Principauté de Monaco
Principality of Monaco
Client state of Kingdom of Italy (1942-45)
Flag of Genoa.svg
1297–1945 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg
New Flag of Monaco.svg Coat of Arms of Monaco.svg
Flag of Monaco State Emblem of Monaco
"Deo Juvante" (Latin)
"With God's Help"
Hymne Monégasque
Capital Monaco
Official language French
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Monarchy Fascist single-party, totalitarian dictatorship
 - 1297-1301 Francesco Grimaldi (first)
 - 1922-1945 Louis II (last)
Minister of State
 - 1911-1917 Émile Flach (first)
 - 1937-1945 Émile Roblot (last)
Legislature National Council (Monaco)
Historical era Interwar period Cold War / World War II
 - Created 1297
 - Following Italy 2 September 1945
Currency Monégasque franc (F)

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