The President of the United States is the head of state and of government in the United States of America .

List of Presidents

# Portrait Name Term Length Party Vice-President(s)
1 George Washington George Washington 1789-1797 No Party John Adams
2 John Adams John Adams 1797-1801 Federalist Thomas Jefferson
3 Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809 Democratic-Republican Aaron Burr (1801–1805), George Clinton (1805–1809)
4 493px-James Madison James Madison 1809-1817 Democratic-Republican George Clinton (1809–1812), None (1812–1813), Elbridge Gerry (1813–1814), None (1814–1817)
5 James Monroe James Monroe 1817-1825 Democratic-Republican John Quincy Adams
6 Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson 1825-1833 Democratic Martin van Buren
7 515px-MartinVanBuren Martin van Buren


Democratic John C. Calhoun
8 495px-John C Calhoun- John C. Calhoun 1834-1837 Democratic Robert Baldwin
9 John Tyler John Tyler 1837-1841 Whig Daniel Webster
10 Polk James K. Polk 1841-1849 Democratic George M. Dallas
11 Zachary Taylor2 Zachary Taylor 1849-1853 Whig William Lyon Mackenzie
12 John C Fremont John C. Fremont 1853-1861 Republican Abraham Lincoln
13 Cassius Marcellus Clay abolitionist - Brady-Handy Cassius Marcellus Clay 1861-1869 Republican Hannibal Hamlin
14 SirJohnAbbott John Abbott 1869-1877 Democratic Jefferson Davis
15 JamesGBlaine James G. Blaine 1877-1881 Republican Ulysses S. Grant
16 Grover Cleveland 2 Grover Cleveland 1881-1885 Democratic John Sparrow David Thompson
17 John-Sherman-2 John Sherman 1885-1893 Republican Garrett Hobart
18 William McKinley William McKinley 1893-1897 Republican Theodore Roosevelt
19 Williambryan William Jennings Bryan 1897-1901 Democrat Adlai E. Stevenson I
20 President Theodore Roosevelt, 1904 Theodore Roosevelt 1901-1913 Republican Mark Hanna (1901-1904), John D. Rockefeller (1904-1909), Wilfrid Laurier (1909-1913)
21 75px Eugene V. Debs 1913-1921 Socialist Jose Arambula
22 444px-Robert M La Follette, Sr Robert M. La Follette 1921-29 Republican Calvin Coolidge
23 Abelardo.rodriguez Abelardo L. Rodríguez 1929-1933 Socialist J. S. Woodsworth
24 225px-AlSmith Al Smith 1933-1941 Democratic Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.
25 Joseph Kennedy Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. 1941-1949 Democratic Henry Wallace
26 HaroldStassenOfficialOil Harold Stassen 1949-1957 Republican Thomas E. Dewey
27 Alfonso-Martínez-Domínguez Alfonso Martínez Domínguez 1957-1961 Socialist Hubert Humphrey
28 Albert Gore Sr. Albert Gore, Sr. 1961-1969 Democratic Lester B. Pearson
29 Leasterbpearson Lester B. Pearson 1969-1973 Democratic Jesse Jackson
30 167098092 544a236392 George H. W. Bush 1973-1981 Republican John Jacob Rhodes
31 Edmund Muskie Edmund Muskie 1981-1989 Democratic Bill Clinton
32 Ed Broadbent Ed Broadbent 1989-1997 Socialist Leonel Cota Montaño
33 Leonel Cota Leonel Cota Montaño 1997-2001 Socialist Bernie Sanders
34 Official portrait of John McCain John McCain 2001-2009 Republican Peter MacKay
35 Wesley-clark Wesley Clark 2009-present Democratic Nancy Pelosi

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