Her Royal Highness Princess Abigail, Duchess of Quincy, (Full Name: Abigail Catherine Adams) was born on July 14th 1765, she was the daughter of John Adams and Abigail Adams. In 1775 the American War of Independence began and her father was made President of the Contetntial Congress. She had no permanent home between 1775 and 1785 though primarily lived in Boston and Quincy. She married on June 14th 1786 in London to William Smith, only weeks later her father was declared King of the United Kingdom of America on July 4th 1786. She and her husband was made the Duke and Duchess of Quincy. She was known for her loving towards her children, husband, parents and siblings, Princess Abigail donated to many charity's for the poor as well. In 1810 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and died three years later on August 5th, 1813 in Quincy Palace, Quincy. Abigail's funeral took place in Philadelphia four days later on August 9th, she was buried in the Royal Tombs of Philadelphia. She had several children with her husband including:

William, Duke of New York (1788-1862)

John, Duke of South Carolina (1790-1806)

Thomas, Duke of Arlington (1791-1799)

Caroline, Duchess of Harrisburg (1793-1870)

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