1864 Election Results

President/VP Candidates Party Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Horatio Seymour/David Wilmot Democratic 50% 160
Abraham Lincoln/Andrew Johnson Republican 42% 59
John Fremont/Thaddeus Stevens Radical Republican 8% 3

Election Campaign

After the split of the Radical Republicans from the Lincoln/Johnson ticket on account of not putting a radical on the ticket, and also saying that Lincoln would not take a hard line against the rogue South, and this split would destroy any chance of reelection for Abraham Lincoln. Horatio Seymour would have a strong campaign throughout the nation, as this only pushed his chances evermore as state after state seemed to go to Seymour and Wilmot, even before the election. This would pull through, and Horatio Seymour was easily elected over Lincoln as the 17th President. John Fremont would have a scattered support, and would carry Kansas after many Republicans were angered at Lincoln and would support Fremont over Seymour.

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