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Principality of Lippe (No Great War)

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Fürstentum Lippe (German)
Principality of Lippe
State of the German Empire (1871-1991)
Coat of arms of Lower Saxony.svg
Flag of Lippe (1815-1880).svg
Flag of Lippe (1815-1880).svg Wappen Deutsches Reich - Fürstentum Lippe.png
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Detmold
Official language German,
Religion Catholicism, Protestant
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 - 1789-1802 Leopold I(First)
 - 1905-1949 Leopold IV
 - 1949-1991 Armin(Last)
 - Established 1123
 - Raised to County 1528
 - Raised to Principality 1789
 - Disestablished 1991
Currency Papiermark (1914-1938)
Reichsmark (until 1991)

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