The Prime Minister is the head of government in Rupertsland. The position was created in 1870, but had existed in the form of the head of the Legislative Council since its creation in 1821, though it only attained responsible government in 1868, shortly before Dominion status was granted.

List of Prime Ministers

# Portrait Name Time in Office Party
1 LouisRiel1885 Louis Riel 1868-1876 Independent, then Liberal
2 Alfred Boyd Alfred Boyd 1876-1878 Conservative
3 John Norquay John Norquay 1878-1887 Liberal
4 Thomas Greenway Thomas Greenway 1887-1895 Liberal
5 FrederickWAGHaultain Frederick W. A. G. Haultain 1895-1912 Conservative
6 William Buchanan William Buchanan 1912-1915 Conservative
7 Hugh Amos Robson Hugh Amos Robson 1915-1921 Liberal
8 JohnOliver John Oliver 1921-1927 Liberal
9 William John Patterson William John Patterson 1927-1928 Liberal
10 Herbert Greenfield - circa 1921-25 Herbert Greenfield 1928-1933 Progressive
11 Richard Reid Richard Gavin Reid 1933-1936 Progressive, Liberal-Progressive
12 Douglas Campbell Douglas Lloyd Campbell 1936-1940 Conservative
(11) Richard Reid Richard Gavin Reid 1940-1942 (m) Liberal-Progressive
13 Ernest Manning Ernest Manning 1942-1958 Conservative
14 Dufferin Roblin Dufferin Roblin 1958-1962 Conservative
15 Alexander Hamilton McDonald Alexander Hamilton McDonald 1962-1969 Liberal-Progressive
16 Izzy Asper Izzy Asper 1969-1974 Liberal-Progressive
17 Grant Notley Grant Notley 1974-1976 (m) Labour
18 Joe Clark Joe Clark 1976-1984 Conservative
19 Ldecore Laurence Decore 1984-1993 Liberal-Progressive, Progressive
20 Ralph Goodale Ralph Goodale 1993-1997 Progressive
21 Preston Manning Preston Manning 1997-2006 Conservative
22 Vic Toews Vic Toews 2006-Present Conservative

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