The President of Korea has the power to:

  • elect cabinet officals
  • can be granted emergency powers
  • commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Korea
  • elect members of National Assembly
  • veto laws

The only non-Korean president was Douglas MacAuthur, who served as the Provisional Government Leader of Korea during the late-1940's. He was succeded by Syngman Lee.

# Portrait Name Beginning of Term Party End of Term
0 Douglas MacArthur Douglas MacArthur 1945 None (Provisional Government) 1949
1 RheeSyng-Man Syngman Rhee 1949 Democratic 1960
2 220px-Yun Bo-seon Yun Bo-Seon 1960 Democratic 1972
4 200px-Kim Il Song Portrait-2 Kim II-sung 1972 Nationalist 1984
5 Kim Jong-il on August 24, 2011 Kim Jong-il 1984 Nationalist 1996
6 220px-Lee Myung-bak cropped Sebastián Piñera - Lee Myung-bak Lee Myung-bak 1996 Republican 2007
7 220px-Lee Jun Ki 2009 JapanFM Press Conference Lee Jun Ki 2007 Nationalist Incumbent

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