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Every president before Franklin Roosevelt remained the same.


Vice Presidents

Historical Rankings of Presidents

A Gallup poll taken shortly after the election of 2012 asked the question, "Since Franklin Roosevelt, who was the greatest President of the United States?"

  • 1.) Thomas E. Dewey (28%)
  • 2.) Ronald Reagan (21%)
  • 3.) Joseph P. Kennedy (10%)
  • 4.) Dwight D. Eisenhower (8%)
  • 5.) Joe Lieberman (8%)
  • 6.) Nelson Rockefeller (5%)
  • 7.) Richard Nixon (4%)
  • 8.) George Bush (4%)
  • 9.) Al Gore (3%)
  • 10.) Wendall Willkie (3%)
  • 11.) Bob Dole (3%)
  • 12.) Harry S. Truman (2%)
  • 13.) Donald Rumsfeld (2%)


  • Thomas E. Dewey was the first president to serve more than two terms, followed only by Ronald Reagan. No Democrat has ever done so.
  • Joseph P. Kennedy was the first and currently only Catholic president. Joe Lieberman was the only Jewish one.
  • Jeb Bush, Joe Lieberman, Al Gore and Bob Dole are the only presidents to be referred to nearly exclusively by their nicknames.

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