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President of the Republic of Italia
Presidente della Repubblica d'Italia


Matteo Cesare closeup

Matteo Cesare

Since: 2014

Style Mr./Madam President
His/Her Excellency
Residence Palace of the Republic
Appointer People of Italy, by direct election
Term length 4 years
Salary €350,000
Inaugeral holder Alessandro da Siena
Formation 1987
The President of the Republic of Italia is the head of state and government of the Republic of Italia. The current President is Matteo Cesare, who was elected in 2014, defeating incumbent Rosalina Cantalamessa.

List of Presidents

President of the United Republic
Number Image Name of President In office
1 Business-1032839 960 720 Alessandro da Siena 1987 - 2000
2 Elena Cattaneo Rafaella Valletta 2000 - 2008
3 Rosalina Cantalamessa Rosalina Cantalamessa 2008 - 2014
4 Matteo Cesare closeup Matteo Cesare 2014 - present

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