Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria narrowly escapes assassination while in Sarajevo. He goes on to become emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1916.


As tensions continue to mount in Europe over sphere's of influence, Britain pumps even more money into weapons development, ordering further R&D into Landships.


The British Empire is reformed into the Imperial Federation.


Isolationist Warren G. Harding wins the Presidency.


Great Britain begins building military bases in Tibet, Russia and Japan Protest. France follows suit in Southern China. By year's end France, Belgium and Great Britain sign a military alliance declaring military aide to each other should one be attacked. Russia, and Japan form an unholy alliance for the dominance of East Asia. Germany forms the Central Powers with Austria-Hungary, and The Ottoman Empire. Italy remains neutral.


The French Ship Bayonne, while ferrying supplies to French supporters in Manchuria is sunk by a Japanese I-Boat. The Great War finally begins.


The Russian Imperial Army Invades Germany as the German army tries to suppress Entente forces from the west. Japan blocks all Chinese Trade outside of the Eastern Alliance. The US Stock Market, already shaky (due to no wartime economic growth in the 1910s.) crashes on "Black Monday" 1925 with news of the end of the China Trade.


President Coolidge, choosing not to run for a second term with record low approval ratings, is succeeded by New York Governor Al Smith, the first Catholic to hold office. Smith ran on a campaign of joining the Western Powers in the War to reopen Chinese trade and rebuild the US economy. Russia takes Berlin, Germany falls. Albert Einstein barely escapes with his life to the Americas.


President Smith signs a series of military spending acts causing American factories to roar to life building Subs, Tanks, and Aircraft for the war effort. The US begins island hopping Japanese territories in the Pacific and planning a massive invasion of Japan. Russian and Entente forces engage in Germany. With troop strength in question, the Entente enforces the draft in their colonies. Canada and India are the most vocal in their protest as they are sent to fight in China.


Navy Scientist Robert Goddard perfects the first ballistic missile the A-3.


Russian forces invade Northern France. President Smith sends the first US troops to aid in the fighting in Europe. The US and France begin a joint atomic bomb program under the guidance of proffessors Einstein and Poincaré.


The US begins the invasion of Japan, X-Day, well over a million US soldiers land in Honshū and Kyūshū, over 300,000 die in the bloodies battle in American history. Japan surrenders on December 22, 1933.


Britain and France push the Russians back past the Rhine. As the US secures Japan they begin to send troops to mainland China to aid the Europeans in the fighting. The US begins to send A-3 missiles to Japan to begin bombarding the Russian forces in China.


Al Smith becomes the first president to win a 3rd Term. Russia is driven out of Northern China, the US has secured both Japan and Manchuria, while british forces have entered most of Mongolia.


The US detonates the Atom Bomb over Minsk. The Russian Empire surrenders. The Great War ends with the Treaty of Vienna which divides Germany Austria-Hungary, and parts of Russia. Germany ceases to exist and is divided among the nations of western Europe and the renewed nation of Poland. Austria Hungary is broken up. Japan and Manchuria are declared US Protectorates, and the Russian Empire is converted into a Parliamentary democracy (similar circumstances as Japan at the end of WWII) President Smith dies days after the. Vice President John Nance Garner is sworn in as the 32nd President of the United States.


President Garner wins his re-election. Congress passes the 22nd Amendment limiting the President to 2 terms. The Nations of Western Europe form the European Trade Beurea in the hopes of preventing further conflict.


Huey Long wins the Presidency. Canada and India continue to demand, and in some cases riot, for autonomy.


Charles Lindbergh becomes the first human in space.


  • Adlai Stevenson defeats Joseph Kennedy Sr. for the Presidency.
  • France finally grants independence to Indochina, led by Democratic Socialist Hồ Chí Minh. The US is one of the first to recognize the new nation, and many believe that the US had aided the Indochinese in their war for independence with France.


  • Chuck Yeager walks on the moon.
  • After a bloody revolution the Imperial Federation finally grants their Chinese colonies independence. British territories in China become Tibet, East Turkestan, Mongolia, and China.


Governor of California John Wayne is elected President of the United States. The former territories of the Japanese empire are finally given independence. The US is the last nation to withdraw from China.

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