President of the
United Federation of Pan-Asiania

Presidential flag ufpa
Official Standard
Prem Tinsulanoda cropped
Prem Tinsulanonda of Songkhla
Since May 7, 1983
Styles His Presidential Excellency (formal and diplomat), Mr. President (informal)
Member of Supreme Council of the Federal Security, Domestic National Council
Seat Nakhon Sawan, Siam Region.
Residence Vimanrajana Presidential Palace
Term length Ten years, renewable
none limit terms
Salary $750,000 (annually)
Inaugural holder Lord T. Kittikachorn of Thailand
Formation January, 1st 1967

the President of the United Federation of Pan-Asiania or simply called as the Federal President is the office of the Head of State of United Federation of Pan-Asiania. The president leads the Supreme Council of the Federal Security and Domestic National Council, also is the High Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United Federation.

The president is directly elected by the people, which to give him 10 years in office in one term. According to the Federal Constitution, the Federal President can be elected for Presidency for many terms.


Thai Confederation

Election in 1968

Election in 1978

Election in 1988

Military Junta 1990

Present Period

Duties and competences




List of Presidents of Pan-Asiania

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