The Prime Minister of Mongolia was a title given to an elected official who has some sovereignty over the nation of Mongolia. The Khan had more power than them; in all the Prime Ministers didn't have much actual power over the country besides influencing a few of the wars. The Prime Ministry was eliminated by Gyaltsen Khan, who rid of it to make a more monarchy-centric government. There were two political parties; the Conservative Party and the socialist People's Party. People's Party officials won a majority of the elections, and most of the winning Conservatives were Tibetans.


  None (4)
Name Term of Office Political Party
Took Office Left Office
1 Namnansuren2
Tögs-Ochiryn Namnansüren
April 1919 November 1919 none
2 Г.Бадамдорж
Gonchigjalzangiin Badamdorj
1919 January 1921 none
3 JalkhanzKhutagt2
Jalkhanz Khutagt Sodnomyn Damdinbazar
February 1921 May 1921 none
4 Manzushir hutagt Tserendorj
Manzushir Khutagt Sambadondogiin Tserendorj
May 1921 July 1921 none
5 Dogsomyn Bodoo
Dogsomyn Bodoo
16 April 1921 7 January 1922 People's Party
(3) JalkhanzKhutagt2
Jalkhanz Khutagt Sodnomyn Damdinbazar
3 March 1922 23 June 1923 People's Party
6 Balingiin Tserendorj
Balingiin Tserendorj
23 June 1923 12 August 1924 People's Party
5 Dogsomyn Bodoo
Dogsomyn Bodoo
12 August 1924 12 August 1932 People's Party
(1) Namnansuren2
Tögs-Ochiryn Namnansüren
12 August 1932 12 August 1940 Conservative Party
7 Bat Ochir
Bat-Ochiryn Eldev-Ochir
12 August 1940 12 August 1944 People's Party
8 Bundesarchiv Bild 135-BB-099-02, Tibetexpedition, Tsarong Dzasa
12 August 1944 12 August 1952 Conservative Party
9 Gendun Chophel
Gendun Chopel
12 August 1952 12 August 1956 Conservative Party
10 Sükhbaataryn Yanjmaa
12 August 1956 4 March 1960 People's Party
11 Gungaadorj
Sharavyn Gungaadorj
4 March 1960 12 August 1967 People's Party

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