The Prime Minister of Scandinavia (Danish: Statsminister; literally "Minister of State") is the head of government in the United Kingdom of Scandinavia. The 1865 Treaty of Stockholm and the Constitution of 1886 established a constitutional monarchy by limiting the powers of the Monarch and creating the office of Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister presides over a cabinet that is formally appointed by the Monarch. In practice, the appointment of the Prime Minister is determined by their support in the Rigsdag, the national parliament of Scandinavia. The Monarch only conventionally select the Prime Minister after a leader has gathered support from a majority in the Folketing and an approval from the Landsting. The 1947 Constitution of Scandinavia requires that the Prime Minister appoint a member of the cabinet as Deputy Prime Minister, to perform the duties of the Prime Minister in the event that he or she cannot.

With the exception of the Prime Minister, ministers of the government do not need the approval of the Rigsdag but can be forced to resign by a vote of no confidence from the Folketing. If the Prime Minister is forced by a vote of no confidence from the Folketing to resign, the Prime Minister can choose whether to resign and begin the process of electing a new prime minister, or to dissolve the Folketing and call a new election (although this is formally undertaken by the Monarch), which he or she is obligated to do within four years of the previous election.

List of Prime Ministers of Scandinavia


Term Party Cabinet Election
Took office Left office
K V Frijs Christian Emil Krag-Juel-Vind-Frijs
Landgrave of Frijsenborg
June 17, 1865 August 12, 1870 Højre Frijs
HolsteinHolsteinborg Ludvig Henrik Carl Herman Holstein
Landgrave of Holsteinborg
August 12, 1870 August 9, 1874 Højre Holstein–Holsteinberg 1870
Fonnesbech Christen Andreas Fonnesbech
MP for Slagelse
August 9, 1874 June 11, 1875 Højre Fonnesbech
506692 Jacob Brønnum Scavenius Estrup
MP for Vesterbro
June 11, 1875 August 7, 1884 Højre Estrup
Arvid Posse Arvid Posse
MP for South Kalmar
August 7, 1884 August 7, 1894 Venstre Posse 1884
E G Boström from Hildebrand Sveriges historia Erik Gustaf Boström
MP for South Roslags
August 7, 1894 July 25, 1901 Venstre Boström 1894
Karl Staaff Karl Staaff
MP for Stockholm
July 25, 1901 July 25, 1905 Radical Staaff 1901
J.H. Deuntzer Johan Henrik Deuntzer
MP for Højrup
July 25, 1905 May 28, 1906 Radical Deuntzer 1905
HolsteinLedreborg Johan Ludvig Carl Christian Tido Holstein
Landgrave of Ledreborg
May 28, 1906 June 1, 1908 Radical Holstein–Ledreborg
Arvid Lindman Arvid Lindman
MP for Gävleborg
June 1, 1908 September 7, 1913 Agrarian Lindman I
Carl Swartz Carl Swartz
MP for Östergötland
September 7, 1913 April 21, 1915 Agrarian Swartz 1913
Min e soerensen 275 363 Enevold Sørensen
Herre from Vejle
April 21, 1915 February 1, 1920 Radical Sørensen I
Sørensen II
Unity government
Nils Eden Nils Edén
MP for Uppsala
February 1, 1920 May 5, 1920 Radical Edén I
Caretaker government
Lindman2 Arvid Lindman
MP for Gävleborg
May 5, 1920 April 11, 1924 Agrarian Lindman II Apr.1920
Lindman III Aug.1920
Hjalmar branting stor bild Hjalmar Branting
MP for Stockholm
April 11, 1924 February 24, 1925 Social Democrat Branting–Edén 1924
Nils Eden Nils Edén
MP for Uppsala
February 24, 1925 December 14, 1926 Radical Edén II
Lindman2 Arvid Lindman
MP for Gävleborg
December 14, 1926 September 7, 1928 Agrarian Lindman IV 1926
Stauning i1920-erne Thorvald Stauning
MP for Copenhagen-at-large
September 7, 1928 December 2, 1937 Social Democrat Stauning I 1928
Stauning II 1929
Stauning III Apr.1933
Odd Klingenberg 1930s Odd Sverressøn Klingenberg
MP for Sør-Trøndelag
December 2, 1937 January 12, 1940 Agrarian Klingenberg 1937
B1487-990172818 Carl Joachim Hambro
MP for Christiania
January 12, 1940 August 29, 1940 Agrarian Hambro I
Unity government
Christmas Moller John Christmas Møller
MP for Odense
August 29, 1940 May 19, 1945 Agrarian Møller
War government
B1487-990172818 Carl Joachim Hambro
MP for Christiania
May 19, 1945 June 12, 1945 Agrarian Hambro II
Caretaker government
Oscar Torp Oscar Torp
MP for Christiania
June 12, 1945 June 12, 1949 Social Democrat Torp 1945
Tage Erlander colored Tage Erlander
MP for Fyrstad
June 12, 1949 October 14, 1969 Social Democrat Erlander I 1949
Erlander II 1953
Erlander III 1958

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