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Presidents of the Confederate States of America (ASB Belligerence Map Game)

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Old Ceonfederacy Era

# Name Term Vice President(s) Party
1 Jefferson Davis 1861-1867 Alexander Stephens None (Democratic)

Jefferson Davis

2 William Alexander Graham 1867-1873 Robert M.T. Hunter Democratic
3 Robert M.T. Hunter 1873-1879 Augustus H. Garland Democratic
4 Joseph E. Brown 1879-1885 Zebulon B. Vance Confederate
5 Augustus H. Garland 1885-1891 Thomas J. Semmes Democratic


Zebulon B. Vance 1891-1892 John T. Morgan Confederate
7 John T. Morgan 1892-1897 NONE Confederate
8 Murphy J. Foster 1897-1903 James K. Jones Democratic
9 Jeff Davis 1903-1909 Benjamin Tillman Conservative
10 Benjamin Tillman 1909-1913 Joseph Weldon Bailey Conservative
11 Joseph Weldon Bailey 1913-1917 William Walton Kitchin Conservative
12 Woodrow Wilson 1917-1923 Oscar Underwood Democratic


Duncan U. Fletcher 1923-1929 Carter Glass Democratic
14 Huey Long 1929-1935 Charles Coughlin Conservative
15 Harry F. Byrd 1935-1945

Furnifold Simmons

Charles Coughlin

16 Harry S. Truman 1945-1951 Estes Kefauver Liberal
History Truman UN Cornerstone Laying Speech SF still 624x352

Harry S. Truman

17 Olin D. Johnson 1951-1955 Russell B. Long Democrat


Russell B. Long 1955-1957 Richard Poff Democrat
19 Lyndon B. Johnson 1957-1963 Al Gore, Sr. Liberal

Lyndon B. Johnson

20 Strom Thurmond 1963-1969 George Wallace New Conservative
21 George Wallace 1969-1975 Happy Chandler New Conservative
22 Jimmy Carter 1975-1981 Alan Cranston Liberal
23 Bob Dole 1981-1987 John Conally Democrat
24 Howard Baker 1987-1989 George H.W. Bush Democrat
25 George H.W. Bush 1989-1993 Pat Robertson Democrat
26 Ron Paul 1993-1997 Ross Perot Independent

Ron Paul

27 Bill Clinton 1997-2003 Al Gore, Jr. Liberal
28 George W. Bush 2003-2009 Gary Bauer Democrat
29 Mike Huckabee 2009-2015 Rick Perry New Conservative
30 Jeb Bush 2015-2020 Tom Cotton Democrat

Shogunate Occupation Era

# Prime Minister Term Monarch
1 Hatake Katsuro 2020-2025 The Shogunate Kai of Kani
Shinzō Abe April 2015

The Shogunate Kai of Kani

2 Uchido Daichi 2025 The Shogunate Kai of Kani

Co-Occupation Era

# Representative of Texas Term Monarch of the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy Representative of Dixie Term Monarch of the Shogunate States of Japan
1 Hans Delgado 2025-

Phillipe II

Uchido Daichi 2025- The Shogunate Kai of Kani


Phillipe II


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