The Prime Minister of the French Empire is a position established in the times of reform of Napoleon III, Napoleon I's nephew. The position, in existence since 1848, has been held by various Frenchmen, and at some points was even a position held by women. The powers of the Prime Minister are defined by the French Constitution of 1848, and, as the head of government of France, the Prime Minister has the multiple powers, although is subservient to the Emperor. these powers are:

  • Being the head of the political party in the majority in the Corps Législatif
  • Assembles a cabinet of ministers to advise him and administer the government
  • Heads the efforts of his party in a legislative agenda
  • May dismiss his cabinet ministers and other ministers holding office
  • Coordinates the efforts of the government and sets its policies
  • May request that the Emperor pardon a criminal, dissolve the Corps Législatif, and ask Parliament to review a passing or existing law

The Prime Minister resides in the Élysée Palace in Paris, and also has many other additional qualities to his job. The Prime Minister comes to power every time a party gains a majority in the Corps Législatif. Although, originally, the Corps Législatif was elected every 6 years, when the Constitution of 1848 came into effect their terms, and those of the Prime Minister, were established at four years, as opposed to six year terms in the Senate. And as the leader of the majority party in the lower house of Parliament, the Prime Minister also holds great sway and say in the politics of France.

List of Prime Ministers of France

# Portrait Name Term Length Party Emperor
1 Jacques-Charles Dupont de L'Eure Jacques-Charles Dupont de l'Eure 1848-1855 Moderate Republican Napoleon III

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