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Oswald Mosley- Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1931-1936

Point of Divergence

In the 1924 UK General Election, Oswald Mosley missed out on the Parliamentary seat of Birmingham Ladywood by just 77 votes. The winner was Neville Chamberlain. In this timeline, Oswald Mosley wins those 77 votes. He goes on to become a leading figure in the Labour Party and eventually Prime Minister.


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1924- October- UK General Election- Conservatives form a government under Stanley Baldwin. Sir Oswald Mosley (Labour) wins the seat of Birmingham Ladywood, standing against Neville Chamberlain by 77 votes.

1928- Mosley publishes the Birmingham Memorandum outlining his vision for a new corporatist economic policy. It receives support from public figures across the political spectrum.

1929- May- UK General Election- Labour, led by James Ramsay MacDonald, from a minority government. Sir Oswald Mosley made Chancellor of the Exchequor.
October- Wall Street Crash marks the beginning of the Great Depression

1931- August- After a failure to agree budget cuts with the rest of the Labour Party, Ramsay MacDonald offers his resignation to the King. Rejecting it, the King requests that MacDonald form a coalition to deal with the economic crisis. The Labour Party threatens MacDonald with expulsion in the event of a deal with the Conservatives and on Mosley's advice, informs them of his intention to resign. He advises the King to send for Mosley, which he does. Mosley forms a National Government of Labour MPs with some left wing Conservatives and support from the wider Conservative Party over tariffs.

November- UK General Election- Mosley's National Government wins a majority of seats.

1932- Tariff Reform creates the Imperial Trade Bloc as a cornerstone of the Westminster declaration

1933- National Government begins its Nationalisation Campaign

1935- UK General Election- National Government wins a majority; Mosley refuses to act over Hitler's remilitarisation of the Rhineland.

1936- December- Abdication Crisis- Mosley is forced to resign when Parliament indicates its refusal to serve under Edward VIII. This, his increasing closeness to Hitler and Mussolini and his support for the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War causes him to lose support amongst his Parliamentary colleagues. He is replaced with Clement Attlee.

1937- Home Rule is granted to the Indian Federation

1938- In light of the Anschluss and the German invasion of the Sudetenland, Attlee refuses to give way to the calls for mobilisation.

1940- UK General Election- Winston Churchill is brought to power on a campaign of rearmament following German invasion of the rest of Czechoslovakia and Poland.

1941- April- Hitler invades the USSR. Britain is in no position to declare war and neither is France, instead, they issue an ultimatum to Germany over Western Europe.

November- Moscow falls to Nazi forces. The Red Army surrenders, marking the end of the German-Russian War. However, pockets of armed resistance exist well into 1945.

December-Japanese forces attack Pearl Harbor. The US declares war on Japan and is followed by Britain and France who hope to create an anti-fascist alliance. Hitler reneges on a pact with Japan, not wanting to harm his consolidation plans in Russia and the East.

1943- In defiance of Nazi racial theory, Churchill grants independence to Israel as a Jewish state. This triggers the Arab War with the Nazis backing the Arab Nationalists.

1945- The Pacific War ends with the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Germany detonates its own Nuclear bomb shortly afterwards, marking the beginning of the Cold War.


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