The Prime Minister of the Empire of Oceania is the title granted to the head of Oceania's government. Typically, the Prime Minister is the head of one of the major parties that has a majority in Parliament, although John Suharto governed from 1980-85 while his Progressive Liberals were in the minority. As Parliamentary elections occur every five years, a Prime Minister is guaranteed at least one five-year term.

The following men have served, since the Constitution of Oceania was signed in 1915, as the Prime Minister of Oceania:

  • Billy Hughes (Labour) - 1915-1920
  • Stanley Bruce (Nationalist) - 1920-1925
  • Stanley Baldwin (Conservative) - 1925-1940
  • Robert Menzies (Union) - 1940-43*
  • Arthur Fadden (Union) - 1943-1950
  • Frank Forde (Labour) - 1950-1955
  • Harold Holt (Progressive Liberal) - 1955-1967*
  • Vincent Ryan (Progressive Liberal) - 1967-1970
  • Bob Hawke (Labor) 1985-1990
  • Geoffrey Rush (Progressive Liberal) 2000-Present

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