Razia bint Fahad
راضية بنت فهد
Crown Princess of North Syria
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Coronation June 1, 2013
Full name Razia bint Fahad Abdul-Issam bin Abdulaziz
Born December 1, 1985
Birthplace Flag of Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Father King Fahad
Mother Queen Turki
Religious beliefs Islam

Razia bint Fahad Abdul-Issam bin Abdulaziz (Arabic: راضية بنت فهد عبد عصام بن عبد العزيز, born December 1, 1985) known by Princess Razia (Arabic: الأميرة راضية) in short, is a North Syrian Crown Princess, politician and social activist, and the third daughter of King Fahad, North Syria's current king. She is the current leader of the Progressive Party as well as the Head of the United Nations Peace Program.

Born in Saudi Arabia, Razia spend and lived the majority of her childhood in France, United States and the United Kingdom at her father's request, to be safe from the impending civil war in the Levant. She was under the care of her mother and her aunt.

During the Syrian Civil War, Razia wanted to help spread anti-Bashar al-Assad propaganda to help oust him from power, but her father insisted that she stay away and continue her education in the United States. Though her mother, Turki, helped wounded North Syrian rebels in the war.

On March 4, 2011, as North Syria gained independence and Fahad's family now in control, Razia was immediately addressed as a Crown Princess. Though due to the severed conditions in the Levant, the official coronation didn't take place until 2013.

Over the course of North Syria's history, Princess Razia has provided a dominant force in North Syrian politics, as the Kingdom takes a very distinct approach on gender roles, that differs their society from the rest of Islamic countries. She became the architect of the many laws that contributed to North Syria's build today.

In 2013, Arabian Business ranked her second place, in a list of 100 Most Powerful Arab Women. In 2014, Middle East Ongoings ranked her as the Most Influential Woman from the Middle East. On September 11, 2014, she was elected to become the Head of the United Nations Peace Program in a controversial decision.

In 2015 on October 31, Princess Razia announced her intent to participate in the 2016 Federal Elections to become the next Prime Minister of North Syria, polls across the country give her an early lead. 

On April 14, 2017, Princess Razia murdered her ex-boyfriend out of jealousy. She served community service with a $14,000 bail.

Political career

Princess Razia's involvement in North Syrian politics began as early as the country's founding itself, along with her mother Queen Consort Turki. She, along with groups of North Syrian women were given political influence to determine what Laws would be best for the nation, as part of her father King Fahad's promise to promote gender equality in the Kingdom.

She provided for the framework for Bill NS-20, what would later become the Peaceful Citizens Act, a gun ban bill that eventually was abolished in 2015 under Prime Minister Muhsin el-Hussein's leadership. Razia also promoted cultural diversity in the Kingdom, encouraging non-Arabs in the country to speak their native languages.

In 2012, Princess Razia was successful in merging many progressive groups in the nation to form the Progressive Party of North Syria, which today is the country's major left-wing political party. She was successful in urging Pope Francis to visit the country on October 16, 2015, marking the Pope's historical first visit to a Muslim nation. It was hailed as being the "feat of interfaith relations between Muslims and Christians". 

In 2015, Razia spearheaded propaganda campaign to oppose Bill NS-35, a bill introduced by the Free Democratic Party that would abolish and repeal the Peaceful Citizens Act. Despite her concentrated efforts, the bill received Royal Assent on April 1, 2015, thereby re-legalizing gun ownership in the nation. On October 31, 2015, Razia stating that was tired of Muhsin el-Hussein's right-wing policies, stated that she would run for Prime Minister in the 2016 federal elections.

She is expected to defeat Muhsin el-Hussein and become North Syria's next Prime Minister. The majority of North Syrian polls predicted a political victory for her in the Federal 2016 Elections, getting a 57% favorable views. However during the elections, she and her party placed second, as her opponent, Muhsin el-Hussein of the right-wing Free Democratic Party won the elections in a surprise victory. Afterward, Razia claimed that El-Hussein had rigged and gerrymandered the elections.

Criminal Record

William arrived at the mansion at 6:34 PM, London Standard Time. The two conversed for a couple minutes, with Razia assisting William in taking off his jacket to put in a closet that she stood next too. She then took out an illegally-obtained handgun, and shot William six times. She then proceeded to molest the carcass of her deceased ex-boyfriend, and then called the police.

Razia then took pictures of William's body, as well as her molesting it, and send them to his girlfriend, Dianne Carpenter, a dancer from London.

Razia outright admitted to the Manchester City Police that she committed the murder, and was "proud of it". She told Officer Gabriel Thompson, "If I can't have him, then nobody can, and that's the same thing I told him before I sealed his eternal fate and rightfully prevented any other slut from getting him."

Afterward, Razia was admitted to the Manchester City Jail, and then extradited to North Syria. Razia told reporters that she wasn't scared of going to jail.

She told Aleppo Star, "I don't care if I get charged. I'm the daughter of the King, and I came from the most powerful family in all of North Syria. We're extremely filthy rich, and a couple hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is just pocket change to us, and I'll be out of jail within a day, maybe three days at most." At the end of the process, Razia was simply charged with community service with a $14,000 bail and was released on November 13, 2016. On January 5, 2017, Razia was reported to have threatened to "beat the shit" out of two Indonesian and three Soviet overseas students. Camera footage revealed Razia approaching the group of five students, and slapping one of the students in the face. Razia was charged $5000 for physical assault, and received a two-day ban from visiting Indonesia, and her ban on traveling to the Soviet Union was extended for another 5000 years. Prime Minister Muhsin el-Hussein apologized to the Soviet Union, and agreed to pay the Soviet students' tuition. On March 4, 2017, Razia falsely accused Rahim Abdulrazaq, a dancer partner, of sexually assaulting her after dancing at the Aleppo Out of this World Club, one of Aleppo's largest dance hubs and night clubs. The Aleppo City Police found no evidence, and camera evidence pointed that Razia pressured Rahim into sexual intercourse, and purposefully attempted to plant evidence to make appear is if she was the victim. Razia was charged $4500 for false accusations.