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The Prime Minister of Eduarda is the Head of Government in the Dominion of Eduarda. The Prime Minister serves a term of three years and may be re-elected numerous times.

Name Portrait Term began Term ended Political Party Notes
Sir Sebastian Chauncer
Chauncer 1921 1927 Liberal Party First Prime Minister of Eduarda. Leader of the self-determination movement.
Gordon Kensington
1927 1930 Eduardan First Party First term. Saw the early years of the Great Depression.
Patrick Sullivan
1930 1933 Labour Party Oversaw the worst of the Great Depression.
Gordon Kensington
1933 1939 Eduardan First Party Second term. Prepared the country for the Second World War.
Sir Forest Kosluck
1939 1948 Liberal Party Supporter for appeasement, oversaw WWII and post-war reconstruction.
Teleford O'Merle
Teleford 1948 1957 Labour Party First term. Saw Eduarda join the Antarctic Assembly and the British Imperial Confederation.
Charles Wickleton
1957 1960 Eduardan First Party Unsuccessfully tried to repair relations with New Swabia
Teleford O'Merle
Teleford 1960 1963 Labour Party Second term. Introduced regulations, rights and reservations for the AIP's.
Nigel Edgar Falconer
1963 1966 Liberal Party First Prime Minister to be from Newfoundland.
R. R. Umfraville
80px 1966 1972 Eduardan First Party First term.
Sir Philip Braxton
1972 1978 Liberal Party Had a bad effect on economy and was thought to be corrupt.
R. R. Umfraville
80px 1978 1984 Eduardan First Party Second term. Oversaw the South Atlantic War
James J. Foltrigg
1984 1990 Labour Party Oversaw the start of the Green Revolution and the independence of the United Republic.
Charles Berkner
1990 2002 Eduardan First Party Member of the Berkner Family
Atticus Toots
2002 2007 (†) Labour Party Oversaw many natural disasters. First to die in office.
Richard Harrison
2007 Incumbent Labour Party Completed Toots's term before beginning his own.

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