President of the Council of Ministers of the French Empire
Président du Conseil des Ministres
French Imperial Army banner
Official standard of the Prime Minister
Jacques-Victor-Albert, 4th duc de Broglie

since 25 September 1875
Style The Most Honorable
Member of Chamber of Deputies
His Imperial Majesty Government
Reports to His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor (officially)
The Imperial Parliament
Residence Paris - palais de l'Élysée - cour 02Élysée Palace
Seat Paris, France
Nominator His Majesty, the Emperor
Term length No fixed term
Remains in office while commanding the confidance of the Imperial Parliament and the Emperor
Precursor Several incarnations since the Ancien Régime
Inaugural holder Émile Ollivier
Formation 18 May 1871
Salary 1,200 francs/month
The Prime Minister of France, also called in official documents as President of the Council of Ministers, is an position in the government of France, being the head of the executive power and responding only to the Emperor, in theory, and the Chamber of Deputies, in reality. The Premier, as called in the press, is responsible for the government and makes public policies. Usually its appointed the head of the majority party in the lower house, although exceptions may happen. The position wasn't used during the first years of Napoleon III rule, although after the Constitution of 1871 it has turned into a vital position.

Powers and duties

It is the duty of the Prime Minister to:

  • Appoint the rest of the Cabinet;
  • Advise* the Emperor when choosing Judges of the Imperial Court of Justice;
  • Make sure the parliament approves the budget;
  • Set the policies of the Empire;
  • Advise* the Emperor to close the Chamber of Deputies and call for new elections;
  • Act as temporary regent util an new Emperor assumes the throne or an permanent regent is appointed by the Senate.

*In reality, the Emperor accepts the indication of the Prime Minister, although the Constitution allows him to refuse. 

List of Prime Ministers of France

This list only includes Premiers since the Constitution of 1871, for others, check this list

Portrait Name Term Length Lifespan Party Notes
Émile Ollivier by Pierre-Louis Pierson, 1870 Émile Ollivier 18 May 1871 - 1 December 1873 2 July 1825 - Liberal Bonapartist First Premier, appointed directly by Napoleon III
Jules Armand Dufaure Jules Armand Dufaure 1 December 1873 - 25 September 1875 4 December 1798 - Independent Appointed by Regent Eugénie
Debrogli Jacques-Victor-Albert, 4th duc de Broglie 25 September 1875 - 13 June 1821 - Liberal Bonapartist Appointed by Napoleon IV, leader of the winner of the 1875 elections