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Current Prime Minister Josep Piques

The Prime Minister of the Great Kingdom is the official head of state of the Great Kingdom and the head of its league of government and representatives, The Governance Council of Paris. This leader is head of passing bills to counties of the Kingdom and uses his power to veto other unconstitutional laws. The Prime Minister has a term of twelve years and can be elected three times, giving him an office of 36 years. The title was created by the Governor of Burgundy Plexius Desmond to nominate the future first Prime Minister of the GK Selero Burgunde. By 1851, the people chose him. The Prime Minister must be 30 to hold office

List of Prime Ministers

1.Plexius Burgunde (1852-1864)

2.Agaton Giller(1864-1876)

3.Tomas Estrada Palma(1876-1900)

4.Jose Miguel Gomez(1900-1912)

5.Alfredo Zayas(1912-1948)

6.Oskar Von Hindenburg(1948-1960)

7.Kurt Moabit(1960-1996)

8.Gertrude Geltru(1996-2008)

9.Josep Pique I Camps (2008-

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