The Prime Minister of England is the head of Her Majesty's Government in the Kingdom of England. The Prime Minister chairs the English
Stacy Silverman 2

Stacy Silverman, Prime Minister of England since 2014

Cabinet, and is the de facto head of government.

The current Prime Minister, Stacy Silverman, was comissioned by the Queen in May 2014.


List of Prime Ministers

1945-1951 Ernest Holt, Social Democratic

1951-1960 Charles Armstrong, National

1960-1968 Anthony Edwards, National

1968-1969 John Cattermole, National

1969-1976 Arthur Brown, Social Democratic

1976-1977 James Cox, Social Democratic

1977-1982 Eric Harding, National

1982-1990 James Newton, Social Democratic

1990 Tom Smith, Labour

1990-2001 Megan Taylor, National

2001-2006 Richard Palmer, National

2006-2008 Stacy Silverman, National

2008 Felix Trevelyan, National

2008-2014 Tony Miller, Social Democratic

2014-Present Stacy Silverman, National

List of Prime Ministers by term

Rank Name Party Term Length of Term
Megan Taylor National 1990-2001 11 years
James Newton Social Democratic 1982-


8 years
Anthony Edwards National 1960-1968 8 years
Felix Trevelyan National 2008
Tom Smith Labour 1990

Living former Prime Ministers

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