Following is a list of the Presidents of the United States of America in Congress Assembled, from 1781 to 1819, when the United States was dissolved. An asterisk (*) denotes a president who served two terms.


John Hanson

Beginning of Term

November 5th, 1781

End of Term

November 4th, 1782

Elias Boudinot November 4th, 1782 November 3rd, 1783
Thomas Mifflin November 3rd, 1783 June 3rd, 1784
Richard Henry Lee November 30th, 1784 November 23rd, 1785
John Hancock November 23rd, 1785 June 6th, 1786
Nathaniel Gorham June 1786 November 13th, 1786
Arthur St. Clair February 2nd, 1787 October 29th, 1787
Cyrus Griffin January 22nd, 1788 March 4th, 1789
Tench Coxe March 4th, 1789 February 22nd, 1790
Jonathan Dayton May 1st, 1790 April 19th, 1791
Alexander Hamilton May 12th, 1791 January 10th, 1792
Joseph Stanton, Jr. January 10th, 1792 January 10th, 1794
William Few January 10th, 1794 January 10th, 1796
John Adams* January 10th, 1796 January 10th, 1800
Aaron Burr January 10th, 1800 January 10th, 1802
Thomas Jefferson* January 10th, 1802 January 10th, 1806
George Clinton January 10th, 1806 January 10th, 1808
Elbridge Gerry* January 10th, 1808 January 10th, 1812
James Madison January 10th, 1812 January 10th, 1814
DeWitt Clinton January 10th, 1814 January 10th, 1816
James Monroe January 10th, 1816 January 10th, 1818
John C. Calhoun January 10th, 1818 January 29th, 1819

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