Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Prince Serey
Portrait of Serey

Born: 18 April 1989 (aged 28)
Imperial Palace, Angkor, Khmer Empire
Full name: Serey Vishnuloka
House: Vishnulokasurya Dynasty
Father: Samhananopetavarman III
Mother: Indradevi
Religion: Hinduism
 Prince Serey is a former Khmer prince, he is the brother of Chakravarman I, the last Khmer emperor. He was third in the line of succession, after his niece, Princess Sumdaravana and his older sister Vichara.


  • 18 April 1989 - 21 October 2017: His Imperial Highness Prince Serey of the Khmer Empire
Preceded by:
Princess Vichara
Line of succession to the former Khmer throne
3rd position
Succeeded by:
Prince Narith