President of the Danubian Federation
Flag of the Danubian Federation
Lukas Banik Pic
Lukáš Banik

since 1885
Executive branch of the Danubian Federation Government
Executive Office of the President
Style Mr. President
Nominator Electoral Commission
Term length Four Years
Formation 1848
For a list, see List of Presidents of the Danubian Federation.

The President of the Danubian Federation (POTDF) is the head of state and head of government of the Danubian Federation. The president leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in chief of the Danubian Armed Forces. The person in this position is the leader of the country which has one of the world's most diverse cultural nations, and also one of the largest militaries and economies in the world. The president is often described as the most powerful person in central Europe.

Part 3 of the Danubian Constitution vests the executive power of the Federation in the president and charges him with the execution of federal law, alongside the authority of appointing executive, diplomatic and judicial Federal officers. In addition, the President directs foreign relations, often with the advice of his cabinet and the Federal Chambers. The president is further empowered to grant federal pardons, but can not dismiss the legislature - even if he declares a state of disorder. Since the founding of the Danubian Federation, the authority of the executive branch have grown substantially - especially his veto power. Outside of regulation, the President of the Federation often directs the legislative agenda of his party within both houses of the Chamber. 

The president (until recently) was indirectly elected by an electoral college, but recent amendments have changed this policy to a direct election. The President of the Danubian Federation may only serve two terms. Restrictions also prohibit a person from being elected to the presidency more than once if that person previously had served as president, or acting president, for more than two years of another person's term as president. In 1885, Lukáš Banik was elected the tenth President of the Danubian Federation.

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