The President of Scotland is the official title given to the head of state of the Scottish Republic. It was officially adopted in 1659 as a head title. Since then it was used to describe such. The President has the ability to select his own cabinet including: Vice-President, Diplomatic Inquisitor, Head of Treasury, Military Head, and Secretary of Agriculture. The President is elected by the public and is given the ability to elect his underlings, and is given the head of all states who are elected to governors. The President must be 20 in order to run and does not have to be born in the nation to be elected, but rather than lived in the country for twelve years. The President's time in office ends by either death or impeachment by the Senate.

List of Presidents

1.Elizabeth Henrietta (1659-1685)

2.Hon Fitzroy (1686-1708)

3.Charles Lennoz (1708-1738)

4.Robinson Regart (1738-1758)

5.Lenard Carling (1758-1788)

6.Crozet Sort (1788-1789)

7.Cricket Chambers (1789-1799)

8.Karl Wallurt (1799-1811)

9.Olaf Wallace (1811-1817)

10.David Timothy (1817-1841)

11.Eton Eltonus (1841-1849)

12.Elton Todd (1849-1855)

13.George Brodick (1855-1866)

14.Tobias Ragg (1866-1869)

15.William Gladstone (1869-1900)

16.Randolph Churchill (1900-1920)

17.Rotch Fors (1920-1930)

18.Richard Mulcy (1930-1940)

19.Sarah Samek (1940-1960)

20.Thomas Touchet (1960-1980)

21.Donald Dewer (1980-1989)

22.Helen Mcdonald (1989-1990)

23.Andrew Neil (1990-2000)

24.David Thomas (2000-2002)

25.David Tennant (2002-2012)

26.Thomas Flannigan (2012-)

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