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Presidents of the United States and Confederate States in the No Gettysburg Timeline

Presidents/Vice Presidents of the Confederacy 1862-1928

Jefferson Davis (MS)/Alexander Hamilton Stephens (GA) 1862-1868

Alexander Hamilton Stephens (GA)/Augustus Hill Garland (AK) (Whig) 1868-1874

Robert W. Barnwell (SC)/Howell Cobb (GA) (Whig) 1874-1880

Augustus Hill Garland (AK)/Robert M.T. Hunter (VA) (Whig) 1880-1886

G.W.C. Lee (VA)/ Clifton Rodes Breckinridge (KY) (Whig) 1886-1892

Augustus E. Maxwell (FL)/John Edwin Reagan (TX) (Whig) 1892-1898

John Edwin Reagan (TX)/David McKendree Key (TN) (Whig) 1898-1904 (VP Key d. 1900)

Clifton Rodes Breckinridge (KY)/Joseph Forney Johnston (AL) (Whig) 1904-1910

John Ewing (AL) /Theodore Stark Wilkinson (LA) (Whig) 1910-1916

Joseph Evan Davis (VA)/ Emmett Wilson (FL) (Whig) 1916-1922

Wade Hampton V (SC)/Samuel Longstreet (NC) (Whig) 1922-1928

Jonathan Davis (MS)/Strom Thurmond (Libertarian) 1928-1944

Presidents/Vice Presidents of the United States 1861-1933

Abraham Lincoln/Hannibal Hamlin (Republican) 1861-1865

George McClellan/George H. Pendleton (Democratic) 1865-1869

Edwin M. Stanton/John Sherman (Union Republican) 1869 (Stanton died in office)

John Sherman (Union Republican) 1869-1873

John Sherman/William Wheeler (Union Republican) 1873-1877

Charles Francis Adams/Lyman Trumbull (Liberal Rep.)+ 1877-1885

Winfield Scott Hancock/David Bennett Hill (Liberal Rep.) 1885-1886 (Hancock died in office)

David Bennett Hill (Liberal Republican) 1886-1889

Thomas F. Bayard/Henry B. Payne (Liberal Republican) 1889-1897

Robert Emory Pattison/James Donald Cameron (LR) 1897-1902 (Pres. Pattison Assassinated)

James Donald Cameron/William Boyd Allison (LR) (VP from 1905) 1902-1909

James Beauchamp Clark/Henry French Hollis (LR) 1909-1913

Theodore Roosvelt/Charles W. Fairbanks (Democrat) 1913-1921 (VP Fairbanks d. 1918)

Robert LaFollete/Upton Sinclair (Socalist) 1921-1929

Herbert Hoover/Charles Francis Adams II (Democrat) 1929-1933

Housea Blackford/Franklin Delano Roosvelt (Socalist) 1933-1937

Franklin Delano Roosvelt/Harry Truman (Socalist then Democrat) 1937-1945 (FDR die)

Harry Truman (Democrat) 1945-1949/53/57

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