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This page lists all Heads of State of New Swabia, since its foundation in 1888 (unorganized settlement began in 1886). The New Swabian Head of Government is the Chancellor.

German Colonial Governors (1888-1916)

Between 1888 and 1916, New Swabia was a colony of the German Empire, and had a Governor appointed by the Kaiser.

Name Portrait Took office Left office Notes
1888 1893 Organized the colony and oversaw the formation of a new German state.
1893 1896
1896 1902
Baldwin Adalbert von Cloitis


1902 1911
Lothar Klinkhammer


1911 1916 Monarchist politician. Oversaw the Battle of Antarctica. Surrendered to the Allies.

Allied Military Governors (1916-1919)

Following the surrender of New Swabia to the Allies in World War I, the colony was occupied by British, French, Russian and Australian forces. British military commander Sir William Bullen took charge of the occupation.

Name Portrait Took office Left office Country Notes
Sir William Bullen


Harrison 1916 1919 United Kingdom
Oversaw the occupation of New Swabia. Continued his administration of New Swabia as Resident, after the Treaty of Versailles transferred it to Britain.

British Mandate Residents (1919-1936)

The Treaty of Versailles in 1919 officially transferred New Swabia to a Mandate of the British Empire. A Resident was appointed by the British Monarch.

Name Portrait Took office Left office Notes
Sir William Bullen


Harrison 1919 1924 Continued from Military Governorship. Started Anglification in New Swabia and dismantled military units and organisations.
Sir Linford Wolesly


1924 1928 Continued Bullen's Anglification programs. Faced numerous strikes and German Pride parades.
Sir Sebastian Chauncer


Chauncer 1928 1936 Kept New Swabia out of the worst parts of the Great Depression with the assistance of Konrad Kahler. Saw New Swabia's independence.

Presidents (1936-present)

Since independence in 1936, the Head of State in New Swabia is called the President. The President serves a term of 4 years and, since 1992, are restricted to serve only two terms.

Name Portrait Took office Left office Political Party Notes
Otto Bauerhaus (1885-1967) 1936 1952 National Socialist First President of New Swabia and former WWI-era military leader. Led New Swabia through World War II. Retired after completing his fourth term.
Gregor Zwanziger (1914-1968) G.Zwanziger 1952 1968 National Socialist Faced cabinet reform in 1953. Was manipulated by Chancellor David Rikkerman, and assassinated after serving four terms
Bernhard Knapstein (1919-1990) Bernhard Knapstein 1968 1982 National Socialist Last President from the New Swabian Nazi Party. Oversaw the New Swabian War. Removed from power in 1982 and convicted.
Otto Dietrich (1929-Present) Dietrich 1982 1992 Liberation Returned democracy to New Swabia. Oversaw the trials of Nazi officals and scientists. Completed Knapstein's term before beginning his own.
Linus Ockert (1958-Present) 1992 1996 Christian Socialist
Ernst Hersman (1953-Present) 1996 2004 Liberation
Wolfgang Malchow (1962-Present) 2004 2008 Green
Gertrude Brandt (1964-Present) GertrudeBrandt 2008 Incumbent Christian Socialist First female President.

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