The President of Quebec (French: President du Québec) is the head of state of Quebec and is a mostly honorary position, similar to the President of Canada. He is, officially, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Quebec, is the chief representative of Quebec abroad, and has the power to dissolve the National Assembly at the recommendation of the Prime Minister. As of October 2013, the President of Quebec is former Prime Minister and Ambassador to Canada Lucien Bouchard. The President of Quebec, unlike in other countries, may serve one non-renewable four-year term. Though the office is officially non-partisan, there are semi-partisan popular elections for the Presidency.

List of Presidents of Quebec

No. Name Portrait Term Party
1 Jacques Parizeau December 5, 1995 - December 5, 1999 Parti Quebecois
2 Gilles Duceppe December 5, 1999 - December 5, 2003 Parti Quebecois
3 Stéphane Dion December 5, 2003 - December 5, 2007 Liberal Party of Quebec
4 Louis Plamondon December 5, 2007 - December 5, 2011 Parti Quebecois
5 Lucien Bouchard December 5, 2011 - present Parti Quebecois

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