs would be made to Pembroke Castle to house Charles as a Royal Household, but also to serve as a symbol of national resiliance. In 1994 the main repairs were completed, and most of the castle remained open to the public on weekends and public holidays.

Celtic Province

With Contact with the Celtic Alliance in the late 1980's, the question of assimilation into this stronger nation was raised. However, it was at the time decided to stay independent for the time, as Celtia was focusing on expanding into Scotland and Cornwall at the time. However, in 1993 the question was raised again, and the following year a referendum was held. These came out with a vast majority in favour of joining the Celtic Alliance. In 1995 the nation, alongside Northern Wales and Angelsey, joined the Celtic Alliance, with Charles remaining the Prince of Wales, but with far reduced powers. In 2002 the entirety of Wales was welcomed into the alliance and reorganised into Gorllewin Cymru. Charles' official status was revoked, but the local Pembrokeshire government continued to allow him to reside in the castle, and he takes part in many unofficial ceremonies. The Celtic Alliance has a policy of allowing former nobility to keep their titles.

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