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Welcome to Prima Luce. The year is 2000 BCE and civilisation is beginning to emerge. The world has changed since the first records of human history emerged in 3200 BCE, and societal development is just beginning. Scattered across the globe are many nomadic peoples and simple agricultural states. Yet in the midst of it all, the first signs have emerged of a civilisation. It is now your time to rule, dear player. In a world where Empires rise and fall, what legacy will you build? How will you create a civilisation that will last throughout the ages?


Rules (Prima Luce Map Game)


  • Creator: Through Stars We Rise. (Welcome to the Universe). 22:55, August 20, 2016 (UTC)
  • Head Moderator:
  • North America Moderator:
  • South America Moderator:
  • Europe Moderator:
  • Asia Moderator:
  • Africa Moderator:
  • Oceania Moderator:
  • Algorithm Moderator:
  • Mapmaker:
  • Historical Advisor:
  • Plausibility Moderator:




  • Bolded nations are meant for players with a plausible reputation.
  • Players can create their own nations around a region that can provide the capability for agriculture, coastal and riverside areas once you learn how to become sedentary, and learn writing. A word of warning: creating civilised societies is a complex process, and as time passes, the regions where you can make a civilisation in are reduced, so, if you have the ATL equivalent of Rome gone and people can inhabit the former ATL Rome equivalent and make nations out of it, then that region is out. Geography also affects where you can make a civilisation without foreign intervention, thus meaning that a civilisation in Central Africa cannot emerge without foreign intervention.
  • If you want to be a tribal nation, add the name tribe into their respective region. They are not shown on the map.
  • Personal Union - A monarch rules over two nations. If this is the case, these nations are in an alliance, but are not played by the same player. They are not a vassal unless stated otherwise.
  • Dynastic Union - Two nations have a monarch of the same dynasty. If this is the case, these nations are not in alliance and are not played by the same player. They are not vassals unless stated otherwise. However, if the cadet branch of the dynasty dies out, the main branch can inherit. However, if the main dynasty dies out, the cadet branch can not inherit.
  • Vassal/Client Nations - Are automatically played by controlling nation unless stated otherwise.
  • When posting as your nation, make sure you use the name of your nation that is directly on the nation list or something similar to it.


North America [Insert ATL Name here]

  • Maya - Warrioroffreedom123...

South America [Insert ATL Name here]

Europe [Insert ATL Name here]

Asia [Insert ATL Name here]

  • Assyria -
  • Indus -
  • Namar -
  • Văn Lang - Emperor Eric XV of Sweden - Sugar Rush Art Eric von Schweetz T C IM] Flag of Sweetmany
  • Xia -
  • Xu -
  • Qiang -
  • Luvia -
  • Magan -
  • Mari -
  • Arzawa -
  • Dilmun -
  • Lukka -
  • Lullubi -
  • Gojoeson -
  • Eshnnuna -
  • Elam -
  • Purushnada -
  • Ebla -
  • Amorites -
  • Armi -
  • Gutium -
  • Hatti -
  • Aramea -
  • Arzawa -
  • Uruk -
  • Larsa -
  • Lagash -
  • Isin -
  • Kisurra -
  • Nippur -
  • Kish -
  • Longshan -
  • Byblos -
  • Bactria-Margiana -
  • Wilusa -
  • Urkesh -
  • Ugarit -
  • Troy - --Orange (talk) 17:46, September 7, 2016 (UTC)
  • Marhasi -
  • Harappa -
  • Dilmun -
  • Kaneš (Hittite) -
  • Zalpuwa (Hittite) -
  • Kussara (Hittite) -
  • Ganges River Culture - Dream Helix Fossil SpritePraise Helix (Welcome my children) Tumblr n1i7boISUv1rvlenbo1 500

Africa [Insert ATL Name here]

  • Egypt -
  • Punt -
  • Kerma -

Oceania [Insert ATL Name Here]

The Game

2000 - 1900 BCE

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