Anne of Hungary
Timeline: Tudor line

Hans Maler - Queen Anne of Hungary and Bohemia - WGA13895
Portrait of Anne of Hungary

Duchess of Tyrol
29 November 1523 - 11 April 1548

Predecessor Joanna I of Spain
Successor TO BE ADDED
Born 23 July 1503
Buda(pest), Hungary
Died 11 April 1548
Innsbruck, Tyrol
Count Ferdinand of Austria
 Anne of Hungary was born on 23 July 1503 to Vladislaus II of Hungary and Anne de Foix as the only sibling to Louis II of Hungary. Her marriage was decided early on, he and her brother would marry the children of Queen Joanna I of Spain. She married the second son Ferdinand. Her husband gained the county of Tyrol from his mother, who got it from her first son, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor for a help in the Protestant Wars of 1522 - 1526. Their only children were twins Charles and Elizabeth in 1524. Charles inherited Tyrol in 1549 after Ferdinand's death, while Elizabeth was married to Louis VI, Elector Palatine (an was an ancestor of Arthur I of England's wife). She and her husband (as Charles V) spent most of their lives fearing the invasion of Ottomans that caused her brother's death. They both died of stress in 1548 and 1549. She left her fortune to her nephew Casimir I to use in his battles.