President of New Kamchatka
Президент Новой Камчатки
Timeline: Venusian Haven

Standard of the President of New Kamchatka (Venusian Haven)
Standard of the President


Yuri Baturin

Since: March 2007

Residence Vladivenera
Appointer Popular vote
Term length 10 Venusian Years, renewable once
First holder Valentina Tereshkova
Formation 2001
Deputy Vice President

The President of New Kamchatka (Russian: Президент Новой Камчатки, Prezident Novoy Kamchatki) is the head of state and the head of government of the Confederation of New Kamchatka. The office was established 2001 upon the ratification of the constitution of New Kamchatka. The president is democratically elected to serve a maximum of two terms of 10 Venusian years (roughly six years on Earth). Any citizen of New Kamchatka over the age of 30 (regardless of his/her birthplace) is constitutionally allowed to seek the office if they so choose to.

Since the office's formation only two people have served as President of New Kamchatka. They include inaugural holder Valentina Tereshkova (2001-2007) and incumbent Yuri Baturin (since 2007).


President Took office Left office Terms Vice President
1 87a751af9844d8edd39c6a304242e32f (cropped) Valentina Tereshkova
Валентина Терешкова
"2001" "2007" 1 Vladimir Ulas
2 Jejgjtjujgljbljtl Yuri Baturin
Юрий Батурин
"2007" Incumbent 2 Gennady Gudkov

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