Bandera Presidente de Chile

Standard of the President of Chile.

The President of Chile is the Head of Government and Head of State of the South American Nation situated on the Pacific Coast of the continent, and stretching to the other side of the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.

List of Presidents of Chile

Name Portrait Period Party Notes
Bernardo O'Higgins Ohiggins 1828 - 1840 None Leader of Chilean Independence Movement. He served second six-year terms. Reduced the presidential term from six to five years.
José Joaquín Prieto JJPrieto 1840 - 1845 Conservative Party
Manuel Bulnes Manuel Bulnes 1845 - 1855 Conservative Party Re-elected in 1850
Francisco Antonio Pinto FranciscoAntonioPinto 1855 - 1858 Liberal Party First Liberal President. Died in office in 1858.
Domingo Santa María DomingoSantaMaría 1858 - 1864 Liberal Party Completed Pinto's term before beginning his own in 1860. Joined the Second Latin American War and defeated in 1862. Overthrown by a Conservative-Liberal Revolution.
Government Junta of 1864 Portales ante los notables 1864 - 1865 Liberals and Conservatives With the Victory of the Revolution, an interim Government assumed control of the country and organized free elections in 1865.
Diego Portales Diego Portales 1865 - 1870 Conservative Party (National Unity Coalition) Leader of the Conservatives in the Revolution of 1862.
José Joaquín Pérez JJPEREZ 1970 - 1975 Liberal Party (National Unity Coalition)
Manuel Montt Manuel Montt Torres 1975 - 1980 Conservative Party (National Unity Coalition)
Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna Vicuña Mackenna 1880 - 1885 Democratic Liberal Party (National Unity Coalition) Leader of the Democratic-Liberals in the Revolution of 1864.
Manuel Baquedano General Manuel Baquedano 1885 - 1890 Independent (National Unity Coalition) Hero of the 1864 Revolution.
Pedro León Gallo Pedro León Gallo 1890 - 1895 Radical Party (National Unity Coalition) Leader of the Radicals in the 1860 Revolution.
First Radical President.
Jorge Montt J Montt A 1895 - 1900 Independent (National Unity Coalition)
José Manuel Balmaceda Presidente J.M Balmaceda 1900 - 1902 Liberal Party (National Unity Coalition) Died in office in 1902.
Succeeded by his Vice president: Luis Barros Borgoño.
Luis Barros Borgoño Luis Barros Borgoño 1902 - 1905 Conservative Party (National Unity Coalition) Completed Balmaceda's presidential term.
Pedro Montt PedroMonttMontt 1905 - 1910 Conservative Party (National Unity Coalition) Last President of the National Unity Coalition.
Gonzalo Bulnes Pinto Gonzalo Bulnes Pinto 1910 - 1915 Liberal Party Initially Neutral in the Second Global War, but entered the conflict in 1914.
Vicente Reyes VicenteReyes 1915 - 1918 Liberal Party End of the Second Global War in 1916.
Died on December 18, 1918; Succeeded by his Vice President: Arturo Alessandri.
Arturo Alessandri Palma Arturo Alessandri-1920 1918 - 1920 Liberal Party Extended the presidential term from five to six years.
Pedro Aguirre Cerda Pedro Aguirre Cerda 1920 - 1926 Radical Party Second Radical President.
Re-established the presidential election, but he was not eligible for another mandate.
Juan Esteban Montero Juan Esteban Montero 1926 - 1932 Radical Party Third President of the Radicalism.
Arturo Alessandri Palma Alessandri (1932) 1932 - 1948 Liberal Party Reelected in 1938. Led the country during the Third Global War. He decided to reduce the presidential term to four years to synchronize the presidential and parliamentary elections. A plebiscite allowed him be reelected for a third term (four years).
Gustavo Ross Santa María Gustavo Ross SantaMaría 1948 - 1952 Conservative Party Vice President of Alessandri during his third term.
Gabriel Gonzalez Videla Gabriel Gonzalez Videla 1952 - 1956 Radical Party Fourth President of the Radicalism.
Ramón Cañas Montalva General Ramón Cañas Montalva 1956 - 1960 Independent Commander in Chief of the Army during the Third Global War.
Jorge Alessandri Rodríguez Alessandri - LIFE 1960 - 1964 Liberal Party Due to a political agreement, he did not run for another term.
Francisco Bulnes Sanfuentes F BULNES 1964 - 1968 Conservative Party Due to a political agreement, he did not run for another term.
Fernando Alessandri Rodríguez Fernando Alessandri Rodríguez 1968 - 1972 Liberal Party He ran for reelection, but was defeated.
Neftalí Reyes Basoalto Pablo Neruda Senador 1972 - 1973 Socialist Party First Socialist President.
Died in office.
Alberto Baltra Cortés Alberto Baltra Cortés 1973 - 1976 Radical Party Reyes' Vice President.
Fifth President of the Radicalism.
Salvador Allende Gossens Salvador Allende foto 1976 - 1979 Socialist Party Second Socialist President.
1978 Economic Crisis.
Carlos Prats General Carlos Prats 1979 - 1980 Independent Former Army General and hero of the Third Global War.
By political consensus, was named interim president until the end of the Allende's term.
Eduardo Frei Montalva EFreiM 1980 - 1984 Social Christian Party
Gabriel Valdés Subercaseux Gabriel Valdes 1984 - 1988 Social Christian Party
Patricio Aylwin Azocar Aylwin Presidente 1988 - 1992 Social Christian Party
Arturo Alessandri Besa Arturo Alessandri B 1992 - 2000 National Conservative Party During his second term, the immediate presidential re-election is eliminated (once again).
Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle Eduardo Frei 1998 2000 - 2004 Social Christian Party
Andrés Zaldivar Larraín Andres Zaldivar 2004 - 2008 Social Christian Party
Joaquin Lavín Infante Joaquin Lavin 2008 - 2012 National Conservative Party
Evelyn Matthei Evelyn Matthei Presidenta 2012 - Incumbent National Conservative Party

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