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Presidential Election 1996 (Perot's Victory)

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1992 Flag of the United States 2000
United States Presidential Election 1996
November 5, 1996
Turnout 96,277,634
Ross Perot Mikulski Roemer
Nominee Ross Perot Barbara Mikulski Buddy Roemer
Party Independent Democratic Republican
Home state Texas Maryland Louisiana
Running mate Pat Choate Jerry Brown Pat Buchanan
Electoral vote 448 35 55
States carried 39 4+DC 7
Percentage 53.63% 28.56% 20.11%
1996 election
Ross Perot was an extremely popular president, and few dared to challenge him. Barbara Mikulski decided to make history by being the first woman to run for the Democratic nomination and win, although few believed she could win the election. Following their disgrace in the 1992 election, there was very little contest on the Republican side, and Buddy Roemer won the nomination easily.

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