The Prime Minister of Scotland is the head of government of Scotland. The Prime Minister is elected by the Parliament of Scotland, and appointed by the monarch.

Karen King of the Reform Party is the current Prime Minister of Scotland, elected in May 2011. She is the first female Prime Minister of Scotland.


Election and Term


List of Prime Ministers

1935-1942 Michael James Stewart, Labour

1942-1947 Henry Nicholson, Labour

1947-1957 Robert MacDonald, Labour

1957-1959 John Campbell, Reform


1961-1963 John Campbell, Reform

1963-1970 James Bell, Labour


1973-1975 Iain McNair, Reform


1978-1981 Kenneth Munro, Reform

1981-1989 Andrew Fraser, Labour

1989 John Cunningham, Labour

1989-1990 Michael Jardine, Reform

1990-1991 John Cunningham, Labour

1991-1993 Michael Jardine, Reform

1993-1995 John Cunningham, Labour

1995-1999 Michael Jardine, Reform

1999-2010 Alex Wishart, Labour


2011-present Karen King, Reform

Living Former Prime Ministers

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