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United States Presidential Election 2000
November 2, 2004
Dennis kucinich Ron Paul 122px
Nominee Dennis Kucinich Ron Paul Dick Cheney
Party Democratic Reform Republican
Home state Ohio Texas Wyoming
Running mate Barbara Boxer Donald Trump John Ashcroft
Electoral vote 222 248 68
States carried 15+DC 23 10
Percentage 38.7% 37.9% 24.1%
2004 election

Because no candidate won a majority of the electoral votes, the decision went to the House of Representatives. The Democrats, which were the largest party there, voted in Kucinich, and Boxer was given the nomination by the senate, despite the fact that Ron Paul had won a plurality of the electoral vote (Kucinich did win a narrow plurality in the popular vote). Barbara Boxer was the first female Vice President. Kucinich was the first Democrat to win the presidency since Jimmy Carter in 1976, 28 years before this election was held. Many say that he saved the Democratic party by winning this election, and that if had he failed the Democrats would have collapsed from lack of wins. The Reform Party did much better in this election than it had in 2000 due to better organization. The highly unpopular War on Terror was the dominant issue.

Republican Primary

Cheney's only challenger was Former Ambassador Alan Keyes of Maryland, who stated that Cheney was not going far enough on the Afghanistan war and wanted the party to move farther right on social issues. He was perceived as crazy and was easily defeated.

Democratic Primary

The Democratic Primary was a great surprise to many. Kucinich had become prominent following his showing in the 2000 election, and he had become a major figure in the anti-war movement. He was still not considered a top-tier candidate for most of the primaries until his surprise win in Iowa. John Kerry had previously been favored to win the election, while Howard Dean and John Edwards had also been mentioned as potential major candidates

Reform Party

Ron Paul received no serious competition for the Reform Party Nomination. His only rival was Ralph Nader, who once again tried to win both the Reform and Green Party nominations and received only the Green nomination.